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Following their epic rematch at TakeOver 36, a new star is born in Ilja Dragunov as he not only became the new NXT UK Champion, but he’s also the first man to bulldoze WALTER’s unbeatable kingdom! Congratulations to the new King of NXT UK. Long live the Czar!

Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a No Disqualification match!

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Jinny (w/Joseph Conners – who will be locked in a cage at ringside) 

Before the bell rings, Jinny attacks Aoife Valkyrie during her entrance. Jinny rams Valkyrie into the apron and then up by the cage. Valkyrie counters Jinny’s attack near the cage and locks Joseph Conners up for good before their brawl takes flight.

After brawling at ringside, Valkyrie beats Jinny up some more and rolls her into the ring. The bell officially sounds. Valkyrie holds control at the beginning of the match, but Jinny finds her way back with a chair attack on the outside. Valkyrie evaded a shot and drives Jinny viciously into the barricades. Their brawl continues on the outside and up in the tech area. Valkyrie started undertaking Jinny with a laptop computer and a trash can. She rammed Jinny into the steps and set up a table on the outside, but Jinny managed to avoid it and gained the upper hand once more.

Back in the ring, Jinny continues the onslaught with a flurry of blows. As they make their way to the apron, Jinny looks to send Valkyrie through a table on the outside. They’re back on the outside. Valkyrie hits a suplex, but not through a table. On the apron again, Valkyrie looks Diving split leg drop, but Jinny evades, causing Valkyrie to crash right through the table! Back in the ring, Jinny hits a Koppou Kick for a surprising near-fall count.

Jinny traps Valkryie’s ankle in a steel chair. Valkryie escapes and plants an enziguri before they take their fight to no woman’s land on the top rope. Valkyrie positions Jinny for a sunset powerbomb and nails it! But, there’s a problem: she adds more damage to her already hurt leg following the landing. Medical staff comes out to check on her, but she refuses to lay down and die. Valkyrie pays homage to Rob Van Dam with a spin kick onto a chair Jinny brought in. The chair smashes into Jinny’s face, but it’s not enough for Valkyrie to pick up the pinfall victory just yet.

Valkyrie hoists Jinny up and plants a pump handle slam onto the chair used before. 1-2-3, Valkyrie returns to the winning column again!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

Backstage: Emilia McKenzie is asked by a reporter what it’s been like working and training with the NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura. During her interview, Amale rudely interrupts and demands a rematch with Satomura. She believes the odds were stacked against her the first time. Emilia steps in front of Amale and tells her if she wants Satomura, Amale will have to go through her first.

For the first time, we hear from the new NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov. In a sit-down interview, “The Mad Russian” recounts all the blood, sweat and mental/physical exertion he had to go through to conquer WALTER last Sunday.

In his segment, he says, “I’m a champion. I’m your NXT UK champion. And I wish I could describe how it feels to be it. I can’t describe the countless sleepless nights full of fear. I can’t describe how it is when your belief and your self-doubt are fighting inside your head and this day by day. And I can’t especially describe the limitless amount of pain flowing through your body, transforming into nothing else but sheer pride and honor. My will, my fists, my only weapons, it’s everything I have to give, and it’s everything I need to take down every single person who’s trying to take that away from me. Long live the czar.”

Dragunov will make his first post-TakeOver appearance next Tuesday on NXT!

Up next, the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Number One Contenders’ Tournament continues!

First Round Match: Kenny Williams vs. Oliver Carter

Round 1:

There is not a lot to report in this round. Oliver Carter ran circles around Kenny Williams. Carter applied a hammerlock seconds before this round concluded. No points were earned.

Round 2:

Kenny Williams bounced back in this round. At the 2 minute mark, he rolled up Oliver Carter, obtaining the first fall in this matchup.

Kenny Williams: 1    Oliver Carter: 0

Round 3:

A minute and a half into this round, Carter earned a fall after catching Williams with a huge lariat. Now, they’re tied 1-1 apiece.

Kenny Williams: 1     Oliver Carter: 1

Round 4:

Back and forth near-falls occur. Williams shifts his focus on taking out Oliver Carter by the knee. Then, Williams grabs a steel drinking bottle. He distracts the referee by untying the top turnbuckle. Williams has a trick up his sleeve. Williams smacks Oliver with the drinking bottle, which helps him pick up the final fall and victory just under the two-minute mark.

 Kenny Williams: 2     Oliver Carter: 1

Winner: Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams will join and face off against Noam Dar in the second round of the Heritage Cup Tournament.

Backstage: Nina Samuels walks into Sid Scala’s office. She would like a match. Scala notifies Samuels that he just got done talking to someone else who is looking for a match. Scala puts together a singles match between Nina Samuels and Blair Davenport for next week. Samuels faked a smile and proceeded to scream right outside the other side of the door.

In the Woods: Isla Dawn pulls out her wooden Wiccan box and puts the locks she captured from Dani Luna last week in there. Sitting in the box already is Emilia McKenzie’s watch. She buries the box underneath a pile of wood.

– Before they square off in their opening round of the Heritage Cup Tournament, both Teoman and Nathan Frazer explain why they’re the deserving man to win this.

Next Week:

* NXT UK Heritage Cup Number One Contender Tournament: Teoman vs. Nathan Frazer (Opening Round)

* Nina Samuels vs. Blair Davenport

And now, the main event! Which brute will walk out with a 2-1 victory in this saga?

Knockout or Submission Only Match: Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey III

Before the match is underway, both men touch fists – similar to what you see in any boxing or MMA style match. Then, the bell rings. Heavy shots are fired on all cylinders by both men. Joe Coffey connects a perfect dropkick that sends Rampage Brown flying! On the outside, Coffey hits a Glasgow Sendoff that sends Brown over the ringside barricade. Their brawl goes past the ringside area. Brown takes their fight closer to the ring as he sends Coffey up and over with a back body drop.

In the ring, both men trade submissions. Coffey locks in a Boston Crab that holds Brown down for a minute, but he escapes. Coffey removes a turnbuckle protector and sent Brown straight towards the exposed turnbuckle. Coffey hoists Brown up in the electric chair position. Brown drags Coffey through the ropes by his arm. Coffey comes crashing to the outside.

They return to the ring. Brown connects one Saito suplex, but Coffey dodges the second one and turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. More blows follow after. Brown stops Coffey’s momentum with a huge powerslam. Coffey recovers and hits a big moonsault from off the top. Back up in No Man’s Land, Brown drives Coffey to the mat with a backdrop driver. Coffey lands it right on his head! The referee allows this match to continue.

Heading into the last few minutes of this bout, more shots were fired. Coffey connects another Glasgow Sendoff in the corner, followed by his All the Best for the Bells (discus lariat), but it still doesn’t faze Brown from ending this match. Brown bounces back with a heavy clothesline and his Doctor Bomb. Will that be enough for Coffey to end this? It will not! Coffey is still in this. More strikes came from Brown onto Coffey, followed by another Doctor Bomb. But that’s not all. The last set of hammer fists is what catches Coffey this time. Coffey is out cold. The referee official concludes this match in favor of Rampage Brown by a knockout.

Winner: Rampage Brown

Post-Match: Both men fist bump after their grueling yet captivating main event.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!