AEW Dark Results (9/14): Jade Cargill, Anna Jay And 2point0 In Action

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- Alex Marvez is backstage with Leyla Hirsch and Jade Cargill with Smart Mark Sterling. Cargill says you're welcome to Hirsch for giving her a match on Dynamite. Hirsch says she'll win tonight and says she'll beat Cargill at Dynamite. Sterling makes fun of Hirsch for being from New Jersey. Hirsch sends Cargill a warning, and Cargill laughs it off.

- Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome us to Dark taking place at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL as we straight away to our first match with Dasha Gonzalez ring announcing.

Rosario Grillo & Hunter Knott vs. The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny)

Butcher and Blade get going right away attacking their opponents. Butcher makes easy work of his opponent as he stalks around the ring and rocks him with a lariat. Blade tags in and continues the damage as Butcher and Bunny yell at him down in the corner. Blade hits a flatliner into a kick knocking off his other opponent off the apron. Butcher and Blade hit a powerbomb / neckbreaker combo for the win.


Winners: The Butcher & The Blade via pinfall

Ashley D'Amboise vs. Anna Jay

D'Amboise and Jay trading lock ups as D'Amboise looks to escape a side headlock. She does so, but Jay hits a shoulder block. Jay follows up with a northern lights suplex. D'Amboise sends Jay to the corner and hits a series of stomps. She flexes, but Jay reverses her in the corner and sends her across and hits a spin kick. Jay with more strikes as she applies the Queen Slayer tapping out D'Amboise.

Winner: Anna Jay via submission

Post-match: Bunny comes in and attacks Jay from behind! Tay Conti comes out to the rescue as Bunny escapes outside.

Erik & Andrew Lockhart vs. 2point0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) (w/ Daniel Garcia)

Lee starts off strong with a lariat right as the bell rings. Lee follows up with a suplex as he takes in the boos. Lee takes a few body shots and sends his opponent in the corner. Parker tags in and hits some tandem offense and uses Lee to hit an elevated elbow drop. Parker keeps up the pressure as he hits a backbreaker.


Lee tags in and fires in a body shot followed up by a backbreaker of his own. Parker tags in and goes at the body again with stomps. Parker takes a jawbreaker. 2point0 unable to prevent the tag as Parker takes in a flurry and a dropkick. 2point0 cut off the comeback with 2 For The Show for the win.

Winners: 2point0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) via pinfall

Post-match: 2point0 continue the beatdown of the Lockhart brothers, and Garcia joins in.

Angelica Risk vs. Jade Cargill (w/ Mark Sterling)

Cargill with a quick waistlock into a takedown as the bell rings. Cargill sets up Risk in the corner, but she takes a back elbow. Risk goes up top, but Cargill catches her and hits a fallaway slam. Cargill yells "I'm that b*tch" and hits a pump kick followed up by Jaded for the win.

Winner: Jade Cargill via pinfall

Post-match: Sterling takes the mic. He talks about the sound when you run over a bug on the sidewalk. He says that's the sound you'll hear when Cargill squashes Hirsch like a bug. They say they won't feel bad about Hirsch losing in her hometown. He says he doesn't understand why Hirsch is here because there is a height requirement on the rides. Sterling notes Hirsch has "trouble climbing mountains so meet your Everest Jade Cargill." He says Cargill will beat Hirsch because (Cargill finishes) "I'm that b*tch."


- Hype package with Diamante and Big Swole. Diamante isn't happy about her lose, but Swole notes she already won their Three Strikes Match. Diamante says it's not over between them.

Mysterious Movado vs. Fuego Del Sol

Movado sneak attacks Del Sol to start the match. Del Sol gets off a dropkick and hits a corner spear. He gets his boot up in the corner, elevates off but takes a lariat. Movado enjoys his work as he looks to continue the pressure. Movado slows the pace as he rakes Del Sol's back. Movado hits continues open-hand chops followed up by a sliding dropkick and then a falling senton for a two count. Movado now stretches Del Sol's arms back. Del Sol rising up, but Movado hits a flurry of strikes. Del Sol ducks a kick, hits his own kick and then an enzuigiri. He follows up with a springboard moonsault, kick to the mid-section and then a tornado DDT for the win.


Winner: Fuego Del Sol via pinfall

Khash vs. Shawn Spears

Spears feints a sneak attack. The two lock up as Khash reverses Spears in the corner, and Spears creates some distance to force a break. Spears shows his appreciation towards Khash as he gets off a wristlock. The two go back and forth as Khash catches Spears with a hammerlock. Spears backs into the corner to force a break as he hits a back elbow when Khash releases the hold. Khash reverses Spears in the corner, but he gets sent outside.

Spears going at him right away as he throws him at the guardrail. Spears then slams Khash on the apron. Back in the ring, Spears rocks Khash with knee strikes followed up by another, cover but Spears raises Khash's shoulders. Spears sends a message to Darby Allin saying, "This is for you. History will repeat itself." Spears hits the C4, takes his time for the cover for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears via pinfall

- Hype video with Sonny Kiss where her original goal was to be friends with Joey Janela and win championships. He notes things started to get rocky, and he was blindsided by Janela. Janela says it will be the end not for him but for him. "The bromance is over." Kiss tells Janela that his career is over along with his new partner. Janela says it will only be the beginning.


Jora Johl & TH2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta) (w/Kris Statlander)

Angelico and Yuta with some chain wrestling to start off. Angelico with the early advantage, but Yuta looking to match him as he gets off an arm drag and a flash pin followed up by a dropkick for a one count. Taylor tags in as he and Yuta hit a double suplex. Taylor stunned with a punch as Evans takes in and hits a flurry of strikes. Taylor responds with a flurry of stomps in the corner. Taylor whips Evans into the ropes and hits a back elbow for a two count.

Cassidy tags in, takes off his sunglasses and hits a half-assisted suplex for a two count. Cassidy grabs a chunk of Evans' hair causing Johl and Angelico to run in and knocks everyone down. HFO hit a trio of offense and corner Cassidy cutting the ring in half. Johl working on Cassidy as he mocks Yuta teasing a tag out. Johl mocks Cassidy with his low kicks followed up by a huge front kick for two. Evans tags in and keeps up the pressure.


Evans hits a leaping kick followed up by a standing Phoenix Splash from "Apple Jack" for a two count. Angelico tags in as HFO look to gang up on Cassidy again as Best Friends are knocked off the apron. Evans sent flying out off the handspring attempt. Johl sent outside as Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets to escape Angelico. Yuta drops Angelico, Evans with an enzuigiri and Johl with an Olympic slam. Yuta back drops Evans and sneaks up Angelico with a German suplex, bridge 1-2-no!

Taylor tags in and misses a splash. Yuta dropped outside. Johl tags in as TH2 hit a combo of moves, and Johl finishes with a powerslam, cover, but Cassidy breaks it up at two! The crowd showing their support for Best Friends as Taylor knocks TH2 outside. Yuta hits a rana on Angelico. Johl knocks out Taylor, but Cassidy, the legal man, hits the Orange Punch for the win.

Winners: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta) via pinfall

KiLynn King vs. Leyla Hirsch

King and Hirsch fighting for position on the lock up. Hirsch reverses King in the corner and offers a clean break as she flexes. King flexes as well as we get a pose off. King with the takedown off the lock up, but Hirsch showing off her technical skills. King reverses a takedown attempt into one of her own into a lateral press for a one count. Hirsch applies a hammerlock into a pin for a one count. Hirsch applying a side headlock, but King reverses into one of her own into a takeover.


Hirsch counters into a headscissors, but King reverses a applies a front headtrap. Hirsch reaches the ropes to break the hold. V ducks a lariat and hooks in a side headlock takedown. King trying to escape with a flash pin. King pushes off but gets baited in and sent outside. Hirsch looking for a tope suicida, but King meets her with an elbow strike. King continues the pressure as she hits a suplex for a two count.

King with a front headlock. Hirsch sends King to the corner to break the hold. King reverses Hirsch in the corner sending her face first in the turnbuckle. Hirsch blocks a few suplex attempts and counters into a fisherman pin for a two count. Hirsch escapes a fireman's carry, but King applies a bear hug. Hirsch escapes and hits a forearm smash, and King hits one of her own as they trade strikes back and forth.

King goes for a chop as Hirsch fires in more forearms. King responds with a pumpkick. Hirsch counters Kingdom Fall into a German suplex. She hangs on for another followed up by a double knee strike in the corner. King rolls outside and gets hit with a tope suicida! Hirsch chases King inside and hits a backdrop suplex. Hirsch looking to go for a moonsault, and she hits, cover 1-2-no! King hits a series of strikes and then catches Hirsch and hits a fallaway slam. She hits a high kick, cover 1-2-no! King hits some strikes as he looks for a powerbomb, but Hirsch counters it into a stacked pin for two. Hirsch hits a running knee strike for the win.


Winner: Leyla Hirsch via pinfall

- Post-match: Cargill enters the ring. Hirsch and Cargill go face to face as Hirsch tackles Cargill. They start brawling as a team of refs run in to break them up. Hirsch tries to go at Sterling who's talking trash outside as the crowd chants "let them fight". Cargill sends a warning to Hirsch before their match tomorrow night as Hirsch celebrates her victory.