It appears John Cena will be a guest on Steve Austin’s Broken Skulls Sessions podcast in the near future.

Earlier this week, WWE Shop listed a new poster featuring Austin and Cena, calling it “Eras Collide” with the text Attitude Era meets Ruthless Aggression.

However, the poster can’t be purchased yet, as users are taken to a “Looks Like You’ve Taken A Wrong Turn. You’re In… Parts Unknown.” page with a photo of Papa Shango.

It is likely that WWE won’t start selling the posters until making the official announcement of Cena appearing on Austin’s podcast.

Cena has never appeared on Austin’s podcast before.

Last Sunday, a new episode of Broken Skull Sessions dropped on Peacock and the WWE Network, featuring WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

A screengrab of the poster can be seen below: