Adam Cole AEW In-Ring Debut, BTE Title Defense (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Nick Jackson signing autographs and taking photos with fans.

* Matt Jackson sleeps in as Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler go sneaker shopping at the mall.

* Backstage, John Silver says he's going to "milk" (throwing small half and half cups) Bear Bronson. He laughs and runs off as Bronson goes after him.

* Cutler talks with Adam Cole about his debut match against Frankie Kazarian and wants Cole to take him out. Cutler says Frankie is always coming after him! Cole responds "If you could shut up! I got some work to do." Cut to backstage as Cole makes his entrance. Big pop from the crowd gets Cole to look back at the group near him.

* Ryan Nemeth's friend tells him that he needs to move on from Michelle, who apparently got her head chopped off. He thinks that Nemeth should worry about his and maybe do some meditation to help out. Cut to the beach where Nemeth is doing meditation as a voice is guiding him through the meditation (while also bringing up cream). Eventually he says there is no Michelle and also don't look in the trunk.

* BTE Championship between Matt Lee and Colt Cabana. Filled bottles are numbered and put near each other on a table and using a roll of tape they see how many throws it takes to knock all of them down. Evil Uno is looking on in the background with Jeff Parker cheering on his tag partner.  It takes Colt 15 throws, Lee does it in 8 and retains the title.

* Leva Bates gets handed a note written by Peter Avalon. She reads it and wonders if this is a joke. It says Alex Reynolds had a baby and has been away because of that. She doesn't believe that Reynolds has a wife and baby and says it's not true!

* Drunk John Silver rolls up on Leyla Hirsch and says a bunch of random things. She thinks Silver has had enough to drink. Silver tries out her drink that he thinks is urine. He tries to recruit her in Dark Order and she makes her way out of the scene. Alex Reynolds then shows up and tells Silver they need to talk. Reynolds says the last time he saw Silver, they left on a bad note, and it's clearly bothering Silver. Reynolds says he isn't sure when Hangman Page is returning and they need to get back to recruiting. Reynolds says they can make a new friend, Silver says "Maybe, Batista?" Reynolds says sure and walks off with him.