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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with the first singles match scheduled for tonight’s show!

Grayson Waller vs. Andre Chase

Drake Maverick joins the broadcast team as the special guest commentator for this match.

Both men go straight for a tie-up. Grayston Waller turns it into a waist lock, but Andre Chase counters it with a waistlock of his own. Then, Chase begins working Waller’s shoulder. Waller tries to fight back, but he’s taken down to the mat. Chase holds on with a wrist lock. Waller gets cocky, but it works for him as he comes up with a kip-up and reverses the hold. Chase ducks under and comes back in full control. Waller gets taken down again with another takedown and then by a heavy shoulder tackle. Upset by Chase’s power over him, Waller throws Chase right out of the ring.

On the outside, clocks Chase with a massive right hand. Chase rolls back into the ring and returns the onslaught with a double stomp to the bottom rope. The bottom ropes drives itself right into Waller. Waller goes for a lateral press, and Waller kicks out. Waller flies off the ropes with a low crossbody for a near-fall count. Chase recovers and plants a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Chase drives himself twice into Waller. Waller finds a way to turn this around with a backslide and crucifix pin for two near-fall counts.

Waller taunts a uranage but turns it into another heavy forearm. He goes for a cover, and Chase pops out in time to break the count. Chase clocks Waller’s lower back, sending him to the outside. Chase catches Waller’s stunner and floats over with an STF in the center of the ring! Waller makes a desperate crawl over to the bottom rope. Chase scouts Waller with another heavy attack on Waller’s ribs. Waller drops Chase face-first into the turnbuckle with an inverted DDT. Waller climbs the top rope and jumps off to hit his elbow dive. Chase gets his knees up in time. Chase was so close to capitalizing this bout with a Tiger Driver, but Waller escapes the pin at the 2.9 count!

Waller rolls back into the ring with his stunner, then executes an elbow dive from the middle rope. Waller catches his breath before hitting a stomp on Chase that would send him out cold. Waller picks up the big victory.

Winner: Grayson Waller

– Next week, Joe Gacy and Josh Briggs will settle their differences in a rematch, and 205 Live will welcome back women’s matches on the purple brand as Cora Jade faces Amari Miller. This will be Jade and Miller’s first time on the show.

And now, the main event!

Ikemen Jiro vs. Trey Baxter

Both men shake hands before locking up. Trey Baxter applies a side headlock. Ikemen Jiro finds a way out with a reversal. Jiro turns a wrist lock into an armbar. Baxter puts Jiro in a waistlock, but Jiro escapes with the help of his snazzy jacket. They reset. Baxter goes for another side headlock and then turns it into a shoulder tackle. Jiro rises to his feet after that brutal hit. Jiro blocks Baxter’s upcoming offense and lands a palm strike. Jiro applies his own side headlock, then chances it into an arm drag, followed by a hip toss. Jiro adds a little spin to his palm strike by added a discus charge to it. Jiro rolls Baxter up for a near-fall count. Jiro sends Baxter to the apron but eats a back elbow.

Back in the ring, Baxter executes a beautifully done split-legged moonsault for just a two count! Baxter fires in some chops. Jiro tries to block them but can’t. Baxter gets another near-fall following that. Baxter rolls him to the mat and hooks the leg for another near-fall. A straight armbar from Baxter follows. Jiro counters with a big slam. Baxter recovers with a kick followed by a splash rollup for another two count. Baxter locks Jiro up again. Jiro breaks it up with a jawbreaker. Baxter takes to the skies with a suicide dive on Jiro, who’s on the outside. Back in the ring, Baxter hooks the leg for a two count.

Jiro looks for a slingshot move, but Baxter counters it with a dragon sleeper! Jiro escapes with a Death Valley Driver. Jiro continues the onslaught with a flurry of forearms and palm strikes before hitting another discus palm strike. Jiro sends Baxtor to the outside with a slingshot head scissors takedown! Jiro misses a baseball slide and eats a back elbow. Baxter climbs up the stairs on the outside and flies right into a superkick! Jiro drags Baxter back into the ring and connects a Swanton from off the top. Will this be enough for him to win it? Not yet!

Jiro prepares for the Ikemen Splash, but Baxter evades in time. Baxter plants a half-and-half suplex, before landing a perfect 450 splash, but Jiro catches him with an inside cradle for the three count!

Winner: Ikemen Jiro

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!