Former WWE Superstars The Bollywood Boyz [Harv Sihra and Gurv Sihra] recently spoke to Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast.

During the interview, the brothers were nothing but grateful to WWE management for their five-year stint with the company. However, they also opened up about the challenges they encountered as it pertains to WWE’s creative process.

“There’s only so many times you can go and knock on someone’s door, or talking to the same writer about your ideas,” said Gurv, aka Sunil Singh. “After a while you just go, ‘if they’re gonna do it, they’re gonna do it.’ You know when you’re talking to someone how interested they really are. Only so much you can do until you’re blue in the face.”

Harv, aka Samir Singh, admitted that The Bollywood Boyz’ true vision for their characters was never realized in WWE.

“Bollywood has never been truly portrayed in WWE TV or any wrestling program before,” said Harv. “Sometimes, you just pitch and pitch, but don’t want to be annoying either. Hopefully our time will come.

“So we always felt our characters were very unique, even though we could never truly tap into that in WWE. End of the day, it’s all about the presentation. Everything we were doing was on our own, but how do you present your ideas without the machine behind you?”

Earlier in the interview, the brothers thanked WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett for discovering them via YouTube videos.

“We got to Global Force Wrestling through our involvement with Jeff Jarrett in the Ring Ka King tournament in India,” Gurv recalled. “That event really put us on the map. I think Jeff discovered us off of YouTube, where we had a bunch of highlights and promos. Ring Ka King led to GFW, which obviously didn’t take off the way we hoped.

“But again, it was after that we started connecting with WWE via email. That was even before we entered the Cruiserweight Classic tournament.”

Harv added, “When we did Ring Ka King and Global Force, we actually realized we had value in the wrestling business, and we’re TV ready, especially with our characters. Everybody has a niche in wrestling, and we realized we had something presentable for TV. There had never been such characters before, especially with two Indian actors. And Bollywood is definitely huge. There’s never been Bollywood movie stars ever presented in a wrestling program.

“We met Hunter [Triple H] and he thought the Bollywood characters could become a real thing. He just said that in passing, and I literally packed my bags, moved to Mumbai, and went to Anupam Kher’s acting school. I also worked with Akshay Kumar to learn modeling. I did all this with hopes of eventually getting to WWE.”

While Harv was sharpening his acting skills in Mumbai, Gurv was still doing indie shows back in Canada.

“We were still working together as a team but doing different things and still staying in touch with the office [WWE].”

Speaking of Bollywood, Raj brought up how superstar actor Akshay Kumar technically holds a victory over The Undertaker, albeit in a movie. Gurv recalled talking to Taker at the Performance Center a few years back about the 1996 movie, Player of Players.

“Taker actually told us that story at the PC a few years back,” Gurv revealed. “We watched that movie as kids and asked him the backstory. He said Brian Lee played Undertaker in the movie. You just know if there’s one name synonymous with WWE in India, it’s Undertaker. We still see his posters hanging everywhere to this day.

Raj then informed that Taker couldn’t play the role in the movie due to an injury. This led to Harv lauding the work ethic of Bollywood actors.

“Working with Akshay Kumar was a dream come true. This guy works really hard. I remember he was shooting three movies at the same time, waking up at 2 AM to work in a movie with us, and then flying to Gujarat for another movie, and then returning to Mumbai at night for another shoot. It’s not easy work for these movie stars. Similarly with The Rock. That’s what I took away from working with him.”

Gurv then recalled a story that WWE Hall of Famer Edge told them when they first signed with WWE.

“He’s like, ‘it’s one thing to make it, and another to stay.’ We had the jersey on for 5 years, which was a credit to the way we handled business. To my brother’s point, it’s one thing to just make it, but an entirely different thing to take your game to the next level, and have a 10- or 15-year career.

Gurv also thanked John Cena, “A lot of the ideas we were filming for social media were based off ideas he was throwing at us. We are eternally grateful to John.”

The Bollywood Boyz full interview appeared on Thursday’s edition of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, which you can check out below. You can follow the Bollywood Boyz on Twitter @BollywoodBoyz and visit their official Pro Wrestling Tees store here.

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