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FTR with Tully Blanchard vs. Santana and Ortiz

This is Wheeler’s first match back after that gruesome cut he sustained against Santana and Ortiz. He’s wearing a black sleeve over where the cut was. Harwood and Santana get things started. Back and forth chops as the crowd chants “Proud ‘N Powerful/FTR!” FTR end up out on the floor, Santana and Ortiz both flip out to the floor on their opponents. FTR sent into the barricade, Santana jumps off Ortiz and cannonballs into both guys. Both teams work their way into the ring. Wheeler ends up getting a blind tag and sends Ortiz into the ring post, shoulder-first.

Wheeler with a low dropkick, cover, one-count. Harwood gets back in there and stomps away at Ortiz’s arm. Wheeler ends up pulling the top turnbuckle pad off. Ref gets distracted during all of this. Harwood yanks Ortiz’s arm around the exposed metal. He tries to throw Ortiz into that same corner, blocked, Ortiz with a dropkick. Wheeler tags in, looks for some big lariats, misses both times, and then eats a big one from Ortiz. Santana tags in and throws shots on both opponents and then hits three amigos.

Crowd enjoyed that. Santana heads to the top, frog splash, cover, two-count. Harwood recovers and goes for a brainbuster, cover, close three. Dax showing some frustration. Wheeler gets in there now, Ortiz tries for the quick roll-up, two. Wheeler and Dax break up a possible street sweeper attempt, Wheeler lifts and plants Ortiz to the mat. Harwood and Ortiz up top, hits a superplex. Santana stalls Wheeler for a moment, Wheeler tries for a dive, rolls through. FTR ends up hitting big rig on Ortiz, Santana leaps off the top rope, knocks Dax back into the pin to stop the count. Wheeler walks into a cutter, then a super lungblower by Ortiz, thrust kick by Santana, double flapjack, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Santana and Ortiz via Pinfall

– Backstage, 2point0 talk to Darby Allin not looking past Daniel Garcia (his opponent on Friday). Parker says they are going to take away Allin’s match against Punk at All Out. Garcia plans on hurting Darby Allin and there’s not a shot he’s going to All Out on Sunday.

– CM Punk heads out to a big pop from the crowd as he makes his way into the ring. “CM Punk” chant rings out as he gets the mic. “Are you guys sick of me yet?” Crowd yells, “no!” Punk says he knows on Sunday at the PPV, his big return could all end for him. He’s nervous and hasn’t wrestled in seven years. Crowd gives him a “you still got it” chant. Punk continues that he’s going make a promise when he laces up his boots. 2point0 and Daniel Garcia run out and attack Punk!

He gets in a few shots, but the numbers are too much and they stomp away at him. Allin and Sting have seen enough and they came out to the ring to stop the attack. Allin and Garcia battle on the floor with Garcia getting sent into the ring post. Punk throws a bunch of punches at Park in the corner. Sting with scorpion deathdrop, coffin drop, and Punk hits GTS on Parker! Allin and Punk go face-to-face for a minute.

Sting backs Allin away and has a mic. Punk asks Sting to hold on and tosses Parker out of the ring. Sting says he admits he always wanted to share a ring with Punk. Their paths never crossed in the past, but it felt good to see a coffin drop and GTS happen right in front of him.

Sting says they have the same goal in mind and want this All Out match to happen. Sting says he knows both guys are ready for Sunday and when they collide it’s gonna be showtime for sure. Sting sounds like he’s not going to be at ringside for the match to let them do their thing. Punk steps up to Allin again and says a few things. Allin doesn’t say anything but just glares at him, eventually backing out of the ring.

– Video package hyping AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Jim Ross says he’s been able to keep the title for so long is because he’s that damn good. Clips are shown to hype his match against Christian Cage at the PPV. Paul Wight talks about how Christian has already pinned Omega for the Impact World Championship.

– Tony Schiavone has a sit-down with MJF and gives him a less than thrilled introduction. MJF says Chris Jericho has evolved for four decades in pro wrestling and has had an amazing career. He says it won’t be easy to fill Jericho’s shoes, but Jericho needs to look in the mirror, he’s on a downward spiral. Tony goes to say something and MJF stops him. He knows Jericho is addicted to the spotlight though and will do anything to keep it, even putting his career on the line. On Sunday, he’s putting an end to one of the greatest pro wrestling careers ever.

Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans

Kris Statlander, Wheeler Yuta, and Chuck Taylor give him a fist bump on the stage. Cassidy gets in the ring and Matt Hardy immediately attacks him. Ref throws Hardy to the back. Evans with a spinning heel kick on Cassidy. Cassidy looking to work his way back into this one, finally hits a big spinning DDT on Evans, cover, two.

Evans bails out of the ring, Cassidy hits a suicide dive right after. He throws Evans in the ring, goes to the top and nails Evans with a crossbody, cover. He nails Evans with a Michinoku Driver, cover, two-count. Cassidy then throws those darn light kicks, couple standing switches, Evans sent into the corner head-first. We go to a picture-in-picture break. Evans working over Cassidy, hits a stalled vertical suplex, penalty kick, Cassidy does a quick roll-up and ends up winning the match! Think that’s a first time happening during the commercial. Evans says his shoulder was up and argues with the ref.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

– Post-match, Hardy runs out to the ring and attacks Cassidy from behind. He looks to finish off Cassidy with the Leech, but Yuta and Taylor stop that. All of H.F.O. runs out and beats up Taylor and Yuta. They go to be up Cassidy and out runs Jurassic Express, all three of them, to clear the ring.

– Hype video for AEW TNT Champion Miro vs. Eddie Kingston at All Out.

– Hype video for Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima at All Out.

– Jim Ross in the ring (for his first-ever AEW in-ring interview) to speak with Chris Jericho. Jericho hypes up the crowd a bit, then gives props to Jim Ross helping to recruit him back in the day. Ross then asks Jericho why he put such a serious stipulation on this upcoming match against MJF? Jericho says MJF is a “piece of s***.”  He says MJF is arrogant, and the only thing he has over Jericho is three victories. He says those dates are burned in his brain and he needs to win, that’s why he did the stipulation to get another match. He’s never bee complacent, sure, he could win more titles and have more matches, but every time he looked in the mirror he would remember losing to MJF over and over.

Jericho says he wants more, but says if something horrible does go wrong, he thanks the fans for being a big part of his life. He says MJF is not taking this away from him though. “You’re gonna have to be the best you’ve ever been!” He doesn’t believe MJF has what it takes to get rid of him, “I’ll see you Sunday, you little prick.” Jericho shakes Ross’ hand and paces around the ring for a moment, looking at the crowd.

– Hype video for Punk vs. Allin at All Out. Allin remembered CM Punk saying if he was 15 years old, Allin would have been his favorite wrestler. Allin says when he was 15, Punk was his favorite wrestler. Allin didn’t appreciate Punk putting him at the front of the line for people to beat though, and he plans on beating Punk — in Chicago.

Powerhouse Hobbs with Hook vs. Brian Cage

Taz on commentary for the match. Cage attacks Hobbs on the ramp during his entrance. Cage gets in some shots, and the bell eventually rings. Hobbs makes his way out of the ring and past Hook, who gets in Cage’s way. Cage shoves him and the minor distract allows Hobbs to attack and get the offensive momentum.

Cage really getting beat up, but finally lands some strikes to get back into this one. Cage easily hits an exploder on the big man, big shots in the corner, release german suplex, cover, two-count. Cage ends up taking a spinebuster, cover, two. Cage up, knee strike to the jaw, F-5 hits, and Hobbs moves out to the apron. Cage brings him up to the corner and goes for a deadlift second rope suplex. Cage looking for the finish, Hook gets the ref’s attention. Hobbs shoves Cage to the ropes, Ricky Starks clocks Cage with the FTW Championship, Hobbs lifts and drops Cage to the mat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs via Pinfall

– Malakai Black says he didn’t leave the ring last week when Lee Johnson jumped in the ring at the end of Dynamite. Black says he decides when they fight, not him. Black says Cody, Brock, and Arn were grants swift deaths, but that will not be the same for Johnson.

– In the ring, QT Marshall is in the ring with Nick Comoroto, Aaron Solo, and a few other trainees from The Factory. He calls out Paul Wight and wants to talk man-to-man (despite having people with him, lol). Wight makes his way out to the ring. The guys try to jump him, but gets shoved away. Wight clocks a few of them, then chokeslams a guy. Solo tries to leap off the top rope and gets swatted out of the air. Gunn Club then runs into the ring to make sure things are even.

Marshall gets a chair and thinks about jump in the ring, but Billy pops him back down to the floor. “QT sucks” chant from the crowd. Billy Gunn then cracks Wight from behind with a chair?! QT doesn’t know what to think of that. Wight looks up at Billy and gets back to his feet. Billy with another chairshot to the head/shoulder. They clear out, Factory gets back in the ring, QT with a diamond cutter on Wight. He celebrates over a fallen Wight.

– Britt Baker talks with Tony Schiavone about the Women’s Casino Battle Royale that Rebel and Jamie Hayter are in. If they win, she’s in a good place as champion. She then jokes about the biggest free agent signing with AEW (Adam Cole?!) Nope! It’s her, she’s with the company for a long time. Tony Khan also gave her a match that she could make and she decides to have Rebel and Hayter vs. Statlander on this Friday’s Rampage.

Penelope Ford with The Bunny vs. Tay Conti

Conti and Ford go back and forth as we get things started. Conti with a knee to the face, followed by some shots to the midsection. Weird backbreaker into a cover for two. Some weirdness between these two with transitions to moves. Conti then lands a huge kick to the face, cover, two. Ford sends her into the corner, but runs right into a boot. Conti leaps up to the top rope, Ford shoves the rope to send her down to the mat, cover, two.

Ford working over her opponent. Ford tries for a handspring in the corner, nope, Conti with a big boot and that is missed, too. Ford hits a kick, misses the second and eats a back elbow. Conti springs up to the top and hits a crossbody, couple clotheslines, swinging driver lands, cover, two. Ford drops Conti by whip the rope into her, she then looks for the indian deathlock, but it gets reversed into a calf slicver. Ford crawls to the ropes and gets the break. Couple pump kicks in the corner by Conti. DD-Tay, no, Ford with a gutbuster, slow to pin, two-count. Conti with a big shot to the face, hits the ropes, Bunny with the trip. Conti pulls Bunny up to the apron. Conti sends Ford into Bunny, tricky pin for the win!

Winner: Tay Conti via Pinfall

– Post-match, Conti and Bunny beat up Conti. Anna Jay’s music hit and out comes Conti’s best buddy! Jay has been out of action due to her shoulder injury. Commentary announces she will be involved in the Casino Battle Royale at the PPV.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez talks to Thunder Rosa about winning the Casino Battle Royale. She goes to talk, but up comes Nyla Rose and Jade Cargill. Rosa tries to fight back and ends up getting easily put down by the two. Rose and Cargill go face-to-face, but Sterling says there’s no sense to do this now, there’s way more money to win on Sunday.

– Friday’s Rampage:

* CM Punk appears

* Darby Allin vs. Daniel Garcia

* Malakai Black vs. Lee Johnson

* Hear from AEW TNT Champion Miro

* Kris Statlander vs. Rebel and Jamie Hayter

– Next Wednesday’s Dynamite features Jon Moxley’s homecoming

– New All Out: The Buy In match announced: Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta, Orange Cassidy, and Jurassic Express vs. Matt Hardy, TH2, and Private Party

Lucha Bros. and Jurassic Express with Marko Stunt and Alex Abrahantes vs. The Elite with Don Callis and Brandon Cutler

Callis heads to commentary. Luchasaurus and Gallows get things started, big shot from both men. Nick and Fenix are eventually tagged in. Both avoid each other’s attacks until Matt and Penta are tagged in. The two team face-off for a moment, but Lucha Bros are attacked from behind. Everything breaks down as we go to break. Couple close falls, but nothing ends the match. Nick with a big arm drag, bunch of big superkicks from everyone. Luchasaurus gets in there and beats on Anderson, release german suplex. Big thrust kick to Gallows, he then shoves him out to the floor.

Nick tries for a springboard and gets flipped out to the floor on his guys. JB with a huge twisting splash off his partner’s back. Luchasaurus with a clothesline, standing moonsault, cover, two. Fenix gets in there, Cutler helps out his team, magic killer on Fenix, cover, Luchasaurus breaks up the pin. Matt tags in and Fenix lands a double cutter on the Young Bucks. Fenix heads to the apron, springboard splash, caughter in midair. Young Bucks with meltzer driver, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers via Pinfall

– Post-match, Don Callis says he has some business to handle and heads to the back. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega (rocking black hair now) strolls out with Nakazawa. A table is placed out on the floor, Luchasaurus takes a magic killer through the table. Omega says JB is a nobody and is yelling at him. The Elite clear out some of the other wrestlers. Christian Cage runs out and spears Omega. Kenny yells from help from his friends and down goes Christian. Cutler brings in a bunch of kendo sticks to hand out. Omega says Christian fell into their trap.

Omega tells Tony Khan says they had a great talk about the video game and other things, but he shouldn’t leave his personal items out. He tells Don Callis to bring down the cage! The steel cage makes it’s way down and they swing away on Christian, Penta, and Fenix. Frankie Kazarian, Dante Martin, and others try to make their way in, but everyone is getting knocked down or sprayed in the face. Marko almost makes his way up and takes cold spray in the face to drop him back down. The Elite is just destroying everyone inside the cage. Triple BTE trigger to Christian and Omega taunt his All Out opponent more as the show comes to a close.