WWE SummerSlam: Edge vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins vs. Edge

We go back to the ring and out first comes Seth Rollins. We wait a few seconds before The Brood music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Flames rise up as Edge comes from underneath like The Brood once did. Edge marches down the ramp as the red lights flash. He stops and kneels as the lights go dark. Edge's normal theme starts up now as he finishes marching to the ring to a big pop.

The bell rings and they stare each other down. They go at it and Edge dodges a shot, then drops Rollins with a right hand. Rollins seethes as Edge smiles at him. They lock up and Edge applies a headlock. Rollins fights out but Edge clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Rollins comes in swinging but Edge blocks and works him over. They end up on the floor and Edge keeps control against the barrier. They bring it back in and Edge knocks Rollins back to the floor.

Edge baseball slides back out but Rollins side-steps and sends him into the ring post. Rollins sends Edge neck-first into the post now as the referee counts. Rollins beats Edge around the ringside area and slams his head back into the steel steps a few times as fans boo. Rollins brings Edge back into the ring and grabs him for a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Edge kicks out at 2.

Rollins beats Edge around the ring for a few more minutes, focusing on the neck. Edge avoids a Stomp but Rollins keeps control and delivers another neckbreaker. Rollins sits up and laughs, taunting Edge over his neck. Fans try to rally for Edge now. Edge blocks right hands and fights back in the middle of the ring. Rollins with a knee to the gut. Edge runs into a big boot in the corner. Rollins springboards in from the apron with a flying knee to the head. Edge kicks out at 2.

Rollins keeps Edge down and poses over him in the middle of the ring as some fans boo. Edge blocks a neckbreaker and back-slides Rollins for 2. Edge slams Rollins face-first into the mat. Edge with a running shoulder thrust into the corner. Edge takes Rollins to the top now, climbing up on is back. Rollins fights back with elbows to the back of the neck. Rollins sends Edge to the mat. Rollins turns around on top and hits the big Frogsplash but Edge still kicks out just in time. Rollins waits for Edge to get up in the corner now. Edge rolls under the ropes to avoid another Stomp attempt. Rollins isn't happy. Rollins talks some trash and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He grabs Edge for a big superplex to the floor but Edge fights back. Edge climbs up to the top now, as does Rollins. Edge hits a super swinging neckbreaker from the top to the mat. They both land hard and are flat on their backs now.

Fans try to rally for Edge now. They both slowly get up using the ropes. Rollins charges but Edge slams him throat-first into the top. Edge with a clothesline and a boot to drop Rollins. Edge with the Edge-ucution DDT for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Edge goes on but Rollins turns it around in the corner. Edge side-steps a superkick and drops Rollins for another close pin attempt. Edge climbs to the top but he takes too much time. Rollins runs up and nails a big superplex, then holds that for the Falcon Arrow in the middle of the ring. Edge still kicks out at 2 and Rollins can't believe it.

Rollins waits in the corner now as Edge slowly recovers. Edge dodges the Stomp. Rollins goes for the Pedigree and it's blocked. Edge pays homage to his wife WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and delivers the Glam Slam in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Rollins crawls away as Edge stares him down. Edge grabs Rollins but Rollins slams him throat-first over the top rope. Rollins follows up and snaps Edge's neck back over the top with a neckbreaker. Rollins goes for the Stomp on the apron but Edge moves and sends Rollins into the ring post.

Edge tuns and delivers a big Spear now, sending Rollins from the apron to the floor. They both land hard on the floor and fans chant "holy shit!" as we get a replay. Rollins goes face-first into the ringside LED board. Edge brings it back into the ring for a close 2 count. Edge sits up in the corner, wide-eyed, and looks around Allegiant Stadium as fans cheer him on. Edge goes for the Spear but Rollins turns it into a Pedigree for another close 2 count.

Rollins goes to the top now but he's struggling. Rollins with a corkscrew moonsault but he has to land on his feet as Edge moves. Edge comes right back with a big Spear for a close 2 count. Rollins kicks out and Edge can't believe it. The crowd is also shocked. Fans chant "this is awesome!" after the replay now. Rollins blocks the Killswitch and rocks Edge with a right hand. Rollins with a stiff shot to the back of the neck, then a superkick to knock Edge over from his knees.

Rollins readies for the Stomp now, waiting in the corner for Edge to get back up. Edge turns over and catches the Stomp. He shoves Rollins to the mat and applies the Edge-ucator submission now as fans pop. Rollins crawls for the bottom rope but Edge tightens the hold, then pulls Rollins back to the middle of the ring. Rollins rolls Edge for a 2 count. Edge goes right into the Crossface submission as fans cheer him on. Edge turns Rollins back over into the middle of the ring and tightens the Crossface. Rollins breaks it but Edge starts slamming his face into the mat, over and over and over and then some. Edge quickly applies a Crossface Sleeper while they're still on the mat now. Rollins holds on for just a few seconds and then taps out for the finish.

Winner: Edge

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