CM Punk Praised For Recent In-Ring Work For “Heels”

It sounds like ring rust won't be an issue when former WWE Champion CM Punk makes his long-awaited return to the squared circle.

As we've noted, Punk is expected to make his debut for AEW this summer, possibly at the August 20 edition of AEW Rampage from The United Center in Chicago, or during All Out Weekend in early September. Punk will also be featured on at least one episode of the "Heels" pro wrestling drama that premieres on Starz on Sunday, August 15. Punk plays a wrestler called "Ricky Rabies" on the show, a heel character.


In an update, Punk has been training on his own as of late, according to Fightful Select, and he's also received praise for the in-ring training he did for the "Heels" show.

It was noted that wrestlers and cast members who worked with Punk over the past 6 months on the Starz show had promising things to say about his in-ring abilities. One source noted that Punk looked "completely healthy," especially compared to the end of his WWE run in late 2013 and early 2014.

Another source indicated that Punk was "very good" in the ring, to the point where they wondered if he'd been training in private leading up to being in the ring with other workers on the show. A third source indicated that Punk was working so well in the ring, it was as if he'd never left the business.


Stay tuned for more on Punk. You can click here for photos and clips, and more details, on the "Heels" show. Below is a look at Punk's Ricky Rabies character, with his valet Vicky Rabies, who is played by actress Bonnie Somerville: