Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Adam Cole catches up with his buddies and has to clarify they aren’t called Bullet Club anymore. Omega laughs and says they haven’t been called that for years! They don’t do the “too sweet” thing either. Cole then mentions that Cody Rhodes isn’t in the group any longer and is now a judge on a reality show! Cole couldn’t believe the three of them started up AEW. Omega responds, “Just the three of us!” Nick Jackson says the three of them are referred to as modern day Ric Flair. Flair even told them that! Omega does his Flair impression. Cole says it’s been great catching up and now he wants to have a beer with Hangman Page. The guys get all uncomfortable and mention he’s not here right now. Matt offers up an energy drink, instead. Cole grabs one, thanks about it (since that’s what killed him previously on BTE) and picks a different drink. They tell him not to find Page and Cole says no worries, he’ll find him. Nick asks the other two how they’re going to tell that complicated story to Cole. Omega says it’s been a lot of long-term storytelling with Page and it will take forever to explain it. They try to figure out how to make it sound like they are the good guys and Page isn’t. Omega says he’s going to make things right after poisoning Cole. Omega says he’s very much in Cole’s corner…as long as he stays in his lane. Matt and Nick tell him to stop with the insecurities! Omega brings it back and they go to their respective locker room corners. “I just gotta think of a way to be more over than Cole,” Omega says. They scold Omega again. Omega just spazzes out util everyone starts laughing.

* Travel day after the PPV for the Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler. They planned on going home for 16 hours right after the show, but were so banged up and sore, they decided to stay put. Nick says it was the sorest he’s felt after a match. They moved their flight to later in the day to fly out of Chicago, but a thunderstorm causes delays. They end up doing a road trip to get to Cincinnati for Dynamite. They say at least their dead friend is back. Nick doesn’t know how he’s back, but hopefully he doesn’t find out about how they previously killed him. Nick tells the fans to not to tell Cole about what happened.

* A drunk John Silver talks with Anna Jay about things getting crazy with Dark Order. He says Page isn’t answering his calls. Silver is talking with a weird accent, really close to Jay’s face. She covers her face like his breath stinks of alcohol. Silver says Uno and Grayson are being jerks and everyone is fighting. Silver says he wants to be like Page and drink. Jay looking more uncomfortable as Silver freaks out about the group and not knowing where people are! Silver drinks some beer and spits it up.

* Jungle Boy doing flips into the pool.

* 2point0 looking through Wheeler Yuta’s bag. Chuck Taylor asks them what they are doing. They just want their hair to look as good as Yuta’s and know he’s talking something. They know he’s using Just For Men hair coloring. They call him an enhancer!

* BTE Champion Marko Stunt vs. Matt Lee of 2point0 in a game of Blackjack: 10 rounds, person with most wins get the title. Matt ends up winning 4-3 and takes the title. 2point0 raise up the title and celebrate. The cut a promo about working day in and day out for a chance at the title. Randomly, Renee Paquette (with her baby) walks by in the background, didn’t look planned. Matt sees her and says, “You want a shot, sweetheart?!” Renee yells back, “You don’t want none of this.”

* Ryan Nemeth closing up at a restaurant. His buddy asks what’s been up with him lately? Nemeth says he think it’s Michelle, someone who apparently passed away, and just wants to see her again. Nemeth freaks out a bit as he’s cleaning up. He goes to the bathroom and the weird cream images flash again. Nemeth comes back to reality and isn’t in the bathroom. He runs out and down the sidewalk.

* Hotel room, Best Friends watching Kris Statlander lose to Britt Baker on the TV. Yuta is taking notes. Statlander tells them not to watch this! Yuta says he didn’t put it on. Statlander responds, “Do you think this is funny? Do you want to know that pain?” Taylor and Cassidy get out of the way. She jumps on him and chokes Yuta out. She also lets him know his finisher sucks.

* Brandon Cutler viewpoint of The Elite’s segment on Dynamite. More clips shown of Adam Cole’s appearance, followed by Bryan Danielson coming to the ring and brawling with Omega for a moment. Cutler still had his camera rolling when he was surrounded by Christian Cage, Jurassic Express, and Frankie Kazarian. We see him get beat up and then dragged up the stage by The Elite as Cutler yells “Help me, guys! Help me!”