On the latest episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Konnan to talk about AAA, AEW, and his many other projects. CM Punk has long been rumored and hyped for this week’s AEW Rampage at the United Center in Chicago. Konnan gave his thoughts on on Punk’s likely debut this Friday.

“I actually asked him (Tony Khan) at a show, and he goes, ‘You know I can’t tell you that’ That meant to me he was coming, and they didn’t put on two extra shows in Chicago just because,” Konnan pointed out. “I just think the place is gonna f**king melt, bro. That’s the most anticipated arrival ever.

“He’s a hometown boy, rebellious. The guy WWE didn’t want. Because AEW, to me, is a fan base that was made because WWE didn’t give them what they wanted, and this is their hero, and if Bryan Danielson shows up, sh*ts really gonna get real. I’m serious, bro. Those are two big huge acquisitions, gamechangers. It’s letting them (WWE) know, sh*t’s on, bro. We’re here to compete. You think we’re number two? Sh*t’s on, let’s go.”

WWE’s TV partners are reportedly not happy with Punk going to AEW. However, WWE, publicly, have said that AEW is not their competition. Konnan explained what “competition” really is for WWE.

NXT was definitely put on to cock block AEW. That was not a coincidence,” Konnan stated. “It didn’t happen, now he’s coming after them. It’s just competition between the two big powerhouses in wrestling. I think they’re telling them, ‘Hey, we’re not playing around anymore. We’re getting two major acquisitions that you let go. That’s a huge loss, bro.”

“I think ‘the competition’, a lot of it’s the perception,” Waltman added. “If they start pulling ahead in the ratings and especially if they start getting a solid lead in the ratings, it makes the perception, hey, this is the number one company”

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