Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks celebrate their win in the 10-man tag match on Dynamite. Matt gives congrats to Nick on his amazing dunk (he missed it). Omega says they should be more happy and doesn’t know why. Nick says he thinks it’s because they took something away from the fans. They took away two title matches away from the upcoming PPV. Omega says he feels empty, and wonders if they actually feel bad? The three look at the camera and say “Nope! Not at all.”

* Nick asked Cutler why he let Dark Order on the show. Cutler says they blackmailed him, and he had to do it. Nick says going forward Cutler is going to have to help The Elite cheat in matches (and like it) so Dark Order can continue to be on the show.

* While on a moving walkway, Matt brushes his hair in an airport as easy listening music plays.

* Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy watch film with Wheeler Yuta and giving him some tips in the ring.

* Leva Bates answers her phone in Japanese, but no one says anything on the other end. We see it’s Peter Avalon, but he doesn’t say anything. He ends up calling back. She knows it’s him, but he just can’t speak up. The TV randomly turns on behind her. Avalon gives it a third try. He finally tells her he hasn’t moved on! The call drops. Leva walks away and we see creepy Abadon show up on the TV.

* Ryan Nemeth plays a salesman trying to pitch some Dream Cream Xtreme. The guy with him tries to eat it, Nemeth tells him not to! He then goes to put it on his skin, and Nemeth doesn’t advise he do that either.

*  Backstage clips of last week’s Dynamite in Charlotte. Matt Jackson talks about doing the Space Jam entrance and that it cost $50,000 to license the “Y’all Ready For This?” Space Jam theme they came out to. It was done for Nick Jackson’s birthday — courtesy of AEW. They talk about their sneakers for a bit. Clips are shown of Omega and The Bucks working on their entrance. We see Nick practice his dunk with Omega. The Elite’s Dynamite entrance is shown from Cutler’s camera. Highlights from the match are shown from ringside, along with Omega getting the pin on Hangman Page to win the match.