Over the last couple days, Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson and AEW star Jake Hager have had a back-and-forth on social media.

Originally, Hager tweeted out that he didn’t think Steveson could take him down and wanted to bet $20,000 on it. Hager was a NCAA Division I All-American and currently has a 3-0 (1 No Contest) MMA record.

“If you wanna lose 20k in five second, then let’s go,” Steveson responded.

“Well, someone has to pay the taxes for your Gold. Would you like Houston, Chicago, or New York?” Hager wrote back.

Steveson then noted he’d never heard of Hager and said for the AEW star to DM him for his address. Earlier today, Steveson made it clear he wasn’t going to be dissed by someone named “Jack Swagger,” which was Hager’s WWE ring name.

“Y’all thought I was gonna let a dude name ‘Jack Swagger’ come in my mentions and diss me. [Laughing Emoji]”

As noted, Steveson reached out to WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon and UFC President Dana White on social media after his win at the Tokyo Olympics.