Top WWE Star Offers To Train Olympian Gable Steveson For Pro Wrestling

Seth Rollins has offered to train Olympic gold medalist wrestler Gable Steveson for a career in pro wrestling.

We've noted how Gable is a top WWE prospect, who will be at WWE SummerSlam on Saturday. You can click here for Gable's recent comments on why he's attending SummerSlam, plus the latest on a possible run with WWE. Gable's brother, Bobby Steveson, is expected to start with WWE in the new class of Performance Center recruits this week.

Rollins spoke with TMZ Sports at LAX in Los Angeles this week and said WWE would love to have Gable. He was asked if pro wrestling would be a good career move for the 21 year old Gable, who also has interest from the NFL and the UFC, and is considering a return to the University of Minnesota for his senior year.

"I mean, we'd love to have him. He seems like an incredible athlete, and decent dude. And, you know, we've had some luck with Olympic gold medalists before, so why not?" Rollins said.

Rollins, who co-owns the Black & Brave Wrestling Academy in Iowa, offered to train Gable over a period of three months as amateur wrestling is a lot different than pro wrestling.

"I do have a wrestling school, Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, so if he wants to move to Davenport, Iowa for three months, we'll get him ready," Rollins added.

Rollins' comments to TMZ were re-tweeted by Gable, but he has not responded publicly as of this writing. Gable won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this month.

While Gable confirmed he will be at SummerSlam last week at the link above, he took to Twitter on Monday and tweeted the following on attending the big event at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas: