Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle spoke on the latest episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, about his SummerSlam 2000 match against Triple H and The Rock.

The three wrestling legends faced off in the main event of the show. The build up for the match featured Angle having a crush on Stephanie McMahon, Triple H’s girlfriend at the time. Angle spoke about having to kiss Stephanie on live television and what made the situation even more awkward.

“It was so nerve racking,” Angle said. “Not only that, the director was Vince McMahon. He was three feet away in a chair. I’m kissing Vince McMahon’s daughter right in front of him, of course I didn’t want to slip her the tongue. I didn’t know what to do, I was so nervous about it because Vince McMahon is just standing there looking and he’s wide eyed like I want to see this. I was like holy crap, this is so weird. It was a great moment for me because it did so much for me but it was really uncomfortable.”

“What happens [when we go off the air], Stephanie says ‘Kurt, you kiss like a fish.’ I said ‘Stephanie, what the hell did you want me to do? Your dad is watching us.'”

The former WWE Champion continued to talk about soon after the match, he would go on to win the title against The Rock at No Mercy in only his first year with the company.

“I knew I was in the main event, I was very excited about it,” Angle said. “I didn’t know what the plans were from Vince McMahon, if he wanted me to be a world champion at that particular time. Soon after is when I got the world title. I’m sure they considered it but I think they wanted to continue the storyline with Triple H and I with The Rock as the champion. I think giving me the title would’ve made it a little bit more complicated for Triple H because he would have to win it from me eventually, I don’t think they had plans for Triple H at that particular time.

“I really believe that Triple H and I had a lot of room for growth in this storyline and I would’ve loved to work with him. He was an incredible in ring performer and a great entertainer and I would’ve loved to have a singles match with him before I won the title from The Rock. But I believe after SummerSlam, Vince decided to put the kibosh on it and put me up against The Rock so I could win the world title in my rookie year.”

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