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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with singles competition between Flash Morgan Webster and Wolfgang!

Flash Morgan Webster (w/SUBCULTURE) vs. Wolfgang

Flash Morgan Webster dances around Wolfgang. Wolfgang tries to trap Webster in the corner, Webster ducks under. They repeat the same steps. This time, Webster lands the first shot in the match. Wolgang puts Webster down on the mat with a tight wristlock. Webster escapes. After a brief moment out of the ring, Webster applies a side headlock on Wolfgang.

Wolfgang lays Webster down on the mat again with a rear chinlock. Webster’s shoulders are pinned down to the mat. Cover. Webster kicks out. Wolfgang eats a big knee to the face, sending him to the outside. Webster goes up and over the ropes. Wolfgang tosses Webster over towards the barricade. Wolfgang throws Webster back into the ring and lands several heavy fists on the ribs of Webster. Wolfgang then transitions it into an abdominal stretch. Webster turns it around briefly, but Wolfgang slams him into the corner. Webster escapes out of the corner in time.

Now in control, Webster plants a knife-edge chop, followed by a springboard moonsault! That’s not all; he lands a nasty headbutt, but Wolfgang makes a massive comeback with a high knee for a near-fall count. Wolfgang has Webster in the fireman’s carry. Webster escapes and turns it into a Poisoned Frankensteiner! After, Webster connects a knee to the face, followed by a senton. Unfortunately, Webster’s offense runs dry as Wolfgang splits him in a half with a destructive spear. Wolfgang picks up the win in this bout.

Winner: Wolfgang

– In two weeks, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown will continue their epic rivalry in a pinfall or knockout matchup.

Backstage: Mark Andrews and Dani Luna talk about Andrews’ big match against Noam Dar later on. Isla Dawn sneaks into their interview. She and Luna start getting into it.

At the U.K. Performance Center: Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) are eager for their NXT UK Tag Team title match against Pretty Deadly next week!

Earlier This Week: Assistant to the General Manager, Sid Scala, announces that in two weeks, Jinny will face Aoife Valkyrie once more in a No Disqualification match. Jinny’s partner Joseph Conners will be allowed at ringside, but he’ll be locked in a shark cage! Jinny is not too happy about this.

Amale vs. Nina Samuels

Nina Samuels charges towards Amale seconds after the bell rings. Samuels takes Amale by her hair and tosses her halfway across the ring! Amale finds her footing in the match by raining down a flurry of forearms. Her momentum continues with a running bulldog. Cover. Samuels kicks out at two. Samuels and Amale drop down on the mat. Amale tries to go for another pin, but Samuels reverses it. Another cover. Amale kicks out.

Samuels throws Amale into the corner and uses the ropes for a double knee drop onto Amale’s spine. Amale turns things around again with a series of stomps, followed by a face wash. Amale continues the onslaught with a spinning neckbraker. Amale hooks the leg on Samuels. Samuels pops free at two. Samuels rocks Amale with a big backbreaker for another pinfall! Amale returns the favor from earlier with a knee to a spine on Samuels. Amale drags Samuels to the center of the ring and drops her with a Northern Lights Suplex/pin combo. Amale doesn’t stop there. She hits a spinebuster she calls the Heartbreaker. Cover. 1-2-3. Amale picks up a huge win over Samuels!

Winner: Amale

– Tensions are mounting as the NXT UK Champion WALTER and Ilja Dragunov prepare for their highly anticipated rematch in 10 days at NXT TakeOver 36. Dragunov promises he will take WALTER down and become his newest nightmare. We then look back at their exchange from this past Tuesday’s NXT.

Backstage: Saxon Huxley interrupts Symbiosis’ interview.

– Next week, Meiko Satomura will put her NXT UK Women’s Championship on the line against Stevie Turner!

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly heard Moustache Mountain’s message from earlier. They promise to cement their legacy against the best team NXT UK can offer in their title bout next week.

Next Week:

* NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Stevie Turner

* NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Moustache Mountain

And now, the main event!

The quarterfinals of the tournament for the Heritage Cup will begin as Mark Andrews takes on Noam Dar. Their match – and all matches in this tournament going forward – will follow the Heritage Cup Rules with six, three-minute rounds until an opponent can score two points, thus crowning them the winner.

Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Tournament: Mark Andrews (w/Dani Luna) vs. Noam Dar

Round 1:

Noam Dar drops Mark Andrews down on the mat. Andrews gets back up and puts Dar in a waistlock takedown. Andrews misses a swing. Andrews and Dar trade exchanges. Andrews gets the better end of it with a dropkick. After Dar pops back up, Andrews and Dar lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Andrews applies a side headlock that sends Dar belly down on the mat. Dar ties Andrews’ legs up and smacks Andrews in the back of his head. Andrews works on Dar’s left arm by bending it downward. The bell sounds for the opening round. Neither man picks up a point.

Mark Andrews: 0     Noam Dar: 0

Round 2:

Both men go straight for a test of strength. Both men lock up knuckle to knuckle. Dar drives Andrews down on the mat with a beautiful bridge. Andrews’ shoulders get pinned to the mat. Cover. Andrews pops out at two. Outside of the ring, Dar throws Andrews back-first into the barricade before rolling him back in. Dar plants another takedown. Cover. Andrews kicks out. Andrews picks up some steam with an arm drag and shoulder block before the second round ends. Similar to the last round, no points were awarded.

Mark Andrews: 0     Noam Dar: 0

Round 3:

Noam Dar sweeps the leg of Mark Andrews. This causes a delay in their matchup. Teoman and Rohan Raja make their way down to the ramp to watch this match closely. Andrews fights through the pain by hitting a double foot stomp, followed by his Stundog Millionaire. Andrews misses a move from off the top, causing him to get trapped in a kneebar. Andrews can’t take the pain anymore. He taps, giving Dar the first point in the match.

Noam Dar: 1     Mark Andrews: 0

Round 4:

The fatigue is starting to set in, in this round. Andrews reverses an ankle lock from Dar and turns it into a stacked pin. 1-2-3. Andrews picks up his first point in the match.

Noam Dar: 1     Mark Andrews: 1

Round 5:

Both men trade knee strikes as this round gets going. Andrews looks for a 619, but Dar grabs onto Andrews’ bad leg and hits a back elbow. Andrews plants a chokeslam but refuses to go for a cover. Instead, he heads to the top, but Dar pushes him off. Andrews lands on his bad knee. Dar uses this to his advantage by hitting his Nova Roller for the second pin! Dar picks up the win.

Noam Dar: 2    Mark Andrews: 1

Winner: Noam Dar

Noam Dar advances to the next round of the Heritage Cup Tournament!

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!