Highlights are shown of the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament after the usual ROH signature video package.

Ian Riccaboni checks in backstage. Riccaboni talks about tonight’s matches.

A video package is shown on Holidead and Max The Impaler.

Holidead and Max The Impaler make their entrances.

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament – First Round Match:

Holidead vs. Max The Impaler

Max pushes Holidead. Holidead pushes Max. They lock up. Max connects with a forearm to Holidead. Holidead punches Max. Max tosses Holidead to the mat after a back and forth. Holidead eventually hits a spine-buster on Max. Holidead ascends the turnbuckles. Holidead goes for a Leg Drop from off the top turnbuckle, Max rolls out of the way. Max hits a back-breaker on Holidead. Max hits her Welcome To The Wasteland finisher on Holidead. Max pins Holidead for the three count to advance in the tournament.

Winner: Max The Impaler

Flip Gordon, The Biscoes (Mark & Jay), Josh Woods & EC3 make their entrances. LFI’s ROH Television Champion Dragon Lee makes his entrance. VLNCE UNLTD’s ROH Tag Team Champions Homicide & Chris Dickinson make their entrance. The Foundation’s ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham makes his entrance. ROH World Champion Bandido makes his entrance.

Champions Vs. All-Stars – Ten-Man Tag Team Match:

Bandido, Dragon Lee, Jonathan Gresham, Chris Dickinson & Homicide vs. Flip Gordon, The Biscoes (Mark & Jay), Josh Woods & EC3

After a long back and forth, Gresham takes Woods to the mat with a modified arm-dram. Woods takes Gresham to the mat with an arm-drag. Gordon eventually rolls Homicide up for a two count. Homicide hits a Belly-To-Belly Suplex on Gordon. Homicide pins Gordon for a two count. Homicide goes for a Cutter, Gordon pushes him. Gordon superkicks Homicide. Gordon hits his Flip-By signature move on Homicide. Gordon pins Homicide for a two count. Gordon hits a Piledriver on Homicide. Gordon pins Homicide for the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon, The Biscoes (Mark & Jay), Josh Woods & EC3

Brawling ensues at ringside after the match. Gordon raises his hand in victory on the turnbuckle.

Glory By Honor is hyped as the show comes to a close.