AEW Dark Results: Ricky Starks Vs. Darius Lockhart, Dark Order In Action

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- Santana Garrett is backstage with Alex Marvez. Garrett makes a comment at how Universal Studios looks familar. She says she wants to honor her father's legacy. Diamante interrupts and says she smells "fresh meat." Diamante challenges Garrett to a match next week. Garrett accepts, and they start brawling, until it's broken up.

- Excalibur and Taz welcome us to AEW Dark from Universal Studio in Orlando, FL.

Thunder Rosa vs. Nikita Knight

Rosa with a side headlock takedown to start. Knight reverses and tries to transition into a Boston crab and then a single-leg crab, but Rosa escapes. Knight keeping up the pressure, but Rosa isn't having it as she responds with a series of arm drags and then a dropkick. Rosa takes Knight to the corner and lights her up with a chop. Knight with a knee to the mid-section to cut off Rosa and hits Rosa with forearms in the corner and drags her to the adjacent corner.


Rosa avoids a knee strike and goes back to the chops. She then follows up with forearms and drops Knight in the corner setting her up for a corner dropkick. Rosa drags Knight to the center of the ring for the cover but only a two count. Knight avoids the Fire Thunder Driver and hits a series of elbow strikes, but Rosa catches Knight with a Russian leg sweep and transitions into a Peruvian necktie and taps out Knight.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via submission

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. Carlie Bravo and JDX

Quen starts off with a shoulder tackle on JDX, but JDX responds with a hip toss. Kassidy gives a quick pep talk to Quen. JDX takes his eyes off Quen allowing Quen to take control. JDX fights off Private Party after the Kassidy tag. Bravo tags in as Bravo and JDX hit chops on each Private Party member in the corner. Quen is thrown out as Kassidy is hit with a dropkick, Bravo covers but only a two count.

JDX tags in and hits a top rope double axehandle. Quen grabs JDX's feet from the outside and hits a basement dropkick freeing Kassidy from the fireman's carry. Quen tags in, and Kassidy throws out JDX. Quen works on JDX on the outside. Back in the ring, Quen hits a stomp and tags in Kassidy. Private Party hit a combination of strikes finishing up with a stomp. Quen tags in and keeps up the pressure.


JDX catches Quen with a powerslam. Kassidy tags in, but JDX finds an opening to tag in Bravo. Bravo with a flurry of strikes finishing off with a pump kick. Kassidy with a jawbreaker. Quen blind tags in and hits a springboard splash. JDX dropped from the apron as Private Party hit Gin & Juice for the win.

Winners: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) via pinfall

Kiera Hogan vs. Leila Grey

Hogan starts out with a side headlock takedown as Grey counters into a head scissors. Hogan escapes but eats a knee lift into a side headlock. Grey hits a shoulder tackle off the push up. Hogan leap frogs Grey and hits a dropkick. Grey hits an elbow but misses a pump kick, avoids the Polish hammer and hits a kick. Grey hits a snap suplex for a two count. Grey and Hogan trade elbow strikes. Hogan ducks a lariat and hits a series of Polish hammers. Hogan sends Grey to the corner and hits a shotgun dropkick. Hogan going around and hits a sliding dropkick. Hogan sizing up Grey as she hits a high round kick for the win.


Winner: Kiera Hogan via pinfall

10 (w/ Alan "5" Angels, John Silver, Alex Reynolds & -1) vs. Brandon Gore

Gore and 10 at a standstill on shoulder blocks. 10 with a leap frog and then knocks Gore down with a shoulder block. 10 absorbs chops and tells Gore to run the ropes as he knocks him down with a cross chop and then a back suplex. He hits a lariat in the corner and hammer throws him across. Gore counters 10 in the corner and hits a series of strikes.

10 bounces off the corner and hits a series of lariats. He then sets up Gore for a pump kick in the corner. Gore with a kick to the mid-section, but he runs into a spinebuster. Gore collapses on the powerbomb attempt. Gore pushes off and charges in but runs into a pop-up powerbomb. 10 taps out Gore with the full nelson.

Winner: 10 via submission

Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaoude vs. Jake St. Patrick and Ryzin

Bononi working on Ryzin right away as Jaoude tags in and shows some team work with Bononi. Ryzin escapes Jaoude and tags in St. Patrick. Jaoude with an arm drag as he tells St. Patrick to bring it. Jaoude takes him down and applies wrist control as he whips him across. St. Patrick fights out of the corner, but Jaoude hits multiple body shots and a knee lift. Bononi stops Ryzin from interfering with a chokeslam. Bononi tags in and pump handles St. Patrick across the ring. Jaoude and Bononi showing their team work as Bononi finishes off Ryzin to pick up the win.


Winners: Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaoude via pinfall

- Archer cuts off the introduction by coming out of the entrance tunnel with Singh and just tosses him off the entrance platform. Singh is still outside, and Archer goes at him after doing his entrance. Archer hits a chop as Singh tries to get away. Archer says we're all having a good time as he hits Singh with a right hand and then a bodyslam on the floor.

Archer hits a series chop and then Archer chokeslams him on the apron and says that we're all having a good time again. Archer then slams Singh on the entrance platform. Singh avoids a boot, and Archer still feeling the effects of the boot on the platform. Singh tries to take advantage, but Archer sends Singh back with one hand and hits a springboard cannonball, which technically starts the match with as the bell rings.


Lance Archer vs. Arjun Singh

Archer sets up Singh on the top rope for a Blackout with the win.

Winner: Lance Archer via pinfall

Ricky Starks (w/ Hook) vs. Darius Lockhart

Starks puts his hand out for a handshake. Lockhart obliges, but Starks takes his hand away. The two lock up as they trade wristlocks. Starks transitions into a side headlock and goes back to the wristlock. Lockhart going around and transitions into a top wristlock. Lockhart now with a hammerlock and wrenches Starks' arm and bridges into a pin for a two count. Starks kicks out, but Lockhart still maintains a hammerlock.

Starks escapes and slaps Lockhart to the corner. Starks pressuring Lockhart in the corner. Lockhart with a back elbow and then another off the middle rope, cover but only a one count. Lockhart now applying an arm lock. Starks smothers Lockhart into the ropes and hits a body shot and then a hammer shot. Lockhart and Starks fighting for position, but Starks finds an opening and hits a series of stomps.

Starks sends Lockhart outside and follows him out. Starks throws Lockhart to the guardrail and runs him through the apron and throws him at another guardrail. Starks lights up Lockhart with a chop and sends him back in the ring. Starks going up top as the crowd chants "let's go Ricky" and "Ricky sucks." Starks takes in the chants, and Lockhart takes advantage, but Starks reverses sending Lockhart down.


Starks hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Starks with a bodyslam, but he misses a dropkick. Lockhart and Starks trade strikes. Lockhart catches a kick and transitions into a backslide pin for two. Lockhart with a roll up for two. Starks catches Lockhart with a jawbreaker into a running dropkick for two. Starks takes in the dueling chants. Lockhart hits an elbow strikes and avoids a corner splash.

Lockhart hits a series of cross chops and then a splash, cover 1-2-no! Lockhart feeding odd the crowd as he's sent on the apron. He hits a back elbow and goes up top and hits a high crossbody, deep cover 1-2-no! Lockhart with a series of hammer throws into uppercuts. Starks and Lockhart trade roll ups, but they each kick out. Starks catches Lockhart with s huge spear for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks via pinfall

Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) (w/ Colt Cabana) vs. Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray


Grayson starts out fast going at Gray. Uno tags in and whips Grayson into Gray and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Uno bites Gray's hand! Dark Order cutting the ring in half as they hit a combo pinning elbow drop. Alanis breaks up the cover. Gray avoids Grayson in the corner, and Alanis drops Grayson as he tags in.

Grayson takes in a flurry of stomps. The crowd chants, "We want Uno" as Grayson is trapped in the opposing corner. Alanis drops Uno, but Grayson drops Gray with an overhead belly-to-belly and hits a double Pele kick and then an Uranage. Uno tags in as Dark Order hit a PK / piledriver combo for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) via pinfall

Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blonds) vs. Reka Tehaka

Hart starts off the match with a side headlock takeover. Tehaka escapes and knocks Hart down with a shoulder tackle. Hart using her agility and goes back with her own shoulder tackle, and she follows up with a hip toss and then a dropkick. Hart tries a moonsault knee drop, but Tehaka avoids it. Hart hits a high back kick and then a standing moonsault for a two count, Varsity Blonds start a "J-U-L-I-A" chant, but Tehaka rocks Hart with a headbutt.


Tehaka lights up Hart in the corner with body shots. Hart halts her tracks in the corner and hits a back elbow and then a series of lariats. Hart with a hammer throw into a lariat. Hart drops Tehaka and goes up top. She hits a diving body press and opts to not cover. Hart hits a handspring lariat and then a back elbow into a split-legged bulldog for the win.

Winner: Julia Hart via pinfall

Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder) vs. Jameson Ryan and Brick Aldridge

The tag teams brawl in the center of the ring. Bear Country hit stereo lariats. Bronson and Ryan start off this tag match as Bronson lays in heavy shots. Boulder tags in and gets whipped into Ryan as Bronson hits a back elbow. Boulder hits a big time splash. Bronson tags in and hits a body shot. Ryan escapes a press slam and tags in Aldridge. Aldridge and Ryan combine to slam Bronson for a two count.

Aldridge and Ryan keep Bronson in the corner keeping up the pressure. Bronson gets an elbow and a boot up and hits a crossbody on both men. Boulder tags in and drops both men. Boulder bodyslams them both. Boulder sets up Ryan for a second-rope moonsault but misses. Aldridge hits a belly-to-belly for a two count. Ryan tags in, but Boulder bodyslams Aldridge and picks up Ryan from up top and stacks him on top of Aldridge. Boulder sets up the two men on top of each other in the corner. Bronson tags in and hits a cannonball on both of them. Bronson drags Ryan in for the cover for the win.


Winners: Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder) via pinfall

Matt Sydal and Dante Martin vs. The Factory (QT Marshall and Aaron Solo) (w/ Nick Comoroto)

Sydal and Solo start off our tag team main event with some trash talking. A "QT sucks" chant breaks up as Solo and Sydal trade counters and reversals as a "Solo sucks" chant breaks out. Sydal with early control as he gets off a crucifix pin for a two count. Martin tags in. They double leapfrog and hit stereo dropkicks for a two count. Solo grabs the hair and sends Martin to his corner as Marshall tags in.

The crowd chants "QT sucks" as Marshall takes down Martin and applies a headlock. Marshall with a shoulder blocks, but Martin uses his speed to catches Marshall with a tijeras. Martin hits a big kick off the corner, and Solo distracts Martin and hits a lariat as Marshall distracts the ref. The Factory pressure Martin in their corner. Martin escapes the corner and tags in Sydal. Sydal drops Marshall and hits back heel kick on Solo. Sydal hits a fisherman's buster for a two count.


Sydal says he wants some payback, as Solo hits a knee lift and calls in Marshall. Sydal catches the two of them with a jawbreaker and a slice. Sydal with a twisting splash, cover, but Marshall breaks it up. Solo drags Sydal to his corner and tags in Marshall who stomps on Sydal. Marshall smothers Sydal on the middle rope. The ref breaks it up as Solo gets some extra shots in. Marsall hits a backbreaker for a two count.

The Factory cutting the ring in half on Sydal, but Sydal hits a chopping kick. Solo slows him down taking him down by his hair. Solo working on Sydal in the corner, but Sydal catches Solo with rana with Solo on the middle rope. Marshall tags in and cuts off the tag. Sydal flips off a suplex for a rana! Martin tags in and hits a series of dropkicks. He catches a kick and hits another dropkick. Solo dropped from the apron.

Martin elevates off Marshall for one more dropkick sending Marshall outside. Martin hits a tope suicida, and Sydal hits a Meteora on Solo! Martin tells Sydal to go to the stage. They head to the stage and hit stereo moonsaults on The Factory! Marshall back in the ring as Martin goes over the rope. Solo cuts off the springboard and hits a corkscrew kick.


Marshall hits a powerbomb, cover 1-2-no! Solo tags in, but Martin escapes Solo and hits a leaping Stunner. Sydal and Martin hit a combination of strikes on Marshall, and Marshall is sent off with a Lightning Spiral. Martin wins with the double springboard moonsault.

Winners: Matt Sydal and Dante Martin via pinfall