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Shawn Michaels kicks this week’s show off by narrating a preview for Jordan Devlin and A-Kid’s historic first-ever 30-Minute Iron Man Match!

Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with some singles action in the women’s division!

Xia Brookside vs. Blair Davenport

Both women lock up. Blair Davenport pushes Xia Brookside up towards the corner. Back in the center, Brookside applies a straight armbar. Davenport rises to her feet and slams Brookside to the mat. Davenport lays down several heavy stomps. Brookside takes Davenport for a ride with a hurricanrana for only a two count. Brookside continues the ariel effects with a monkey flip in the corner. Davenport sends Brookside crashing to the outside with a basement dropkick.

On the outside, Davenport tosses Brookside alongside the guardrail. They make their way back into the ring. Davenport locks in a chin bar. Brookside blocks it with a flurry of strikes. Brookside hits another hurricanrana and then follows it with multiple dropkicks, followed by a neckbreaker. Cover. Davenport, again, kicks out. Brookside eats one big boot and then a massive missile dropkick. Davenport knocks Brookside into next week with a Kamigoye for the pinfall victory!

Winner:  Blair Davenport

Post-Match: Blair Davenport adds an exclamation point to her victory by slamming Xia Brookside into the mat with a falcon arrow.

– The NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly and Mustache Mountain prepare for their huge title match in two weeks! Both teams spoke to each other backstage last week after Mustache Mountain picked up the victory against Symbiosis.

– Speaking of Tyler Bate, it’s announced that NXT UK will hold a tournament for the next few weeks to determine who will become Bate’s newest challenger for the Heritage Cup Championship. The challengers and their assigned brackets are available below.

In the Woods: Isla Dawn is tapping into her dark powers.

Backstage: Flash Morgan Webster of SUBCULTURE runs in and slaps Wolfgang. These two will slug it out next week!

Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff vs.  Danny Jones & Josh Morrell

Jack Starz and Danny Jones kick things off. Both men spend the beginning of the match exchanging technical takedowns. Starz holds Jones in a front facelock. Jones escapes and applies a side headlock. Starz takes Jones off his feet with a shoulder tackle. Starz lands a Superman dive and turns it into a pin. Jones kicks out at two. Starz and Jones tag in their respective partners. Dave Mastiff tosses Jones out of the ring. Mastiff and Starz join forces with a double backdrop on Josh Morrell. Starz, now the legal man in the match, looks for a pin. Morrell kicks out.

Jones makes his way back in and lays a big boot on Starz. Starz is in trouble. Morrell lands a well-executed dropkick. Starz kicks out in time from a pin attempt. Morrell misses a corkscrew from off the top. Starz crawls over and tags Mastiff back in. Mastiff decks Morrell with a clothesline, followed by a German Suplex before Starz comes back in. Starz has Morrell in the tree of woe position. Starz clocks Morrell with a diving headbutt. He makes one final tag out to Mastiff. Mastiff comes charging in with a cannonball! Cover. Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz pick up the tag team victory!

Winners: Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz 

Backstage: Nina Samuels and Amale get into it backstage. Both women believe their next in line for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Next week:

* Noam Dar will take on Mark Andrews in the opening round of the Heritage Cup Tournament. We hear from Dar and Andrews before their barnburner match!

* Nina Samuels vs. Amale

* Wolfgang vs. Flash Morgan Webster

At the UK Performance Center: Stevie Turner interrupts Meiko Satomura’s training session to taunt her about a future title shot.

And now, the main event! “The Irish Ace” and the “Spanish Superstar” will clash for the right to become the first Ironman winner!

First-Ever 30-Minute Ironman Match: Jordan Devlin vs. A-Kid

Jordan Devlin tests the waters with a knee kick. A-Kid steps back and looks for a single leg takedown. Both men are back on their feet. A test of strength is showcased. A-Kid twists through and looks for a wristlock. Devlin reverses it. A-Kid escapes with a dropkick and a nice slap before Devlin retreats to the outside.

Back in the ring, A-Kid sends Devlin on the mat with a side headlock. Devlin tries to grab A-Kid’s leg to break it up, but A-Kid turns it around. Devlin finds the bottom rope. Both men test their strength again with a Greco-Roman lockup. Devlin pushes A-Kid to the mat. Devlin puts all his weight into his arms and wrists and tries to hold A-Kid down. A-Kid’s shoulders get pinned to the mat several times, and he pops free every time! Devlin is starting to show some frustration.

Devlin starts swinging on A-Kid and sprawls A-Kid back on the mat. Devlin cranks A-Kid’s arm back. Devlin looks for a lateral press. A-Kid pops free at two. A-Kid was close to putting Devlin in the surfboard position, but Devlin counters it into another near-fall attempt. A-Kid knocks Devlin with a dropkick. Cover. The Irish Ace kicks out. A-Kid looks for another pin. Same results. Back on their feet, A-Kid cranks in a front facelock. Devlin pushes him up towards the ropes. A-Kid, surprisingly, stays calm after getting rocked with a major slap to the face. Devlin wraps A-Kid in the ropes and double stomps on A-Kid’s injured leg.

Back on the mat, Devlin focuses on A-Kid’s injured leg by locking in a single leg Boston Crab. A-Kid has no other choice but to tap. Devlin picks up the first point!

Jordan Devlin: 1     A-Kid: 0

After picking up his first pin, Devlin continues wounding A-Kid’s injured leg. A-Kid locks Devlin up, hoping to grab a point. Devlin finds the rope. Devlin wraps A-Kid’s legs around the ring post and puts him in a figure four! We still have 16 minutes left in the match. Devlin rolls back into the ring and inflicts more damage with a Boston Crab on both legs. A-Kid finds the ropes. Devlin charges in with leg strikes. A-Kid fights back with forearm strikes. Devlin breaks it up with a suplex. A-Kid replies back with two suplexes. Both men collapse to the outside after A-Kid drags Devlin down with him from a vertical suplex.

Back in the ring, by the 8th count, A-Kid tries to go for what looks like a scissored armbar. Devlin counters out. A-Kid then traps and locks in a sleeper on Devlin. A-Kid hooks in a straight armbar on Devlin. Devlin taps. Now, both men are tied 1-1!

Jordan Devlin: 1     A-Kid: 1

Devlin is struggling with his arm after A-Kid hyperextended it during that armbar lockup. A-Kid unleashes some brutal offense that sends Devlin out of the ring. Furious, Devlin grabs a chair, but A-Kid blocks his chances! There are 9 minutes left in the match.

Back in the ring, A-Kid flies over on Devlin with a crossbody! Cover. The Irish Ace kicks out. A-Kid goes for a dropkick. Devlin catches him. A-Kid goes for two-pin attempts on Devlin. He can’t rack up that second pin yet. Both men trade haymakers. Devlin falls onto A-Kid with a nasty headbutt. Cover. A-Kid kicks out. With 6 minutes left, we are close to possibly hitting Sudden Death. On the apron, A-Kid eats two knuckle sandwiches from Devlin. Devlin hoists A-Kid up and hurls him on the outside with the Devlin Side! Devlin slides in. A-Kid makes it back into the ring by the 9.5 count!

Devlin kicks A-Kid in the face. A-Kid gets up and hits a Spanish Destroyer! Waiting on Devlin, A-Kid knocks Devlin out with a dropkick. Cover. Somehow, Devlin pops out! Devlin blocks A-Kid’s second armbar attempt. Two minutes are left! A-Kid slowly positions Devlin in the Octopus Stretch. He has it in! Devlin submits.

A-Kid: 2     Jordan Devlin: 1

Devlin stacks A-Kid up for a pin just after his submission. A-Kid kicks out. Devlin and A-Kid hit back and forth exchanges. Ten seconds left! Devlin connects another headbutt and looks for a lateral press. The bell rings. Devlin can’t get the final pin in. A-Kid takes the crown as the first-ever Ironman winner in NXT UK!

Winner: A-Kid

Currently, Devlin holds the upper hand with a 2-1 winning victory over A-Kid in their rivalry.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!