AEW Dynamite Results: Bryan Danielson Addresses Kenny Omega, Adam Cole In Action

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- CM Punk heads out first to join commentary for tonight's show. Punk points to a bunch of fans for a stage dive and makes the leap from the stage into them. Punk does a lap around the ring and gives a fan (dressed as Dusty Rdhoes) a bionic elbow bump and hug. He then heads back up to commentary.

Adam Cole vs. Frankie Kazarian

This is Cole's AEW in-ring debut. Kazarian drops Cole with a shoulder block, drop toe hold into a side headlock. Cole ends up lift and sending Cole from the ring down to the mat, catching the apron on the way down. Cole whips him into the edge of the ring. He gets back in the ring and bows to the crowd, who are cheering him thus far. Kazarian on the apron, punch to the face, leg lariat, flips in, but gets caught with a boo to the face.

Cole with a reverse chinlock, Kazarian breaks free and chops away. Kazarian drops down with a roll-up for two, then goes right into submission, stretching out Cole's arms. Cole with upkicks to the face to get out of that. Cole catches Kazarian, kneebreaker over the back of the head, pin, two-count. German suplex with the bridge on Cole, two. Punk talks about how he wants to (and will) face Cole in the future. Cole catches Kazarian with a superkick, cover, two.

Cole up to the second rope, looks for panama sunrise, Kazarian catches him, spinebuster on Cole, springboard leg drop, cover, two. Back and forth shots. "This is awesome" from the crowd. Cole avoids a leg drop, he hits panama sunrise, hits the shot to the back of the head, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Adam Cole via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cole gets on the mic. He says hope can be a dangerous thing. He says since being he three people have already gotten under his skin: Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy. He says if they are so tough, next week's Rampage about those three vs. himself and The Young Bucks in a six-man tag match.

- The Butcher and The Blade vs. AEW World Tag Team Champions Lucha Brothers on this Friday's Rampage.

- Backstage Fuego del Sol shows off his new car he's picked up since signing with AEW. Sol then decides to put up his car to get another shot at AEW TNT Champion Miro on this Friday's Rampage.

- MJF (with Wardlow) out to the ring to big boos. MJF says fans were so sympathetic last week to "Cryin' Brian." Now, he stands in the armpit of American, New Jersey. MJF rips on the state a bit more. Crowd with a "Shut the f*** up" chant. MJF says, "no." MJF says he'd like to have a conversation with the late, great Brian Pillman. He looks up to the skies, and then says "Oh, who am I kidding?" He then looks down and says, "Hey, Pillman, we have to talk!" Big boos from the crowd. He says Pillman Jr. is the worst second generation wrestler and wants him to tell Pillman Jr. if he shows up in Queens, he's getting taken out. Ultimately, Pillman will find out "I'm better than you and you..." Pillman Jr.'s music plays so MJF sends Wardlow up the ramp to meet him there. Pillman runs from the other side and nearly uses a chair on him. Wardlow back in to stop him. Pillman with a swing to Wardlow, who then charges him, but Pillman goes low bridge to get rid of him. MJF and Wardlow bark at him as they circle the ring.

- Earlier today, Jim Ross talks with Pillman Jr. about being worried about Pillman last week. He felt embarrassed for what happened to him. "Are you going to whoop MJF's ass? Because that's what it's going to take." Pillman says last week he felt like he let down his dad. He tells MJF they are not the same, and he has never been in the ring with a guy like him. He may look a certain way, but he had a feral upbringing and plans on taking out MJF.

- Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Jurassic Express and Jungle Boy. JB says there's been a whole lot of fuss between the two groups. He goes to talk, but Christian Cage says he actually has good friends who saved him from developmental (shot at NXT). He continues that Adam Cole knows what it's like to lose the Wednesday Night Wards, and now it will be on Fridays.

FTR with Tully Blanchard vs. Dante Martin and Matt Sydal

Double dropkick on Harwood, cover, barely a one count. Harwood with a big kick on Martin. He ends up going to the apron, looks for a springboard, but Wheeler with a kick that sends him flying down to the floor. Lots of back and forth action with Sydal getting the best of FTR. He gets them out to the floor, looks to fly, but they move. Sydal then assists Martin as they both splash down on Harwood and Wheeler.

Back in the ring, Martin with the blind tag, huge springboard dropkick on FTR. Flurry of kicks and dropkicks on FTR. Wheeler sneaks in for a pin with the tights two. Martin with a pin for two. Both struggling for position now as Harwood tags in, Martin vaults off Dax's chest, big sunset flip, but blocked with Wheeler's help. Double pin attempts for two. Martin tries to use his agility to avoid both guys, but ends up taking big rig, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

- Commentary talks about "The Suzuki Incident" on last week's show. Punk takes the lead on what happend about Suzuki feeling insulted that his entrance was cut short last week.

- Lance Archer and Minoru Suzuki talk about Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Archer talks about how they are Suzuki-gun members from NJPW and plan on showing them two of them what strong style is all about. He challenges them to a tag match at next week's Grand Slam show.

- Back to the ring, lights go out and back on. Malakai Black's music plays with him sitting on the stage. He makes his way to the ring. He says they have evil in their midst. The camera then zooms over to actress Rosario Dawson (actress and judge on TBS' Go-Big Show) wearing a Nightmare Family jacket. She comes to ringside and actually stands up to Black. Cody Rhodes makes his way down through the stands as Black looks on. She jumps on Black's back! She eventually shrugs her off as Rhodes gets there and they begin brawling. The two make their way up through the stands throwing punches at each other. Rhodes with a big shot to Black. He then takes a person's drink and smashes it against Black as they continue to work up and to the back.

- The Bunny vs. Anna Jay on this Friday's Rampage.

- Backstage, Alex Marvez goes to talk with Jay about her Rampage debut, but Evil Uno goes to say something. A disgruntled Alex Reynolds shows up and the group starts fighting. Anna says if they can't get it together, then she doesn't want any of them out there for her match.

- American Top Team's Dan Lambert in the ring with multiple members from the group: Kayla Harrison, Paige VanZant, Junior dos Santos, Austin Vanderford, and Andrei Arlovski. Men of the Year is also in the ring with the group. Dan Lambert starts up his usual trash talking to the fans about wrestling and AEW's product. Chris Jericho's music then plays, out comes Jericho and Jake Hager. Lambert says to "turn this s*** off!" He says the fans don't even know the lyrics, they have to look it on the phones! The crowd then proceeds to sing the whole song! Jericho says it sounds like 15,000 people like his song. He says he'd sing Lambert's song, but nobody knows the lyrics to "I'm a fat faced dips***, yeah yeah yeah!"

Crowd sings along. Jericho says he and Jake aren't scared of them, all they do is try to intimate. Hager is undefeated in MMA, and he's deal with MMA guys backstage many times over the years. Jericho says how about they come to the ring and knock his teeth out. They walk to the ring. Lambert says if they are going to have a match against Men of the Year, it's gonna happen in a real city. Next week, in the big apple! Jericho accepts.

- Billy Gunn says they attacked Paul Wight because they wanted to get their point across. He says as a trio or tag team they are undefeated in AEW and if records matter so much, they will get their respect one way or another.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Jade Cargill

Cargill and Hirsch go "face-to-face"and Hirsch tries for a takedown. Cargill picks her up, Hirsch slips out the back. Cargill out to the floor. Hirsch with a suicide dive, Cargill pulls Sterling in the way and takes the hit. Back in the ring, Cargill backs Hirsch into the corner and throws some big shots. Hirsch with a forearm in the corner, double knees, another double knee, cover, one-count. Hirsch goes right into the cross armbreaker. Cargill lifts up and slams her opponent to the mat.

Cargill working over Hisch, but she fires back on the taller opponent. Cargill tries for a pump kick, nobody home. Hirsch tries for a german suplex, no luck, Cargill back elbows out of it. Hirsch then finally hits a german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Cargill rolls out to the floor and Hirsch hits her this time with a suicide. She throws Cargill back into the ring, running knee to the face, cover, two. Hirsch up to the top for a moonsault, pool is empty. Cargill lands a big pump kick to the face, jaded, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jade Cargill via Pinfall

- Andrade El Idolo explains why he got rid of Chavo last week. He did not give the order for his assistant to interrupt the match between him and PAC. Apparently, Chavo gave the order. Andrade says he's the kingpin! Commentary seems to think Chavo is done with him.

- Taz walks up to Punk (Punk says "I didn't know they let trolls cross the bridge") and wonders if Punk is taking his job. Punk says he's not trying to take Taz's job and gets up out of his chair. Taz backs up as Hook stays in the way. Punk walks forward and ends up staring down Hook.

From behind, Powerhouse Hobbs attacks Punk! Punk looks to fight back, but Hook locks in a dragon sleeper as Hobbs kicks him. Hook tells commentary to bounce from the table! Hobbs brings Punk over to the table and slams him down on it. Table spirit was strong and didn't break.

Shawn Spears with Tully Blanchard vs. Darby Allin with Sting

Crowd with a "Darby!" chant we things get going. Allin sitting in the corner as the bell ring. Spears runs right over and attacks him. He lifts and jams Allin over the top rope and Allin crashes down to the floor. Spears pulls out the steel steps, he slams Allin's head back against it. He lowers his knee pad and charges in, Allin moves and Spears' knee crashes into the steeps.

Allin looks to fly, but Tully gets in the way to stop him. Allin climbs out to the apron, but Spears trips him up and he crashes down on the apron. Spears grabs a shirt and rubs off Allin's face paint. Spears applies a submission, but Allin gets to the rope. He fires up and nails Spears with a code red, cover, two. Allin up on the top rope, he swings away on Spears' bad knee. Spears then grabs Allin by his chain necklace and yanks him down to the mat. The two on the apron, Spears looks for C-4 on the steps, no, Allin over the top stunner over the top rope. Spears falls back on the steps. Allin with a suicide dive, throws Spears back in the ring, coffin drop, cover, and that will end the match.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

- Post-match, FTR gets in the ring and they start battling with Sting and Allin. Tully comes into the ring with a chair and whacks Sting in the back. It barely does anything as Sting kicks it away. FTR attacks Sting from behind as he goes after him. FTR continue to swing away on FTR. Allin tries to stop them, but doesn't have much luck as FTR spike piledrives Sting! Tully then goes up to sting with a towel and wipes the face paint off Sting. He throws the towel on him as FTR continues to disrespect the legend.

- Bryan Danielson says the way The Elite acts and dresses are the way insure people act. He's heard and seen how great Kenny Omega is, but the reality is he's just excited to get back in the ring. Coming to AEW this will be him at his best and he wants a match against Omega. Danielson says everybody here wants to prove themselves, "I'm here, I'm game, let's go."

- Tony standing in the ring to talk with Bryan Danielson about getting in the ring with Kenny Omega. He goes to talk and out comes Don Callis with the interruption. "The hippie millionaire! What a sanctimonious sob you are." Callis taunts Danielson about signing a big contract and coming to the number one company in wrestling that was built on the back of Kenny Omega. Callis says Danielson came here because he wanted to do what's best for pro wrestling, as a whole. "And people call me a carny piece of s***," Callis continued. Omega apparently said that's just how Danielson thinks. Callis says if that's the case, he's a mark like the other people.

Callis says who does Danielson think he has to just challenge the champion! "Shut up, Don!" Danielson says. He just wants to talk with Kenny Omega. He says some day it will be about the title, but for right now, it's just about who is better!. Crowd with a "Yes!" chant and Callis says no way. Bryan tells Callis, "Shut up, you piece of s***. I cam here to talk to Kenny Omega!" He says he came here to fight the best bout machine and the god of wrestling, but all he's seen is a guy who hangs out with a bunch of goofy stooges. Danielson wonder if Kenny just simply lost his balls along the way. He asks the champion, yes or no? Omega finally accept the match. This match will happen on next Wednesday's Grand Slam!

- Miro says his opponents don't usually stick around, so he wonders why Fuego del Sol is still challenging him! Miro says he's going to first bash his brain and then bash his car.

- Matt Hardy says Orange Cassidy broke his nose and nobody does that! Hardy says he's going to take everything from Cassidy, starting with his hair.

- Next week's Dynamite and Rampage lineups (both are two hour long shows).

* Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes
* Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer
* Brian Pillman Jr. vs. MJF
* AEW World Champion Kenny Omega with Don Callis vs. Bryan Danielson (Non-Title Match)
* CM Punk live interview
* Britt Baker (c) with Rebel vs. Ruby Soho (AEW Women's World Championship)
* Sting and Darby Allin vs. FTR with Tully Blanchard

* Adam Cole and The Young Bucks vs. Christian Cage and Jurassic Express
* Powerhouse Hobbs with Hook vs. CM Punk
* Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs. Men of the Year with Dan Lambert

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. 2point0

Moxley and Kingston make their way through the crowd for their entrance. Right when they get to ringside, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia with the attack before the bell even rings. Moxley and Parker in the ring, match gets started. Moxley getting down and dirty with both Lee and Parker. Lee into the match and ends up getting bit on the face by Moxley. Lee tries to walk away to the stage. Garcia thrown into the stairs by Moxley, Parker attacks Moxley to put him down.

The action eventually gets back in the ring with Moxley and Parker, Moxley getting chopped in the corner. 2point0 try a double team move, bit of a mess up there. They go for it again and land the assisted elbow drop off the back. Parker tags in and back elbows Kingston off the apron. Moxley with a huge lariat on Lee. Kingston gets the hot tag and throws a bunch of big shots to both opponent. He throws them in the corner, big splash, then machine gun chops to Lee. Garcia up on the apron and knocked back down. Parker tries to steal the match with a roll-up, but eats a spinning backfist. He then hits a DDT on Parker. Moxley springs over the top rope (!?) and they hits the lariat/suplex combo for the win.

Winners: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston via Pinfall

- Post-match, Minoru Suzuki's music plays as commentary says his music was cut short last week. Out strolls Suzuki (who had seven stitches from his match last week with Moxley). Suzuki makes his way to the ring as Moxley and Kingston both face him. Suzuki cheers on the crowd while he stands on the apron. Kazi-Ni-Nare! Archer shows up and both teams pair off to brawl around the ringside area. Moxley and Suzuki swing away on the table and continue to fight around the ring, eventually spilling out into the crowd as the show comes to a close.