Juventud Guerrera Describes Tony Khan's Reaction Following AEW Debut

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with multi-time WWE, WCW and AAA Champion Juventud Guerrera. Guerrera recently made his AEW debut against iconic rival Chris Jericho, and he spoke on how he is feeling after the match.

"I'm still feeling a rush. I feel excited," Guerrera stated. "I feel great. I was talking to Jericho on his podcast, I was telling him how living as a wrestler is basically a dream. I was living a dream again and again and again. Every accomplishment in my career is basically a dream come true, which actually, I'm living a dream right now."

Guerrera has wrestled for nearly 30 years in the business. He confirmed that he did speak with AEW President Tony Khan after the match, and described what Khan's reaction meant to him.

"He gave me a thumbs up. I went back to the locker room," Guerrera said. "He was right there at Gorilla position. He got up. He shook my hand. He said, 'Great match, good match. Thank you very much,' and before I came out, when I was going from my locker room to the stage, I heard somebody saying, 'Juvi! Juvi! Juvi!' I was like, who's calling me? Then I turn around. It was TK, or Tony Khan, and he was like, 'Thank you Juvi for being here. It's a pleasure for me to have you on this show.' I was in shock.

"I was like, wow, the boss is welcoming me in this way. It was a tremendous moment. It gave me this good feeling of wow, this is something different. This is not just a major company, this is something that has value. Somebody actually values your work and the years that you've put in this business. It was outstanding I just want to say thank you to Tony Khan."

AEW has showcased Latino and Latin American talent in a strong way in Santana and Ortiz, Andrade El Idolo, The Lucha Bros. and Thunder Rosa. Guerrera commented on AEW's booking of latin talent.

"Yeah, exactly, even the little things they're doing with Pentagon," Guerrera pointed out. "He spoke Spanish. It looks real. That's him, but he has manager that speaks perfect English, and that's a great combination because it's giving the Spanish audience something that you've never seen before. So that's really, really cool, what AEW is doing."

You can follow Juventud on Twitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2

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