Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was at the Las Vegas WWE tryouts, and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman got a chance to speak with him about his career. McIntyre left WWE in 2014 and spent three years reinventing himself and changing his image. Hausman asked if other recently released WWE stars or outside talents have asked McIntyre on advice in that regard.

“Yeah, I mean, just to get my thoughts,” McIntyre said. “I’ll reach out to them, sometimes, just to let them know it’s not the end of the line, especially if it’s somebody that I know that’s got the talent, got the passion, who will keep pushing forward, and keep bettering themselves and start working on maybe some negative areas that they weren’t willing to face before, like myself. There were some negative areas I had to improve upon before I returned to WWE.

McIntyre returned to WWE in 2017 in NXT where he quickly rose to become NXT Champion. He then opened up about the negative areas he felt he needed to improve upon.

“There was a lot of things not just in the ring but mostly out of the ring. I had a bit of a downward spiral in my personal life, and I had to kind of overcome it a little,” McIntyre explained. “Issues like my mother passed and I dealt with it very difficulty, and I was drinking all the time, etc. That stuff, I had to go and calm down, and I just start getting back in the gym and fixed my diet, improve my verbal game.

“I was never so confident on the microphone in WWE. I was always very confident in my in-ring ability. When it came to the verbal aspect, I was always so worried or trying to learn every word on the paper, and I was reciting it like a robot every single time. I had to remember every single word. You can see in my eyes I’m panicking because I can’t remember the words. Being relaxed, being in the moment, being present is a big thing I learned.”

You can check out Wrestling Inc.’s full interview with Drew McIntyre below:

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