ROH TV Results (8/9): Quinn McKay Takes On Mandy Leon

Ian Riccaboni checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. Riccaboni talks about the ROH Women's Championship Tournament.

A video package is shown on Quinn McKay and Mandy Leon.

Quinn McKay and Mandy Leon make their entrances.

ROH Women's Championship Tournament – Round One Match:

Quinn McKay vs. Mandy Leon

McKay spears Leon immediately. McKay pulls the right leg of Leon to take her to the mat once more. McKay eventually hits a back-breaker on Leon. McKay hits a Modified STO on Leon. McKay pins Leon for a two count. McKay sends Leon to the corner. McKay runs towards Leon, Leon gets her boot up. Leon runs towards McKay. McKay hits a power slam on Leon. McKay pins Leon for another two count. McKay attempts to lock in her Tangerine Dream finisher on Leon. Leon hits a Backpack Stunner on McKay. Leon pins McKay for a two count. Leon attempts to hit Astral Projection, McKay counters with a Botox Pin for the three count on Leon to advance in the tournament.

Winner: Quinn McKay

McKay jumps over the guard rail to approach the commentary team. McKay jumps into Riccaboni's arms as she celebrates her win.

A video package is shown on Marti Belle and Trisha Adora.

Marti Belle and Trish Adora make their entrances. Chelsea Green has joined Ian Riccaboni and Lenny Lenard on commentary.

ROH Women's Championship Tournament -Round One Match:

Marti Belle vs. Trish Adora

They lock up. They exchange wrist-locks. Belle locks in a headlock on Adora. Adora attempts a Back Suplex to get out of it. Belle counters with a headlock takeover to take Adora to the mat. Adora eventually splashes Belle in the corner. Adora hits a snapmare on Belle. Adora hits a Hip Toss on Belle. Adora pins Belle for a two count. Adora hits an arm-drag on Belle. Adora locks Belle into a Cattle Mutilation submission. Adora wins via Submission to advance the tournament.

Winner: Trish Adora

Chris Dickinson & Brody King make their entrance. Rey Horus makes his entrance. ROH World Champion Bandido makes his entrance. Silas Young has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary.

Bandido & Rey Horus vs. Brody King & Chris Dickinson

King and Dickinson stomp on Horus and Bandido. King hits a back-breaker on Horus. Dickinson dropkicks the head of Horus. Dickinson eventually hits a Brain-Buster on Bandido. Horus breaks a pin attempt by Dickinson on Bandido. Horus hits a Hurricanruna at ringside on King. Bandido superkicks Dickinson. Dickinson hits a German Suplex on Bandido. Horus assists Bandido in hitting a 21-Plex on Dickinson. Bandido pins Dickinson for the three count.

Winner: Bandido & Rey Horus

LFI attacks Bandido & Horus after the match. Brawling ensues as the show comes to a close.