CM Punk Explains Recent Initials On His Sneakers During AEW TV Appearances

CM Punk recently fueled the pro wrestling rumor mill by writing various initials on his shoes while appearing on AEW Rampage and AEW Dynamite for his first appearances for the company. Fans speculated that Punk was teasing the AEW debuts of Bray Wyatt (BW), Adam Cole (AC), BD (Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan) and RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair (CF).

Punk recently spoke with Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post and was asked about the messages on his sneakers. He noted that CF stood for Chicago Forever and AC stood for Always Chicago, which was speculated by some fans. Punk borrowed the gimmick from NBA star LeBron James.

"I stole this from LeBron James; a lot of basketball players will write messages on their shoes and stuff. I wrote AC on my shoes and CF on the other foot. AC is Always Chicago and CF is Chicago Forever," Punk said.

BW and BD were written on Punk's sneaker while he was in Milwaukee with AEW. He did not explain what those two messages meant. You can see a few photos of the messages below: