Why Michael Cole Was Heard During Drew McIntyre's WWE RAW Entrance

There was speculation on WWE piping in extra audio for Drew McIntyre's entrance on this week's RAW from Chicago, but apparently there was some sort of production error instead.

RAW saw McIntyre win a 2-on-1 Handicap Match over Veer and Shanky by DQ, due to interference by Jinder Mahal. McIntyre came to the ring with his sword, but as seen in the clip below, WWE apparently had extra audio playing as SmackDown commentator Michael Cole could be heard saying "16-time champion" – a likely reference to John Cena.

Fans on social media responded by knocking WWE as they were under the impression that this was a case of WWE piping in extra audio to make sure McIntyre had a babyface reaction, but it appears that this was just a production mix-up as the line from Cole came from a WWE SummerSlam promo.

You can hear the audio in the clips below: