John Cena seemingly referenced CM Punk during his promo segment with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on this week’s WWE SmackDown.

Cena told Reigns: “Roman, you’re gonna put on a hell of a show, but I’m just gonna hang in there for 1, 2, 3. And then I’m gonna take your title, jump the barricade and run out of Allegiant Stadium as fast as I can. I may even blow you a kiss goodbye.”

Punk had famously blown a kiss to Vince McMahon after his victory over Cena in the main event of Money in the Bank 2011.

Soon after the Cena-Reigns promo segment, Punk took to his Instagram Stories and posted a GIF of Lord Voldemort, the main antagonist in J. K. Rowling’s series of Harry Potter novels. In both the movies and novels, witches and wizards do not utter Lord Voldemort’s name and refer to him instead with monikers such as “You-Know-Who” or “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “The Dark Lord.”

Although it is merely speculation, Punk was possibly responding to Cena’s promo. Several fans on social media also took Punk’s post as a response to AEW not mentioning his name ahead of his rumored debut on next week’s Rampage, which takes place the United Center in Chicago.

You can see Punk’s Instagram Stories post below: