AEW Dark Results (9/21): FTR, Big Swole, Eddie Kingston And More In Action

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- Cold open with Wardlow. He says he will remind everyone tonight that "this is Wardlow's world."

- Excalibur and Taz welcome us from the "All Elite Zone" in Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

Wardlow vs. JDX

JDX gets some love from the crowd, but Wardlow easily takes him down. JDX gets in his face and throws some strikes, hits an enzuigiri, a super kick, but Wardlow intercepts with a kick. Wardlow follows up with a powerbomb. He looks for another and hits another powerbomb. JDX drags himself back up, but Wardlow picks him up for another powerbomb and another and another. Wardlow signals to the corner and elevates JDX for the KO knee strike for the win.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall

Allie Katch vs. Big Swole

Swole and Katch at a standstill on the first lock up. Katch pushes Swole in the corner and hits a punch off the break. She hits a kick to the back and gets a one count on the cover. Katch with a chinlock and whips Swole down when she tries to escape. Katch tries to bend Swole's arms back, but Katch transitions into a chinlock. Swole escapes, but Katch hits a kick to the mid-section. Swole counters a cross chop with a series of her own. She follows up with a headbutt and then a rolling elbow strike for the win.

Winner: Big Swole via pinfall

Santana and Ortiz vs. Chaos Project (Serpentico & Luther)

Serpentico and Santana start off this tag match. Santana gets off a takedown and tells Serpentico to bring it. Luther barks out instructions to Serpentico as he and Santana go counter for counter. Santana rolls through an arm drag and gets off an enzuigiri. Santana with a big chop as he tags in Ortiz who keeps up with the pressure with an armbar. Ortiz tags back in Santana, and they combine for a neckbreaker / dropkick / moonsault series of moves.

Santana hits another chop and tags in Ortiz. Serpentico flips over a double suplex, but Luther accidently takes him out. Ortiz hits an enzuigiri on Luther, and Santana sends him outside. Santana looked to plancha on the outside but stopped himself. Ortiz looks to tope, but Luther throws Serpentico to cut him off. Chaos Project now have Ortiz isolated in their corner. Luther hammer throws Serpentico onto Ortiz, and he splashes onto them. Serpentico covers for a two count.

Ortiz tries to fight out of the corner, but Serpentico cuts him off and tags in Luther who hits an enzuigiri on him for a two count. Ortiz launches off the corner and hits a tijeras on Luther onto the turnbuckle. He fights off Serpentico and tags in Santana who takes on Chaos Project two on one. Luther sent out with a super kick as he hits a Three Amigos on Serpentico.

Santana looking to go up top, but he rolls through only to get caught by a Serpentico flatliner. Luther tells Serpentico to go up, and he throws him down onto Santana, cover 1-2-no! Luther yelling more instructions. Santana avoids the Luther hammer throw, and Serpentico super kicks Luther. Ortiz tags in, Santana hits a rolling cutter, and the two hit a combo flatliner for the win.

Winners: Santana and Ortiz via pinfall

Joey Janela (w/ Kayla Rossi) vs. Dillon McQueen

Janela with an easy takedown as he celebrates it mocking McQueen. Janela and McQueen now going back and forth trading counters. McQueen gets off a hip toss and mocks Janela. Janela not happy with that as he grabs McQueen's hair on the lock up and rocks him with strikes and stomps in the corner. Janela backs off and sends McQueen face first on the corner turnbuckle. McQueen trying to fight out, but Janela cuts him down and continues the pressure.

Janela tries a senton, but McQueen got the knees up. McQueen ducks strikes and hits a kick to the back of the head and a running shot. Janela baits McQueen outside. He distracts the ref as McQueen goes right to Rossi who drops him on the guardrail. McQueen sent back in for Janela to hit the Death Valley Driver for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela via pinfall

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay & -1) vs. Marina Tucker

Conti and Tucker at a standstill on the lock up. They lock up again, and Tucker sends Conti to the corner and hits a knee strike off the break. Conti rolls up Tucker for one. Tucker catches a thrust kick, but Conti responds with a series of judo throws. Conti keeping wrist control and hits a series of round kicks. Tucker gets out of the way from the final kick rolling outside. Tucker ducks a round kick but can't avoid the second.

Tucker cuts off Conti as she tries to get back in the ring. Tucker looking to build momentum. She hits a snapmare followed up by a sliding clothesline for a two count. Tucker with a few strikes before applying a chokehold. She slams her down for a one count. Tucker applies a headlock, but Conti arm drags to escape. Conti with a flurry of elbows followed up by a series of clotheslines. Tucker going throw Tucker and flattens her. Conti hits a pump kick in the corner followed up by another and one final one. Conti hits the Tay-KO and the DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti via pinfall

Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson (w/ Dustin Rhodes) vs. Luke Curtis and Cameron Stewart

Anderson starting out working on the knee. He hits a knee drop for a one count. Anderson sends his opponent to the corner inviting the tag out. Johnson gets called out and gets tagged in. Johnson trading counters with his opponent as he looks to build momentum. Johnson gets off a shoulder block and then hits a standing moonsault on the back and returns the favor towards Curtis who stepped on his back earlier.

Johnson catches him with a huge dropkick. Johnson follows up with an elbow, but Curtis gets off a back elbow. Curtis prevents a tag out and tags in Stewart. They get a double hip toss for a one count. Johnson fighting out of Stewart's punches. Johnson fights out of a headlock and tags in Anderson, and Curtis tags in. Anderson rocks him with clotheslines. Anderson sends him to the corner and hits a series of shoulders into the corner. Johnson blind tags in, Anderson hits a spinesbuster and Johnson hits a top rope splash for the win.

Winners: Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson via pinfall

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. Stallion Rogers and Anthony Greene

Wheeler and Rogers start off this tag match. Harwood deals with boos outside as Wheeler grabs a hammerlock and applies it on Rogers. Rogers escapes as he transitions his way into a front chancery. Wheeler pushes his way into his corner and tags in Harwood. Rogers backs away, and FTR allow the tag out to Greene. Greene grabs a wristlock, but Harwood counters into a headlock. Greene gets to his feet and pushes off, but he takes consecutive shoulder tackles.

Harwood with a scoop slam, but Greene catches Harwood with arm drags. Harwood escapes to his corner to tag in Wheeler as FTR stand off with Greene. Wheeler applying a wristlock, but Greene counters into one of his own and tags in Rogers who takes a front chancery, but Wheeler powers out into a bodyslam followed up by a back elbow. Wheeler hits an uppercut and tags in Harwood. Rogers reverses a hammer throw and takes down FTR.

Greene gets in the way allowing Harwood and advantage. Harwood baits Rogers to chase him allowing him to catch him with a clothesline. Wheeler tags in and stomps on Rogers' chest. Hammer throw to the corner followed up by a diving back elbow and then a split stomp. Wheeler then hits a knee drop for a one count. FTR now cutting the ring in half on Rogers. Rogers with a sleeper hold, but Wheeler blind tags in and gets the assist on the sunset flip for a two count.

Hammer throw to the corner but Rogers avoids the diving back elbow this time. Harwood tags in, but Rogers blocks a snap suplex. Harwood hits an elbow strike, but Rogers avoids a suplex, and Harwood and Rogers' heads collide. Greene tags in and takes on FTR with a flurry of strikes. Jawbreaker / neckbreaker on Wheeler. He hits chops on FTR, stacks them in the corner and hits another chop. He follows up with a bulldog and then a corkscrew crossbody on FTR. Rogers with a dive on Wheeler. Greene with a victory roll 1-2-no!

Rogers tags in. They look to set something up, but Wheeler cuts off Greene, and Harwood rolls up Rogers for two. Rogers rolls up for two. Harwood with a powerbomb, jackknife cover but Rogers reverses it 1-2-no! Greene sweeps up Harwood who tagged out. Wheeler rolled up for two. Harwood with a brainbuster on Greene. Rogers tope suicida on Harwood, but Wheeler hits a backbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) via pinfall

The Bunny (w/ The Butcher & The Blade) vs. Xtina Kay

Kay and Bunny trade wristlocks to start off. Bunny with a knee lift and then takes Kay down by her hair. Kay avoids Bunny in the corner and drivers her shoulder on her in the corner. Bunny catches Kay with a clothesline. She then viscously stomps Kay and drives her boot on her in the corner. Bunny sizing up Kay as she keeps up the pressure on her. Irish whip to the corner as Bunny hits a knee strike followed up by a running knee lift. She hits a sliding elbow in the corner. Bunny then takes Kay Down The Rabbit Hole for the win.

Winner: The Bunny via pinfall

Lance Archer vs. Marcus Kross

Kross tries to warm up in the corner, but Archer knocks him off the apron. He drags Kross back in to start the match. Kross flips over a chokeslam and hits a springboard elbow, dropkick, going up top but Archer hits a big punch followed up by a pounce. Archer sizes up Kross and crushes him in the corner and throws him across the ring. Kross tries to fight back, but Archer is still standing and hits an elbow strike followed up by a chokeslam. Archer sets up Kross in the corner for the Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer via pinfall

The Wingmen (Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon) (w/ Ceazar Bononi & JD Drake) vs. Dark Order (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) (w/ Alan "5" Angels, 10 & -1)

Reynolds and Avalon start off this tag match as the crowd shows support for Silver. Bononi distracts Reynolds as Silver is dragged down. Reynolds fights off The Wingmen. Dark Order with a double hip toss. Silver then biels Avalon across. He then press slams him onto the ropes and hits an uppercut for a two count. Avalon with a jawbreaker to escape as Nemeth tags in, but they get taken out with a double clothesline.

Silver tries a feat of strength, but The Wingmen cut him off. They start cutting the ring in half on Silver. Nemeth with some takedown slams as he shakes his hips. That allows an opening for Silver, but Nemeth fights him and tags in Avalon. Avalon trying to keep up the pressure, but Silver fights out of a suplex. Nemeth cuts him off, but Silver suplexes both members of The Wingmen!

Reynolds tags in and hits a series of clotheslines on The Wingmen. Reynolds hits an elbow strike on Avalon and then a rolling elbow on Nemeth followed up by a cravat suplex. Reynolds hits a rising knee strike on Avalon, cover, but Nemeth makes the save. Pendulum DDT on Reynolds from Nemeth.

Nemeth gouges Silver's eyes. He looks for a double move on Dark Order, but they reverse and drop Nemeth on his head. Avalon looking to take on Dark order on his own, but Dark Order hit a combo of moves ending with a Silver German suplex and a Reynolds jackknife cover for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) via pinfall

Daniel Garcia (w/ 2point0) vs. Alan "5" Angels

The crowd showing support for Angels as Garcia and Angels trade counters to gain position. Garcia reverses Angels to the corner and gives Angels a clean break. Angels ducks a chop as they trade lateral presses and counters as they pace quickens. Garcia with a head scissors to slow things down. Garcia mocks Dark Order as Angels can't escape. Angels does find a way to escape and chops Garcia's back.

They start trading chops. Garcia with a kick the mid-section to cut off the exchange. Angels catches Garcia with a dropkick as Garcia rolls outside to recover. Angels tries for a tope sucida, but Garcia cuts him off with an elbow strike. Garcia keeping up the pressure on the outside while working the 10-count. Angels reverses Garcia's suplex with one of his own. Angels goes to stage and dives onto Garcia and 2point0!

Angels sends Garcia back in the ring. 2point0 grab onto Angels' ankles allowing Garcia to hit a knee strike. Garcia now hits a series of stomps on the ropes. Garcia hits an uppercut for a two count. Garcia now applying a chinlock. He hits a knee to the back for a two count. Garcia keeping up the pressure as he hits a dropkick to the back of Angels' head for a two count. Garcia with an Irish whip as he mocks Dark Order before hitting a chop.

Garcia maintains wrist control and kicks Angels in the face. Angels tries for a sunset flip and works his way there for a two count. Angels hits a series of forearms as both men collide with crossbodies. Both back up as they trade strikes back and forth. Angels with a big clothesline as he goes for another followed up by an enzuigiri. Garcia gets a boot up in the corner, but Angels catches him with a Spanish Fly 1-2-no!

Angels going up top. He lands on his feet as Garcia avoids the frog splash. Garcia hits a shotgun dropkick sending Angels to the corner, cover but only a two count. Angels with some upkicks followed up by a dropkick and then a flatliner into a Koji Clutch. Garcia trying to roll his way out and escapes and hammer blows Angels. Angels catches Garcia with another Koji Clutch, but 2point0 assist in helping him escape. Garcia taps out Angels with a Scorpion Deathlock.

Winner: Daniel Garcia via submission

The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto) vs. Darian Bengston, Cole Karter and Sean Maluta

Solo and Bengston start off this trios match as Solo gains control early on. Solo with a corkscrew kick as he allows a tag out, and Karter tags in, but Solo catches him with a kick. Comoroto tags in and turns Karter inside out. Karter with an elbow, but Comoroto absorbs then. Karter with a boot and then a running knee, but Comoroto hits a big clothesline. Marshall tags in as the crowd chants "QT sucks". Marshall lays in stomps in the corner.

Solo tags himself in and then tags in Comoroto. Comoroto whips Solo onto Karter, and Solo sets up Comoroto for the neckbreaker. Comoroto throws Karter to the corner and allows Maluta to tag in. Maluta with a double hand chop, but Comoroto unfazed both times. Maluta hits a thrust kick. Comoroto catches a Yakuza Kick and hits a chokeslam bomb and wipes out his opponents in the corner. Solo tags in as Comoroto hits a backbreaker, and Solo hits a diving stomp. Marshall blind tagged in and wins the match with a Diamond Cutter.

Winner: The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto) via pinfall

Colt Cabana (w/ Evil Uno & -1) vs. JD Drake (w/ The Wingmen)

Drake sends Cabana in the corner, but Evil Uno has Cabana's back. Cabana does the same to Drake, and The Wingmen come to Cabana's aid. Drake wants a Greco-Roman kucklelock. They go back and forth as Cabana widens Drake to trip him up and catch him with an arm capture. Drake with a right hand as they collide on a shoulder block. They trade chops as they fight for shoulder blocks. Cabana sent outside as The Wingmen assist Drake in blindsiding Cabana. The Wingmen back off after confronted by -1 and Evil Uno.

Drake keeping up the pressure in the ring. Drake with a Manhattan Drop, scoop slam, headbutt for a two count. Drake applying a side headlock. Cabana trying to fight out, but Drake hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Cabana and Drake trade punches. Cabana showing some power as he and Drake go back to trading strikes. Drake with a series of elbows, but Cabana avoids Drake in the corner and hits a shoulder tackle.

Cabana slow to recover and can't follow. Cabana ducks a punch and goes for his Boom Boom Drop and hits it. Drake still standing though, but a third high elbow connects for a two count. Cabana hits a Flying Apple, but Drake cuts off the scoop slam. Cabana manages to get it off for a two count. Cabana sets up Drake up top in the corner. Drake cuts him off and hits a cannonball senton for a two count. Drake looking to go up top for a moonsault. Cabana avoids it and hits a moonsault of his own for the win.

Winner: Colt Cabana via pinfall

Eddie Kingston vs. Bear Bronson (w/ Bear Boulder)

Crowd showing their support for Kingston as he locks up with Bronson. They match each other for power as Bronson tells him to bring it. Kingston tries a few shoulder tackles but no success. He hits some low dropkicks knocking Bronson down. Kingston hits machine gun chops in the corner. He follows up with another chop on the middle rope. Bronson blocks an Irish whip and hits a forearm followed up by an overhead throw.

Kingston rolls outside, and Bronson hits a tope suicida! Bronson yells, "Bears rule the world!" Back in the ring, Bronson keeping up the pressure on Kingston. Bronson and Kingston trade strikes. Bronson flattens Kingston with a senton on the sunset flip attempt for a two count. Bronson working Kingston on the middle rope, but Kingston bites his hand! Bronson pressure Kingston in the corner. Kingston avoids a splash as does Bronson, but Kingston with a trip slam for a double down.

Both men down as the match turns into a slug fest. Kingston fires in chops followed up by an enzuigiri. Kingston hits a high boot, but Bronson with a Boss Man Slam in response, cover 1-2-no! Kingston lays in the corner, and Bronson hits a cannonball senton. Bronson hits a huge clothesline, cover 1-2-no! Bronson in disbelief.

Bronson talking trash, but Kingston counters a rolling elbow with a back drop suplex. Bronson hits one of his own, but Kingston springs back up to hit another. Kingston trying to recover as he looks for a DDT, but Bronson hangs onto the ropes. Kingston avoids a bodyslam and hits two spinning back fists for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston via pinfall

- Post-match: Kingston grabs a mic. He gives Bronson his props talking about how much pain he's in. Kingston thanks the crowd. He tells the hard cam to stay on him. Kingston calls out Suzuki-gun, Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer. "You guys may be ichiban, but in New York, me and Mox, we're number one." Archer comes in and attacks Kingston! The two start brawling around the ring as the refs try to break it up. Excalibur hypes up Grand Slam week as the Archer and Kingston continue to brawl.