Kurt Angle On How Much Money It Would Take To Wrestle One More Match In AEW

On the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist revealed what it would take to get him to come out of retirement for one more match. Angle put $10 million as the number that would get it done. If Angle were to return to the ring, the WWE Hall of Famer said he'd love to go to AEW.

"If they paid me $10 million, I would do one more match," Angle said, seemingly joking. "I'll wrestle Kenny [Omega] for $10 million. I'll get my ass kicked.

"Mrs. Angle [would kick my ass], I'm more scared of her than anybody else. I wouldn't be able to tell her, there's no way she would let me do it. She would lock all the doors from the outside."

Angle recently revealed he was offered deals with AEW and Impact Wrestling. The Olympic Gold Medalist also mentioned during the conversation that NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal reached out to him to come to AEW while he was involved with his angle with Cody Rhodes.

The former TNA Champion also broke down which championship belts he wished he had won throughout his career from the past or present. Angle stated that the one thing he'd want to do if he was given more time was to win championships in both ROH and AEW because nobody has ever done it.

"Well I mean questions go off in my mind especially with AEW and the run they're having right now," Angle said. "Obviously I would love to have an AEW title, it would put a feather in my cap. I also wouldn't mind Ring of Honor. I've never been there, I've never done that. I've gone to TNA, WWE, NJPW, but if you win all the titles from all the territories, through all the promotions, then you're the best ever and I want to be the best ever. Unfortunately it's not going to happen with AEW or ROH, especially with my body's condition but I would say those two would put a feather in my cap."

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