With their WrestleMania rematch looming, “The EST of WWE” Bianca Belair will have her hands full as she defends her SmackDown Women’s Championship against “The Legit Boss” Sasha Banks at SummerSlam.

Last night, on SmackDown, Banks made her intentions clear during her monologue that if it weren’t for her, Belair wouldn’t be the main roster heroine that she is now. Instead, she would just be another NXT rookie who dreamt of having a shard of notoriety that Banks has had since her career began in WWE.

On today’s episode of Talking Smack, Banks reiterated that same message from last night while also mentioning what this WrestleMania rematch means to her.

“What does it mean? I’m finally getting my rematch. I finally get my revenge on Bianca Belair,” Banks stated. “You know, for months, I was sitting at home, healing from that wound that she did to me after she cheated with that braid. I would never drop that low if I were the champion. No, no, no.

“I brought people up, just like I brought Bianca up. Just like I helped her get an EPSY [Award]. Just like I helped her get all these accolades that she wants to claim that she’s the biggest star now. She’s the ‘EST of WWE.’ Well, I’m the ‘Legit Boss,’ and I’m coming back for my SmackDown Women’s Championship [she concludes with a smirk].”

Not only does Banks want to take back her prestigious throne, but she also wants Belair to thank her for building her brand and spotlight since her arrival on the blue brand.

“I mean, wouldn’t you say thank you for everything that I’ve done?” Banks declared. “I don’t get no respect around here. I’m ‘The Boss.’ I’m the standard and the leader, and I’m the conversation. She needs to realize that.

“Come SummerSlam, Bianca will not be the ‘EST of WWE’ no more because I’m the greatest and I’m the best. So, I guess that makes me the ‘EST of WWE’ from now on. Bye, boo. I’ll see you at SummerSlam.”

You can check out Sasha Banks’ full interview on Peacock and the WWE Network. If you use any quotes from this article, please credit WWE Talking Smack and give a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.