Video: Elias Declares His Character Is Dead On RAW

The WWE RAW Superstar known as Elias has declared that he is dead, or at least the character as we know it is.

Tonight's RAW featured a vignette where Elias approached a fire outside at an unknown location. As clips played of fans chanting for Elias while various Superstars hit Elias over the back with guitar shots, Elias looked on at the fire and briefly played his guitar.

Elias then tossed the guitar in the fire and declared that the gimmick is dead.

"WWE stood for 'Walk With Elias' but Elias is dead," he said as he was shown walking away from the fire.

There's no word yet on what WWE has planned for Elias and his character moving forward, but we will keep you updated.

Elias has not wrestled since losing the Symphony of Destruction match to Jaxson Ryker on the July 19 RAW episode.

Stay tuned for more on the WWE status of Elias. Below are a few shots from tonight's vignette on RAW: