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– The show starts out with a recap of All Out.

– Cold open with The Wingmen backstage. “Fur is murder” says Drake. Peter Avalon says Bear Country will get a makeover. They make fun of Dante Martin’s hoodie. Drake says Martin’s next outfit will be his last in tonight’s main event.

– Tony Schiavone, Eddie Kingston and Paul Wight welcome us to this week’s episode of Dark: Elevation from the NOW Arena near Chicago.

Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon (w/ JD Drake & Cezar Bononi) vs. Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder)

“The Wildcard” Avalon charges in and attacks Bronson from behind. Bronson then takes him down with a back elbow and follows up with a body slam. Bronson hits a flurry of clubbing blows on Avalon in the corner. Boulder tags in, and Avalon escapes a powerslam and tags in Nemeth. Nemeth ducks Boulder and wants two points, though it’s not amateur wrestling. He shakes his hips around the ring.

Boulder grabs his neck, but Avalon intercepts. Avalon is swept away as Nemeth bounces off Boulder. Bronson tags in as Avalon cuts off Bear Country. Boulder sent outside as Bronson tries to take on The Wingmen on his own. He takes a dropkick for a one count. The Wingmen cutting the ring in half on Bronson. Bronson fighting out of the corner, but The Wingmen hit a double dropkick for two. Boulder blocks an Avalon punch, and Bronson hits an exploder.

Boulder and Nemeth tag in as Boulder hits a double lariat. The Wingmen stacked in the corner, but Avalon evades and Nemeth is hit with a back elbow. Boulder catches Avalon while holding Nemeth on his back! He slams Nemeth and throws Avalon outside. Bronson tags in and gets on Boulder’s shoulders, and Bear Country hit the elevator splash for the win.

Winners: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder) via pinfall

– Post-match: Bononi and Drake jump Bear Country. Avalon wants a makeover for Bear Country as he calls them ugly. “You look better after that ass whooping.” He promises another “hostile makeover” as Drake will take on Martin later tonight.

Emi Sakura (w/ Lulu Pencil) vs. Missa Kate

Kate wants a handshake, but Sakura slaps her hand aside. Roman knuckle lock to start as Sakura starts biting Kate’s hands. Sakura follows up with a chop and whips Kate across the ring by her hair. Sakura going for a Romero Special, and she gets it as she goes for the hair again. She tosses Kate aside and hits a stomp.

Kate fights out of the double under hooks and hits a dropkick for two. Kate with a high kick for another two count. Sakura with a series of strikes and then a lariat / chop combo. Sakura gets the crowd going as she hits a corner crossbody. Sakura gest the double under hooks and transitions into a backbreaker, cover but Sakura lifts Kate’s shoulders. Sakura goes for another double under hook backbreaker holding Kate up longer for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura via pinfall

Lance Archer vs. GPA

Archer comes out of the entrance tunnel carrying his GPA to the ring. The bell rings as GPA shows off his quickness but bounces right off Archer while attempting a shoulder tackle. Archer tosses GPA across the ring and sizes him up for a splash. GPA set up in the corner, and Archer lariats him off. Archer hits a chokeslam. Archer then chops GPA in the corner. He sets him up top for the Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer via pinfall

Kiera Hogan vs. Blair Onyx

Hogan and Onyx with some chain wrestling to start off. Hogan fires in forearms. She hits a chop in the corner. Onyx using her flexibility to evade Hogan as she gets a two-count roll-up. Hogan hits a thrust kick and then a sliding dropkick for a two count. Hogan hits a forearm as Onyx bridges, but Hogan hits another thrust kick into Face the Music for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan via pinfall

– Vignette with Big Swole as we get highlights of her feud with Diamante. Big Swole explains the rules of a “Three Strikes” match where the three levels are pinfall, submission and KO. Diamante says the match fit in her wheelhouse. Swole says after the match, there will be no doubt who is better.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Laynie Luck

Luck with a quick flurry of offense to start out. Rose reverses a hammer throw and hits a splash in the corner. Luck evades Rose but runs into a high boot. Rose whips Luck into the ropes and runs through her. Rose stalks Luck outside and hits a lariat. Rose throws Luck to the edge of the ring before sending her back in. Luck catches Rose with some forearms. She tries a rana, but Rose counters into a Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose via pinfall

Anthony Bowens vs. Griff Garrison (w/ Julia Hart)

Garrison and Bowens lock up right away. Garrison ducks a chop and hits one of his own. Bowens with a kick to the mid-section, but Garrison catches Bowens with an open-hand chop. Bowens goes over the top but runs into a lariat. Garrison hits a leg drop for two as Bowens rolls outside. Bowens goes face-to-face with Hart as Garrison hits him with a big boot. Bowens blocks a PK and has Garrison on his shoulders and slams him on the apron.

Back in the ring, Bowens mounts Garrison and hits a flurry of punches. Bowens hits clubbing blows on Garrison for a two count. Bowens talking trash as he applies a cravat. Garrison fights out of it and snapmares Bowens. Bowens with a boot into a blockbuster for a two count. Garrison blocks Bowens’ punches and hits strikes of his own. Bowens with a kick, but Garrison ducks the discus lariat and hits a series of strikes, scoop slam and then a springboard twisting elbow.

Garrison hits a high splash in the corner. He hits the Falcon Arrow, cover 1-2-no! Bowens escapes a fireman’s carry. Garrison misses the discus forearm. Bowens hits a few chops and then a cutthroat DDT, cover 1-2-no! Bowens traps Garrison in the corner. Garrison fights out and springboards in. They each duck each other’s lariats and hits a double rolling elbow on each other! Bowens reaches for the chained boom box. Max Caster runs in as the ref is distracted! Caster hits Garrison with a chain and retreats under the ring. Bowens pins Garrison for the win.

Winner: Anthony Bowens via pinfall

– Post-match: The Acclaimed are reunited. Brian Pillman Jr. runs in with a pool cue as The Acclaimed run away.

Red Velvet vs. Queen Aminata

Aminata attacks Red Velvet from behind. She hits a sidewalk slam as she mocks Red Velvet. Aminata follows up with a snap suplex. Aminata signals for the hip attack, and she hits it as she shakes her butt on Red Velvet’s face, cover, but Red Velvet kicks out at one. Aminata hits a kick to the back for another one count. Red Velvet counters Aminata and stuns her. She hits a series of sling blades and hits a casadora bulldog. Red Velvet sizes up Aminata for a double knee strike on the middle rope. Aminata dodges the Chef’s Kiss, but Red Velvet hits the Final Slice for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet via pinfall

– Dark Order are backstage. Evil Uno apologizes for Alex Reynolds not being with them. Alan Angels points out that Uno is not the leader. He says he let Reynolds and Hangman Adam Page leave. Uno says Dark Order needs a leader, and he does what’s best. Angels challenges Uno to a match. Uno reluctantly agrees as there’s mixed opinions on whether this is a good idea or not.

John Silver & 10 vs. Travis Titan & Isaiah Moore

Silver and Moore start off this tag match. The crowd chants “Johnny Hungee”. Silver shows off his power and his speed as he hits a dropkick. 10 tags in, and Dark Order hit double shoulder blocks and flex. Titan tags in as he’s picked up in the corner. 10 hits a lariat and then pump kick on Moore. Titan dodges a pump kick and mocks Dark Order. Moore and Titan showing off some team work. They flex at Silver as 10 takes them out with double lariats.

Silver comes in with lariats of his own. Silver suplexes Moore and Titan! Silver the lawn darts Moore onto Titan. Moore dropped with a German suplex. 10 tags in and hits a pump kick on Titan. 10 then hits a spinebuster as Moore springboards in and eats a spear. Silver hits a pump kick on Titan. He then hits a huge Blue Thunder Bomb, and 10 taps out Titan with a full nelson.

Winners: John Silver & 10 via submission

– Eddie Kingston has left commentary to prepare for his main event match.

JD Drake (w/ The Wingmen) vs. Dante Martin

Martin tries for a waistlock, but Drake brushes him aside. Drake counters the rana, but Martin using his speed and agility only to get cut off with a chop. Martin jumps off Drake’s back to counter the back bodydrop. Martin drops Drake with a dropkick sending him outside. Nemeth assists Drake in avoiding a tope. The Wingmen distract Martin allowing Drake to hit a pop-up elbow. Back in the ring, Martin fires in body shots, but Drake spikes Martin down.

Drake grabs the hair as he hits a chop sending Martin outside. Drake distracts the ref allowing The Wingmen to get some extra shots in. Drake sends Martin back in. Martin counters the powerbomb and hits a few dropkicks. Martin goes over the tope and hits an enzuigiri. He leaps back in, jumps over Drake, boot and the a Pele kick. Drake distracts the ref as Nemeth drags Martin outside.

Martin runs into a back elbow. Drake hammer throws Martin, and he jumps over the corner post onto The Wingmen! Martin back inside as he sunset flips Drake for two. Drake hits a single-leg dropkick and then hits a side slam for two. Martin avoids the cannonball in the corner. He hits a double springboard moonsault for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin via pinfall

Riho vs. Skye Blue

Blue and Riho shake hands before locking up. They’re at an impasse as they lock up again and fight for position. Riho and Blue trad flash pins as Riho bridges out and hits a dropkick. Riho ties up Blue into a bow and arrow. Riho releases the hold and stomps at Blue in the corner. Riho sets up Blue, but Blue counters and hits a spinning hook kick followed up by a cartwheel uppercut for a two count.

Blue applying an armbar. Riho rolls up Blue for a two count. Riho catches a boot and hits a big forearm. Blue reverses the hammer throw, but Riho baits in Blue with a drop toehold and sets up the area code shot on the middle rope. Riho goes up top and hits a crossbody for a two count. Riho quickly applies a crossface.

Blue reaches the ropes forcing Riho to release the hold. Riho going back up top and tries for a stomp but she rolls through. Blue catches Riho with a thrust kick, cover 1-2-no! Riho blocks the Sliced Bread and hits a high knee. She hits a northern lights suplex bridge for a two count. Riho hits a Somato for the win.

Winner: Riho via pinfall

Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin (w/ Sting) vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) & RSP

Moxley and Kingston get things going right away as they work on Luther and RSP on the outside. Allin and Serpentico officially start this trios match as Allin gets off a Code Red for two. Allin tries for a Coffin Drop, but Serpentico rolls out of the way. Allin staying on him as he hits a shotgun dropkick. Allin tries to make a cover, but Serpentico fights out. Serpentico distracts the ref as Luther sweeps Allin’s feet on the springboard.

Kingston and Moxley try to run in with a chair thrown as well! Luther goes to work on Allin as he tags in Serpentico. Luther hits a bodyslam and bulldogs Serpentico onto Allin and slams Serpentico head onto Allin. Serpentico covers for a quick count. RSP tags in and keeps up the pressure on Allin. Allin gets the boots up in the corner, but RSP hits a back drop into a kick for two. Luther continues to cut the ring in half on Allin.

Luther throws Serpentico onto Allin for another quick count. Luther with a bodyslam as he tells Serpentico to go up. Luther tries to superplex Serpentico, but Allin taggesd in Kingston. Kingston with a Tower of Doom on Chaos Project. Kingston hits machine gun chops on Luther. Kingston hits another round of machine gun chops. Luther ducks a chop and rakes Kingston’s eyes. Kingston with a back fist as Moxley and RSP tag in.

They run into each other as Moxley absorbs forearms. He hits one of his own, a Saito suplex and then a lariat. RSP fights out of a suplex. He hits an enzuigiri and then a suplex drop. RSP going up top but misses a senton. Moxley with a PK as Kingston tags in. Serpentico flies in and hits a Paradigm Shift as Kingston hits an exploder on RSP. Allin tags in and hits the Coffin Drop for the win.

Winners: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin via pinfall