WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has announced a new sneaker to celebrate the 25th anniversary of winning a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics.

Angle has partnered with Garrixon to release his signature sneaker, called The Angle. The sneaker is available for a limited time only and is inspired by the undulating lines from Angle’s wrestling singlets. The Americana-themed model is an ode to moments that turned the Olympic gold medalist into one of the greatest sports entertainers of all-time, according to Garrixon.

The sneaker features woven tongue tags to prove they were designed and approved by Angle himself, while the sublimated insoles feature Angle’s “It’s real, it’s damn real…” catchphrase, and the molded rubber heel sits on a Vibram Sphike sole with “U Suck” above.

The Angle is currently going for $225 per pair.

Angle noted a new video that the sneakers define his entire career. He decided to create the shoes to show his appreciation to all the fans who have supported him over the years. Angle added that he hopes fans enjoy the sneakers as much as he enjoyed making them.

You can find full details on the sneakers at this link. Below is Angle’s new video announcing the shoe: