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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with Meiko Satomura putting her NXT UK Women’s Championship on the line!

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Stevie Turner

Emilia McKenzie comes out with Meiko Satomura. She will be in her corner during today’s matchup.

Both women go straight into an aggressive collar and elbow tie-up. Meiko Satomura pushes Stevie Turner up against the ropes and lands a nice kick to break the lockup. Turner grabs hold of Satomura’s wrist and drags her down on the mat. Satomura turns it into a side headlock. Turner rises to her feet – she’s still in the lockup. She brings the champion over to the corner. Satomura ducks out and continues holding all of the control in the beginning.

Turner comes forward with a big boot and lays into the champion with a well-executed running boot. Satomura comes back into control with a vertical suplex. Satomura flies off the middle rope and takes Turner on a ride with a nice arm drag. Turner and Satomura’s brawl spills to the outside for a brief moment. Satomura eats four heavy boot shots. Turner swipes Satomura with a flying forearm and goes straight for a lateral press. The champion kicks out. Turner keeps the pressure on with a straitjacket hold. Satomura finds the ropes and plants a pele kick, creating temporary space.

Turner’s uncanny approach lands a leg drop for another near-fall encounter. Satomura executes a rope-assisted flatliner. She covers. Turner fights free. As Turner is lying face-down on the mat, the champion traps her with an STF. Stuck in the center of the ring, Turner has no other choice but to tap. “The Final Boss” retains her hard-earned gold!

Winner & Still NXT UK Women’s Champion: Meiko Satomura

Backstage: Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) is getting warmed up before their main calibur title challenge!

– Kenny Williams and Oliver Carter look ahead before their first-round Heritage Cup Contenders match.

– Next week, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown will settle the score in their third highly-anticipated clashing. The stipulation for this match is the winner can only win via submission or knockout.

Saxon Huxley vs. Eddie Dennis (w/Symbiosis)

Saxon Huxley teases Eddie Dennis a big boot smash. Dennis ducks out of the way. They briefly lock up. Huxley throws Dennis towards the ropes. Dennis tries to knock Huxley off his feet with a shoulder tackle. No budge. Dennis outsmarts Huxley as he charges him towards the corner with a running boot. Huxley goes up and over the top rope. Dennis meets Huxley on the outside. Dennis gets a few vicious shots in before sending Huxley back into the ring by the 8th count.

Dennis traps Huxley with a side headlock. Huxley escapes. Dennis holds on to the rope, causing Huxley to miss another big boot opportunity. Huxley slams his knee into Dennis’ face as he sits in the corner. Their contest spills to the outside once more. Dennis is hung up on the apron. Huxley flies out of the ring with a coast-to-coast flying elbow! Huxley looks for a cover. Dennis pops out. Dennis evades Huxley once they’re both back in the ring. Huxley gets tied up in the ropes. Dennis stacks him up for a pin. Huxley kicks out.

Dennis eats another big boot. Huxley continues the onslaught with a flying crossbody, followed by a top rope clothesline! Huxley can’t be stopped; he slams Dennis onto the mat. 1-2-3. Huxley prevails.

Winner: Saxon Huxley

Post-Match: Eddie Dennis gets the last laugh in the match as he and Symbiosis lay the beatdown on Saxon Huxley.

Backstage: The NXT UK Tag Team Champions are doing last-minute preparations before they defend their titles.

– Next week, Aoife Valkyrie and Jinny will showdown for a second time in a No Disqualification Match. During their match, Joseph Conners will be locked in a shark cage.

Dani Luna (w/SUBCULTURE) vs. Isla Dawn

Isla Dawn bizarrely approaches Dani Luna. Luna shoos her off. Luna puts Dawn on the mat with a nice takedown. Dawn holds onto Luna as they rise to their feet. Dawn eats a big forearm. Luna runs the ropes. Dawn trips Luna, sending her face-first on the mat. Dawn looks for a cover. Luna kicks out at two. Dawn applies a chokehold on Luna. Luna finds a way up. Luna stacks Dawn up for a near-fall attempt. It’s not enough to keep Dawn down.

Luna plants a scoop and slam. Luna goes for another pin. Dawn kicks out. Dawn traps Luna with a rollup. Luna pops out. Dawn lands a big strike on Luna’s spine. Luna evades a half-suplex attempt. Luna gets rocked with a superkick. Dawn rips out some of Luna’s hair! Coming out of the shock, Luna catches Dawn with a powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Dani Luna

– Next, an enticing video package shows the high stakes WALTER and Ilja Dragunov will put themselves through in their dynasty, defining rematch for the NXT UK Championship at NXT TakeOver 36!

Next week:

* Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown III

* Aoife Valkyrie vs. Jinny II

And now, the main event! Can Moustache Mountain conquer the tag team gold?

NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)

Pretty Deadly comes out rocking some fantastic mustaches – mocking the legacy of Moustache Mountain.

Tyler Bate and Sam Stoker begin the prizefight. Bate drags Stoker to the corner. Stoker climbs up and sits atop the ropes. They reset in the middle of the ring. Stoker applies a tight wrist lock. Bate shimmies out and tags Trent Seven in. Seven locks in a wristlock. Stoker karate chops the hold. Seven sends Stoker to the other side with an Irish Whip. Stoker flips over and scoots back to make a hot tag to Lewis Howley.

Howley traps Seven with a side headlock. Seven drops to the mat. Howley runs the ropes and stops himself. Seven flies over with a perfect low crossbody for only a two count. Seven connects a leg drop before tagging Bate back in. Bate comes soaring in. Howley catches Bate with a chop block. Pretty Deadly miss the mark when Bate sends both of them crashing into each other. Seven is tagged back in. Moustache Mountain connects in stereo over the top rope clotheslines. Seven makes another quick tag back to Bate.

Stoker and Howley join forces with a takedown on Bate on the outside. Seven runs over, and everyone goes back to their corners. Stoker is back in and continues working Bate. Bate fights free with a few midsection shots, but Stoker grabs Bate’s hair and throws him down on the mat. Bate rolls over and tags Seven in. Seven tries to put Howley away with a spiked DDT, but it isn’t enough yet to claim the victory.

Seven tags Bate in. Bate holds Howley up. Seven picks Stoker up. Both of them plant in stereo vertical suplexes. Seven is back in and looks for his Seven Stars Lariat. Stoker evades and makes a tag to Howley. Howley grabs Seven for a scoop and slam. Seven ducks a potential swing from Stoker on the outside. Back in the ring, Howley and Seven crash in the center of the ring with double clotheslines! Both men tag their respective partners.

Bate works some shots on Stoker. Stoker tries to mimic Bate’s beatdown, but his punches have a weak effect on the Heritage Cup Champion. Bate sends Pretty Deadly off their feet with a well-scouted dive! Bate and Howley are back in the ring. Bate sets Howley up for his Tyler Driver ’97. He hits it! Bate with a cover. 1-2-2.9, Howley fights out!!

Seven and Howley are working each other in the ring. Howley evades another Seven Stars Lariat attempt. Stoker is tagged in and hits a codebreaker. Will this be enough. 1-2, Seven kicks out! Seven holds Stoker in the cradle position. Cover. Stoker fights out. Seven launches a soul-crushing lariat on Stoker. Bate runs in and helps his partner. Bate and Seven join forces with a rebound lariat/suplex combination. Bate flies out and hits a suicide dive on Howley.

Stoker grabs Bate and applies a low airplane spin – copying Bate’s signature move. Bate gets locked up in a Boston Crab. Seven gets distracted for a moment, which promotes Howley to smack Bate across the face with his title. Pretty Deadly come together and hit Spilled Milk to retain their championships.

Winners & Still NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Pretty Deadly

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!