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– Show starts with highlights from All Out.

– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to this week’s episode of AEW Dark at the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL. The 3 Strikes Match will main event tonight’s show as we go straight away to our first match of the night.

Jason Hotch vs. Lance Archer

Hotch runs out from the entrance tunnel with Archer on his tail. Hotch tries to catch Archer by surprise but fails. Hotch tries a chop, but Archer is unfazed and knocks Hotch down. Archer hits a Hellacoaster followed up by a release German suplex. Archer hits a back elbow in the corner and continues to rain in more running back elbows. Archer sets up Hotch up top for the Blackout for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer via pinfall

Laynie Luck vs. The Bunny (w/ Penelope Ford)

The crowd starts to get behind Luck. Ford distracts Luck allowing Bunny to blindside her. Bunny hitting a flurry of stomps in the corner. The ref backs Bunny off allowing Ford to get some extra shots in. Bunny hits a sliding elbow and hits a few chops onb the middle rope. Luck catches Bunny in a few roll ups for two. Luck fires in forearms, but Bunny cuts off Luck with a lariat. Bunny smothers Luck’s face on the mat. Bunny grabs the hair, rakes the back and hits a running knee to the head. Bunny skips around the ring and takes Luck Down The Rabbit Hole for the win.

Winner: The Bunny via pinfall

Evil Uno (w/ Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana) vs. Alan “5” Angels (w/ John Silver & Preston “10” Vance)

Uno offers his hand to Angels. Angels shakes his hand, but Uno rolls him up for two. Angels hits a dropkick, hits a forearm and sends Uno to the ropes. Uno rolls outside and expresses regret while Grayson and Cabana give words of encouragement. Uno goes back to the ring and sends Angels to the corner on the lock up. He chops Angels and hammer throws him across. Uno absorbs a shoulder tackle and hits one of his own.

Angels catches Uno with a leg lariat. He gets sent over the top and hits a Gamengiri as a “please don’t fight” chant breaks out. Angels hits a top rope crossbody for two. Angels lays in punches in the corner. Uno sweeps Angels legs and boots him outside as the outsider Dark Order members check on him. Uno sends Angels back in as he continues to express regret. Uno chops Angels as the crowd chants “please don’t fight” again. Angels catches Uno with a sunset flip pin for two.

Uno hits a big elbow strike and goes after Angels’ mask. Uno regrets it as he lays in a right hand. Angels tells Uno to bring it as Uno chops him. Angels tells Uno to bring it again as Uno hits another big chop, but Angels rises to his feet. Angels with a double-leg takedown as he lays in punches. Angels hits an enzuigiri. Angels eats an elbow strike, but he gets off a DDT for two. Uno looking for Something Evil, but Angels counters into a Koij Clutch.

Uno reaches the ropes and rolls outside. Angels hits a moonsault off the middle turnbuckle! Angels rolls Uno back inside, but Uno rolls back to the other side. Angels in pursuit, but Cabana and Grayson get in his way. Uno hits a high kick and sends Angels to the steel steps as 10 and Silver confront Grayson. Uno hits Something Evil for the win.

Winner: Evil Uno via pinfall

– The Acclaimed come out as Max Caster reads a rap from a piece of paper that was “approved by AEW management”. Anthony Bowens grabs the mic and cuts off Caster and tells production to cut the music. Bowens talks about how they’re scripted now, and Bowens reads off a line where he puts over Rhodes to the Top. Bowens asks what they do, and Caster rips the paper and Bowens tells production to turn the music back on. Caster freestyles.

Robert Anthony & Capt. Shawn Dean vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens)

The bell rings, and The Acclaimed go at their opponents right away. Bowens and Anthony are in the ring as Bowens gets going early with a combo of strikes and a thrust kick. Bowens catches Dean and flattens him. The crowd wants Caster to tag, and Bowens tags in Caster. Caster hits a Mic Drop off the Bowens side slam / elbow drop combo for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) via pinfall

Lee Moriarty vs. Joey Janela (w/ unnamed female manager)

Moriarty sends Janela to the corner off the lock up. He offers a clean break, but Janela catches him by surprise. Moriarty leaps out of the corner for an arm drag. He misses a PK, but he maintains control as he catches Janela with a crossbody for two. Moriarty and Janela on the apron as he stuns Moriarty with an elbow and a punch. Moriarty with a hammerlock as he drops Janela on his arm. Moriarty goes back inside the ring and tries for a tope suicida, but Janela catches him with an elbow!

Janela pins Moriarty in the ring, but he only gets a one count. Janela lights up Moriarty with kicks. Moriarty revereses a whip and goes over the top and drags Janela’s arm on the ropes. Janela applies a cravat on the ropes. Janela forced into a break allowing the unnamed woman to drag Moriarty down and whip him to the guardrail. Janela pins Moriarty inside for a two count. Janela applying a body scissors, but Moriarty breaks free.

Janela in control however as he hits a big chop. Janela with a hammer throw, but Moriarty trips up Janela crashing into the turnbuckle. Moriarty drags Janela’s arm and spikes Janela’s head in the process. Moriarty hits a Gamengiri in the corner followed up by a double foot stomp, cover 1-2-no! Moriarty sizes up Janela as he goes up top. Janela cuts him off and meets him up top as the crowd gets behind Moriarty. Janela looking for a superplex, and he gets it!

Moriarty rolls outside. Janela comes in with a tope suicida! Moriarty sent back in the ring, but Janela taking too much time gloating allowing Moriarty to hit his own tope suicida! Moriarty and Janela trade strikes back and forth. Janela catches Moriarty with a thrust kick, but Moriarty responds with an enzuigiri. Janela counters a ripcord attempt into a German suplex. Moriarty whips Janela into the ropes and hits an uppercut.

He trips up Janela and kicks his arm, but Janela responds with a lariat into a piledriver, cover 1-2-no! Janela calling for the end as he goes for a DVD, but Moriarty counters driving Janela’s injured arm down. Moriarty hits a hammerlock lariat, cover 1-2-no! Moriarty transitions into a crossface. Janela reaching for the ropes, and the unnamed woman grabs Janela’s leg and places it on the ropes breaking the hold. Moriarty stares her down allowing Janela to roll up Moriarty. He pulls the tights, but Moriarty kicks out. Janela hits a Death Valley Driver for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela via pinfall

– Post-match: Sonny Kiss runs in and attacks Janela! The unnamed woman makes the save for Janela.

Travis Titan & Rickey Shane Page vs. Colt Cabana & Stu Grayson (w/ Evil Uno)

The crowd starts a “Colt Cabana” chant. Cabana puts his hand out for a tag. RSP cuts off the tag, but Grayson responds with a jumping lariat. The ref holds back Cabana allowing Titan to assist RSP. Titan tags in and continues the pressure on Grayson. The crowd chants “Colt Cabana” again as RSP tags in continues to cut the ring in half. Titan and RSP hitting stereo stomps. Both men are held back as Grayson ducks a double lariat and hits a Pele kick on both opponents. Cabana tags in and hits a series of chops and goes his Boom Boom Drop finishing it on Titan. He hits a springboard moonsault on RSP. Titan hit with a Flying Apple as Grayson blind tags in and hits a guioltten leg drop combo with Cabana. Cabana tags as Cabana and Grayson hit the Chicago Skyline and Nightfall for the win.

Winners: Colt Cabana & Stu Grayson via pinfall

– A vignette plays ahead of Big Swole and Diamante’s 3 Strikes match explaining the rules. The first fall is decided via pinfall, the second via submission and the third via KO.

3 Strikes Match: Diamante vs. Big Swole

Swole starts out with a pump kick. Swole keeping the pressure, but Diamante catches a hip toss and transitions into a casadora roll up for two. Swole with a combo of strikes into a flatliner for two. Swole hits a series of stomps followed up by a chop. Diamante counters the hammer throw and catches Swole with a knee lift. Diamante fires in forearms and hits a big chop. Swole with a cross chop followed up by another and then a headbutt. Swole sets up Diamante for a Tiger Thunder Bomb. The ref checks on Diamante to see if she’s knocked out. Swole with a near fall. Diamante counters Dirty Dancing with a roll up, and she grabs the tights for the first strike.

Diamante wins the first strike via pinfall

Diamante keeps things going as she looks for a quick KO. Swole still showing some fight, but Diamante currently in control. Diamante hits a running dropkick in the corner for a two count. Swole trying to fight out of a submission, but Diamante applying a body lock into an armbar. Swole reaches the ropes to break the hold. Diamante hits a few clubbing blows as she applies a headlock. The crowd starts to get behind Swole, but Diamante applies a nerve hold. Diamante continues to put pressure on Swole with hammer strikes as she applies a half straight jacket. Swole transitions into an ankle lock, and Diamante quickly taps out.

Big Swole wins the second strike via submission

The next strike must be won via KO, and there are no DQs, so Diamante tries to hit Swole with a kendo stick. Swole dodges and grabs the kendo stick and wacks Diamante with it. Diamante counters another strike into a rana. Diamante throws Swole into the barricade. The crowd chants for both wrestlers as Diamante produces a chain and wraps it around her fist. Swole covers her face, and Diamante hits a big body shot.

Diamante whips the chain at Swole’s back. Diamante with a few boots as she continues to attack Swole with the chain. Swole trying to fire up as she kicks the chain off Diamante’s hand. They both go at it. Swole hits a headbutt as the chain is dropped. Diamante rolls outside. Swole grabs the chain and wraps it around her fist. Diamante hits a back elbow and pushes Swole into the ring post. Diamante sends Swole back inside. Diamante grabs handcuffs from under the ring. Diamante looking to cuff Swole as Swole tries to fight out. Swole brings out her own chain from her trunks, and she hits Dirty Dancing and knocks out Diamante for the win!

Big Swole wins the 3 Strikes Match via KO.