A total of 13 WWE NXT Superstars (including one referee) were released from the company last night. The most recent releases is a continuation of a long list of departures that have also included Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and others.

Previous reports have noted WWE President Nick Khan has been given plenty of power from Vince McMahon to make changes within the company where he sees fit. The current corporate regime is looking to aggressively cut costs wherever they can — whether it’s releasing talent or cutting staff and folding departments into one another.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, it was reported these roster cuts are ultimately decided by Vince McMahon, despite Khan getting the finger pointed at him.

Dave Meltzer noted that Khan likely is looking at the budget and recommending which contracts might not make financial sense, but it’s Vince who calls the shot.

Although he wasn’t sure of Triple H’s exact role in all of this, Metlzer speculated Triple H has to be involved in the meetings regarding NXT, especially since people would defer to him since he best knows the brand.

NXT has been on Syfy for the past two weeks due to the Olympics airing on the USA Network. The show will air this Tuesday at its normal USA Network timeslot.