Seth Rollins received a “Brood Bath” during Friday’s WWE SummerSlam edition of SmackDown on FOX.

SmackDown opened with WWE Hall of Famer Edge coming to the ring for an intense promo where he talked about how Rollin has put him in a dark place these days, a place he doesn’t like to go because it’s so hard to come back from. Edge then admitted that he likes that place, but Rollins has helped him find a place in his heart where the blood runs black. Edge ended that promo by declaring that on this day he sees clearly, and at SummerSlam he doesn’t have to just beat Rollins, he has to break and humble him, and he’s going to burn Rollins down.

Rollins, wearing an all-white suit, later came to the ring to respond to The Rated R Superstar. Rollins laughed at and mocked Edge, saying they both knew that part of Edge is now dead and gone. Rollins was suddenly interrupted by the familiar tune of The Brood’s old WWE theme music as the red lights started flashing around the arena and flames appeared.

Edge then appeared on the big screen and told Rollins to beware because the freaks come out at night, and Rollins will never see them coming. Edge then laughed at Rollins as a huge amount of dark blood fell from the rafters, covering Rollins and his all-white suit, knocking him to the mat. McAfee called it a “Brood Bath” as a shocked Rollins got back to his feet. Edge had disappeared from the big screen by that point, but the area was covered by the dark colored blood.

The Brood was a WWE Attitude Era stable that included Edge, current Impact World Champion Christian Cage, and leader Gangrel. Based off a group of vampires, the group was active from October 1998 until the summer of 1999. The Hardys later aligned with Gangrel and were briefly known as The New Brood. The original Brood would often give their opponents a “blood bath” but it appears “Brood Bath” is the proper verbiage for modern day WWE.

The Brood trended on Twitter after SmackDown with many fans commenting on what a potential return for the stable would look like these days.

Edge vs. Rollins will take place later tonight at WWE SummerSlam.

Below are videos from last night’s segments, along with backstage post-show footage of a seething Rollins yelling for a towel:

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