ROH TV Results (8/30): Eli Isom Challenges Dragon Lee For TV Title

Ian Riccaboni checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. Riccaboni talks about Eli Isom challenging Dragon Lee for the ROH Television Championship tonight.

A video package is shown on The Allure's Angelina Love.

Angelina Love makes her entrance. Max The Impaler (with Amy Rose) makes her entrance. Amy Rose grabs a microphone. Rose questions if Love really wants to do this. Rose tells Love that she warned her before telling Max to get her.

ROH Women's Championship – Quarterfinal Match:

Angelina Love vs. Max The Impaler

Love ducks a clothesline attempt by Max as the bell rings. Love strikes the back of Max. Max runs towards Love in the corner. Love dodges it as Max collides with the turnbuckles. Love eventually strikes Max several times, Max no-sells it. Max head-butts the shoulder of Love. Max gets Love up into a Torture Rack on her shoulders. Love finally gets out of it. Max darts Love onto the top rope. Love rolls out of the ring. Mac goes after Love at ringside. Max sends Love into the ring post. Max locks in a sleeper-hold on Love from in the ring as Love is on the apron. The referee begins to count. Max The Impaler is Disqualified.

Winner: Angelina Love Via Disqualification

Allysin Kay and Trish Adora make their entrances. Chelsea Green has joined the commentary team.

ROH Women's Championship – Quarterfinal Match:

Allysin Kay vs. Trish Adora

Adora locks in a wrist-lock on Kay. Kay reverses it into a headlock on Adora. Adora reverses that into another wrist-lock on Kay. Kay takes Adora to the mat with a headlock takeover. Adora eventually goes for a Lariat, Kay catches her arm. Kay goes for a Kimura Lock. Adora rolls Lay up for a two count. Kay locks in a Rear Naked Choke on Adora. Adora gets to the ropes. Adora ducks a Lariat attempt by Kay. Kay hits an Ensiguri on Adora. Adora hits a Lariat on Kay. Adora pins Kay for the three count.

Winner: Trish Adora

Eli Isom and ROH Television Champion Drsgon Lee make their entrances. Dalton Castle has joined the commentary team.

ROH Television Championship:

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Eli Isom

They lock up. Lee backs Isom to the ropes. They lock up again. Isom backs Lee to the ropes. Isom eventually hits a Brainbuster on Lee. Isom pins Lee for a two count. Isom goes for another Brainbuster, Lee gets out of it. Lee connects with a knee strike to the face of Isom. Lee connects with another knee to the face of Isom. Lee hits a Modified Michinoku Driver on Isom. Lee pins Isom for a two count. Lee hits a Running Knee Strike to the face of Isom. Lee pins Isom for the win.

Winner: Dragon Lee

Next week's show is promoted as this one comes to a close.