There is a storyline twist coming soon for Baron Corbin, according to a report from PWInsider.

According to the report, WWE apparently filmed a lot of content with Corbin in Las Vegas over the weekend. As seen in the videos and photo below, Corbin noted via Twitter that his luck turned around in Vegas after he made a fortune while gambling.

The report added that the Corbin – Vegas deal will be a WWE social media storyline that will play out all week before SmackDown, at which point there will be some sort of twist to the story.

Earlier on Sunday, PWInsder also reported that there were plans at one point to film content with illusionist Criss Angel in Vegas. However there’s no confirmation if Corbin filmed content with Angel.

As noted, Corbin was dissed by Logan Paul at SummerSlam after he lost to Big E on the kickoff show. Corbin called out Paul while enjoying his “42 day-aged ribeye” with some ladies in Vegas.

You can see Corbin’s tweets from Vegas below: