Former NXT referee Stephon Smith took to Twitter this afternoon and issued a statement on his WWE NXT release.

In his below statement, Smith said that he’s in a positive mindset and is 100 percent ready to continue his path as a referee. He also thanked Triple H and Scott Armstrong.

“I’ve had some time to reflect and I want to say I feel great and I’m in a positive mindset. I’ve doubled down on my time in the gym and I’m 100% ready to continue my path as a referee. I’d like to thank Triple H, Scott Armstrong, and everyone at NXT for being a pleasure to work with and for providing me with skills and opportunities that go beyond refereeing.”

As noted, WWE released Stephon Smith and 12 other NXT talents on August 6. He signed with WWE in October 2019.

Before his WWE run as an NXT referee, Smith wrestled in Ohio Valley Wrestling and Fusion Wrestling. 

Below you can read his Twitter post: