Tommy Dreamer And Sneaker Brand Offer Gifts To "Crying CM Punk Fan" From AEW Rampage

Tommy Dreamer and the g.o.i. Kicks sneaker brand are trying to find the "Crying CM Punk Fan" from Friday's AEW Rampage taping at the United Center in Chicago.

For those who missed it, the AEW cameras caught several fans getting emotional as Punk made his long-awaited return to pro wrestling to kick off Rampage. One man was shown on TNT, heavily crying and raising his arm to Punk. The man quickly went viral on social media with many fans relating to him, but some also taking shots at the unknown fan.


Dreamer reached out to Twitter in hopes of finding the man. The ECW Original offered to fly the man out to Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory pay-per-view in October, and to contact Punk and Tony Khan for AEW tickets or a meet & greet.

"Thank you for listening @BustedOpenRadio Great show & crying CM Punk fan Get a hold of me or @BustedOpenRadio I'm gonna fly you to @IMPACTWRESTLING BFG. I [heart emoji] your passion. I will also hit up @CMPunk & @TonyKhan for tix or a meet & greet. F*CK the Haters online. We appreciate you," Dreamer wrote.

The g.o.i. Kicks brand, a noted pro wrestling fan who makes custom kicks with some being inspired by the sport, also made a tweet trying to connect with the Punk fan. He's offering to do a free pair of Punk-themed sneakers, valued at $1000.


"I need #WrestlingTwitter to help connect me with this dude. I'll do a free pair of @CMPunk sneakers ($1k value) for this legend. Those are OUR tears. All of ours. Love this dude. Make this happen wrestling fans @AEW @TonyKhan @Santana_Proud @DaxFTR @MATTHARDYBRAND," g.o.i wrote.

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW commentator Mark Henry tweeted about the Crying CM Punk Fan over the weekend, as did Nyla Rose.

"Not many people get this reaction!," Henry wrote of the emotional fans in the crowd at Rampage.

Rose added, "Deadass... if you're in the business and you're mocking "crying guy" get out of the business cause you clearly don't and never will get it."

Punk himself commented on the viral fan during an appearance on ESPN Chicago this morning. You can click here to read his comments.

Stay tuned for more. Below are the related tweets, along with a photo of the fan: