Jeff Jarrett Ranks Top Wrestlers Who Played Pro Football

WWE and Impact Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett wrote a column for ESPN about the top ten wrestlers who once played pro football.

Jarrett noted his picks were only players who actually took snaps in pro leagues (NFL, USFL, CFL, etc) and not ones who went to training camps, but never made the team (Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and Vader).


At the number one spot, Jarrett went with Goldberg, who played 14 games with the Atalanta Falcons. He commented that Goldberg's undefeated streak is something that "won't ever be duplicated" and "still paying dividends to this day." Goldberg is set to face WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at this Saturday's WWE SummerSlam.

Coming in second place was WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns (Edmonton Elks in 2008).

"Ever since he became the 'Tribal Chief' and the 'Head of the Table,' we've really seen him take his game to another level," Jarrett wrote. "Now, when you call yourself the head of the table in a family that includes The Rock, that's a bold statement in this business. We'll just have to see where that leads."


Rounding out the rest of the list (beginning at number three): Wahoo McDaniel, Lex Luger, Ron Simmons, Ernie Ladd (a three-time All-Pro in the NFL), Steve "Mongo" McMichael (Super Bowl XX Champion), Brian Pillman, Moose, Monty Brown/Pacman Jones (tied for tenth).