Jim Ross Reportedly Transitioning Out Of Full-Time AEW Announcer Role

Jim Ross is moving away from announcing on a full-time basis, according to Ringside News. The AEW announcer will still sit behind the table for big matches and major events, but word is he'll be working in other areas for the company.

He's reportedly going to do more backstage segments, like sit-down interviews, with AEW stars. The report noted it was Ross' call on wanting to change up his responsibilities within AEW.

Ross signed a three-year deal in April of 2019.

Back in May, Ross spoke to DAZN about initially doing a contract that made AEW President Tony Khan happy as the company looked to build stability.

"I hope that in a perfect world, I would like to stay working for Tony Khan and AEW and take it a year at a time," Ross said. "The contract I came in here was three years because that's what [Tony Khan] wanted. He wants stability. It made Time Warner happy because they're used to my work in their company for many years and the WWE stuff as well."

Once his current contract expires in 2022, Ross said he'd like to take it a year at a time.

"I would say I'll do this year, and then let's evaluate and see where we are health-wise, motivational-wise. Then if I come back, I'd like to come back for a year at a time," Ross stated. "That way, it doesn't put Tony in any unnecessary stress. Because by the time my contract ends, I'll be 70."