Jeff Jarrett On Where He Sees Pro Wrestling Headed Next Year

With so many different up-and-coming wrestling promotions striving alongside the powerhouse in WWE, the growth of the wrestling business has been interesting to watch over the past few years. While AEW is the strongest competition to WWE, many other companies like GCW, IMPACT Wrestling, NJPW and others have been making noise in their own right.

On the latest episode of the My World Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett spoke about the wrestling industry's growth over the past few years. Jarrett mentioned that he only sees the wrestling business getting hotter over the next year.

"Everybody knows I can't share everything on this podcast, it doesn't make business sense," Jarrett said. "It's really interesting to watch the evolution because now we're living in the world of streaming. As we see the world develop, I've never seen the business hotter from an independent [standpoint], just as the business continues to grow. The licenses, the independent licenses, toys, action figures. It's all really really cool.

"It's really fascinating to see where the industry is heading. The world of streaming meets professional wrestling. 2022, I don't see the business going in reverse at all, matter a fact I think it's hampering down."

Jarrett also spoke about his character during his run with the WWE and how he would get a hold of the guitars he used. The WWE Hall of Famer mentioned that Richie Posner from the WWE props department would set up his guitars so they would break.

"He'd get a real wooden guitar and make his magic work but they were store bought guitars," Jarrett said. "What's crazy is the guitar, it really depends how they're made. You get one that goes way back, not a lot of glue is involved, they were made overseas, there was a lot more labour put into it."

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