AEW Rampage: Grand Slam Results (9/25): Tag Team Lights Out Match

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- Excalibur, Ricky Starks and Taz welcome us to AEW Rampage: Grand Slam from Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. Excalibur and Taz read off tonight's card for a packed two-hour special as we go to our first match of the night.

CM Punk vs. Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook)

Punk starting fast with a dropkick as he continues the pressure on Hobbs. Hobbs tries to push away, but Punk stays on him. Hobbs with a big shot halts Punk's momentum. Punk reverses an Irish whip and gets off a drop toehold and targets Hobbs' left left with kicks. Punk hits a Russian leg sweep and flips the bird towards Hook. Punk going for a GTS, but Hook steps up on the apron. Punk charges in but runs straight into Punk for a quick count. Hobbs takes in the boos and mocks Punk as he goes for a nerve hold and hits clubbing blows.

Punk tries to fight back, but Hobbs sends Punk chest first in the corner and then whips him across the other corner. Hobbs sends Punk down with a forearm. Punk reverses a suplex into a victory roll for a two count, and Hobbs kicks out and hits Punk with a body block. Hobbs taking his time as he deals more damage to Punk on the ropes and runs through him through the ropes as we go to picture in picture.

Picture in Picture: Hobbs deals more damage to Punk's head and neck area while on the outside. Hobbs back in the ring arguing with the ref and that allows Hook to get an extra shot in on Punk. Hobbs hits a bodyslam and goes for a cocky pin with one foot on Punk but simply steps on him.

Back from picture in picture and Hobbs applies a bear hug. Punk escapes with elbows, but Hobbs transitions his grip. Punk hits a few back elbows to escape, and Punk and Hobbs start trading strikes. Punk fires in elbows and starts rocking Hobbs. Punk with a leg lariat followed up by a swinging neckbreaker.

Punk sizes up Hobbs in the corner and goes for a high knee and then a short-arm clothesline. Punk feeling the crowd as he goes up top, and he hits an elbow drop, cover 1-2-no! Punk in disbelief that Hobbs kicked out as he signals for the GTS. Punk going for the GTS, but Hobbs counters into a powerslam, cover 1-2-no! Hobbs hypes himself up as he looks for a pumphandle into Town Business, but Punk counters into a rear-naked choke.

Hobbs is fading now one knee. Hobbs hits a back suplex to escape the hold. Hobbs with a stampede slam, cover 1-2-no! Hobbs can't believe it as he goes to the corner. Punk cuts him off and meets him up top. Punk going for a rana, but Hobbs blocks it. Punk manages to get off the rana, cover 1-2-no! Punk looking to transition into an armbar, and he then transitions into a triangle choke.

Hobbs picks up Punk and powerbombs him, cover 1-2-no! Punk and Hobbs now going strike for strike. Hobbs with a series of consecutive strikes and then a round kick. Hook on the apron, but Hobbs takes out Hook! Punk sets up Hobbs for the GTS and hits it for the win.

Winner: CM Punk via pinfall

- Pre-tape of the rivalry between Thunder Rosa, Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose.

- Don Callis joins the commentary desk.

Christian Cage & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs. Adam Cole & The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (w/ Doc Gallows & Brandon Cutler)

Cage and Cole look to start out this trios match, until Cole tags in Matt. Cage takes down Matt and does push-ups on him, which pisses off Matt, but Cage matches his punch. Matt with some momentum as he takes off his shirt and dances. Cage counters Matt in the corner and gets some offense going. Cage elevates over and hits an uppercut while Matt is hanging on the ropes and then hits a second-rope back elbow. Jungle Boy tags in and works with Cage to take out The Young Bucks.

Cole thinks better of joining in, and Matt takes advantage blindsiding him. The Young Bucks working together with tags back and forth, but Jungle Boy cuts off the tag combo and works his way into a double arm drag. Jungle Boy chases Cole around the ring and eats a double superkick. Everyone starts fighting on the outside as Luchasaurus tries to fight off The Super Kliq, but the numbers are too much. Super Kliq working on Jungle Boy as The Bucks kiss Cole's cheeks and hit a dropkick as we go into commercial break.

Back from break and The Super Kliq are continuing their pressure on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy escapes the corner and sends The Bucks crashing and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus clears house as he goes back and forth with strikes on The Bucks and delivers back body drops and clotheslines. Luchasaurus going for a double chokeslam, but Cole comes in for the save. Luchasaurus avoids kicks and delivers tail whips on The Bucks. He then chokeslams Cole on Matt!

Luchasaurus cuts off Nick's springboard and hits a chokeslam, pin, but Matt breaks it up. Jungle Boy tags in as they look for Jurassic Express. Cole cuts them off. Everyone hits their big moves and clears the ring. The Bucks are alone with Jungle Boy as Matt is now legal. Nick clears out Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy escapes More Bang For Ya Buck as Jungle Boy clears house and gets an assist from Cage, cover 1-2-no! Jungle Boy locks in the Snare Trap.

Gallows distracts Jungle Boy breaking the hold. Matt hits a superkick, and Jungle Boy responds with a clothesline. Luchasaurus and Cole tag in, and they brawl. Everyone brawls in the ring. Cole and Luchasaurus hit dual pump kicks. Cage and The Bucks sent outside as Jungle Boy and Cage deal with The Bucks outside.

Matt hits a low blow on Cage. Matt sends Cage face first on the ramp! The Bucks sends Jungle Boy flying as well. Cole gets up first in the ring, but Luchasaurus rises up. Cole escapes a chokeslam and hits a low kick followed up by a shining wizard. Cole hits the Panama Sunrise. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger, and Cole hits The Boom for the win.

Winners: The SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) via pinfall

- Sneak peak for Rhodes to the Top.

- Back to Excalibur, Taz and Starks on commentary.

Men Of The Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) (w/ Dan Lambert) vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Jericho takes in the crowd as Sky is ready to go. Sky takes in the boos after a takedown, but Jericho responds with a series of chops and then an axehandle followed up by a back suplex. Jericho throws a middle finger towards Page as he sends Sky to the corner and rocks him with a series of clotheslines. Sky is dazed and falls down. Jericho tags in Hager, and they combine to run through Sky. Sky with a jawbreaker as he tags in Page, but page runs into a hip toss. Hager sends Page to the corner forcing a break, and Jericho gets an extra shot in.

Hager hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Jericho tags in, but Page turns the tables on him and hits a round kick and hits a flurry of punches. Page then drives his knee on Jericho on the middle rope forcing a break allowing Lambert to slap Jericho as we head to a picture in picture break.

Picture in Picture: Men of the Year now cutting the ring in half on Jericho. Sky sets up Jericho up top. He hits a forearm as he looks for a superplex. Jericho trying to fight it off as he pushes Sky down. Jericho leaps up for a high crossbody for a two count. Sky cuts off Jericho and hits a split stomp and tags in Page who keeps up the pressure. Men of the Year continue to cut the ring in half on Jericho, but Jericho finds an opening with a back suplex.

Hager and Page tag in as Hager takes out Sky and rocks Page with a clothesline in the corner and then hits a powerslam followed up by another huge clothesline for a two count. Page hangs onto the ropes on the whip. Hager elevates over the ropes and gets a shot on Page, but Lambert holds back Hager, and Page flies in with a shoulder tackle.

Back from picture in picture, Sky tags in and as a chinlock in, but Hager backs up into the corner. Sky cuts off the tag attempt with a chop block. Page tags in and hits a series of strikes. Hager puts on the breaks in the corner as Hager hits a clothesline for a double down.

Jericho and Sky tag in as Jericho misdirects and hits a series of shoulder tackles and hits a springboard dropkick on Page. Sky goes up top and hits an overhand shot on Sky. Jericho avoids a dropkick and hits a Lionsault, cover 1-2-no! Hager tags in and throws Sky across the ring and hits a Hager Bomb, cover 1-2-no! Hager sets up Sky for the ankle lock, and he has it locked in, and Jericho now has Sky in the Walls of Jericho.

Lambert distracts Hager. Sky with a roll up for a two count. Hager with a sideslam, cover, but Page breaks it up. Jericho sends Page outside and hits a plancha. Hager catches Sky's high cross and slams Sky. Lambert holds onto Hager's feet, and Sky rolls up Hager for the win.

Winners: Men Of The Year (Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) via pinfall

Post-match: Hager drops Men of the Year. Jericho and Hager drag Lambert to the ring, but American Top Team come walking out and surround the ring! Page and Sky join in as ATT come in and beat down Jericho and Hager. Lambert instructs his athletes as Jorge Masvidal looks on in pleasure. Paige Van Zant hits a flurry of body shots on Jericho. Masvidal then hits a running knee on Jericho.

Santana & Ortiz & Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Hardy Family Office (Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen, The Butcher & The Blade) (w/ Matt Hardy & Jack Evans)

All four men straight brawling right when the bell rings. HFO are sent outside as Ortiz and Penta are set up for topes, and Fenix and Santana hit moonsaults on HFO! Blade alone in the ring as he eats stereo thrust kicks and then Ortiz hits an assisted splash, cover, but HFO break it up. Private Party deal with Santana and Ortiz on the outside as Ortiz takes a DDT.

Fenix deals with Butcher and Blade in the ring, but Butcher hits an assisted powerbomb. Hardy threatens to cut off Ortiz's hair. Orange Cassidy walks out! Evans tries to deal with him, but he takes an Orange Punch! Blade and Fenix are in the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Back from commercial and Santana gets a tag and hits a cutter on Blade followed up by a lung blower from Ortiz. Quen sends Sntana flying to Ortiz and then a plancha on Ortiz on the outside. Kassidy hits a Stunner on Santana. Penta with a superkick on Kassidy in the corner followed up by a backbreaker. Butcher eats a superkick and then a low kick. Butcher misdirects Penta and hits a crossbody. Butcher catches Fenix, but Fenix goes around the ropes and hits a hook kick.

Blade avoids Fenix and hits a pump kick and then launches off the corner for a clothesline. Santana back in the ring, but Blade hits a knee lift then sends Santana down. Quen lands on his feet off the Shooting Star, but Penta takes him down. Lucha Bros. hit a stomp / Fear Factor combo, and Santana and Ortiz hit a powerbomb / top rope neckbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz & Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) via pinfall

- Tony Schiavone is backstage with Hardy and Evans. Hardy says it was a disappointing result, but the night isn't over for HFO because Penelope Ford as Anna Jay next. Hardy challenges Cassidy in a hair vs. hair match. Hardy says it will be Cassidy vs. Evans, which Evans is surprised about, but Hardy says Evans better win.

- Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol walk out of the ramp with cue cards. Miro walks out from behind! He takes out Fuego and Sammy as Starks laughs on commentary. They try to fight back, but Miro is just too much. Miro picks up Fuego and throws him outside through a table! Sammy tries to see with Fuego is okay, but Miro locks in the Game Over. He releases the hold and rips up the card that says "next TNT Champion".

- Pre-tape with Andrade El Idolo. He says PAC will not have an excuse for losing next time.

Penelope Ford vs. Anna Jay

Jay comes running in and attacks Ford on the ramp. Jay throws Ford into the ring starting the match as Ford fires in forearms. Jay sends Ford flying through the ropes sending her outside. Jay then throws Ford onto the corner post and drives her to the apron. Back in the ring, Jay hits a running back elbow followed up by another and one more.

Jay hits a Jay Kick and locks in the Queen Slayer. Ford tries to escape, and The Bunny comes in. Jay confronts her, and Ford hits her from behind. Ford sets up Jay on the middle rope and kicks her on the side of her head. Ford drags Jay in the middle rope in the center of the ring and rakes her as we head to a commercial break.

Back from break and Jay and Ford are face to face jawing back and forth. They trade shots, and Jay catches Ford in the Queen Slayer. Ford backs into the corner and escapes. The Bunny on the apron and distracts the ref. Bunny tosses in brass knuckles to Ford. Ford punches Jay with the brass knuckles for the win.

Winner: Penelope Ford via pinfall

Post-match: Ford and Bunny beat down Jay. Tay Conti comes running in. Bunny hit with a back elbow, and Ford takes in a flurry of shots. Bunny comes in for the save and holds up Conti for Ford, and Ford hits Conti with the brass knuckle shot. HFO come out and stand in front of the apron. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander walk out. Dark Order come out to join as well on the entrance ramp! Dark Order head to the ring and have HFO running away. Dark Order and HFO stare down, Jay is checked on and Cassidy and Hardy stare down. Evil Uno walks out, and Grayson and Cabana follow.

- Mark Henry is standing by interviewing Lance Archer, Minoru Suzuki, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley. The two sides are pumped for the main event and to kill each other.

Lights Out Tag Team Match: Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki

Mox and Eddie starting out hot. Suzuki brings out chairs and invites Mox to battle. They dual with chairs. Eddie and Suzuki then make their way to the ring and trade chops. Eddie is then sent through a table! Archer and Suzuki in full control as Archer beats up on security guards. The security guards are then chokeslammed on by Archer! Archer then chokes out Mox with a belt while on the ropes as we head to commercial break.

Back from break and Mox is duct tapped with hands behind his back while Suzuki whips Mox with the belt and chokes him out while Archer brings out more weapons. Archer brings out a trash can lid and hits Mox with multiple shots. Suzuki with a kendo stick, but Eddie attacks Archer from the outside. Suzuki hits Mox with the kendo stick as Eddie is beaten down by Archer. Archer hits Mox with a bodyslam as Mox is choked out again with the belt.

Suzuki then punches Mox in the face and bites him! Archer hits Mox with a kendo stick and beats him down in the corner. Mox avoids Archer in the corner and hits headbutts on Suzuki. Suzuki cuts him off and bites his head again. Eddie taking on Suzuki-gun on his own. Suzuki dropped with an enzuigiri. Archer rocked with a poke to the eye and then machine gun chops in the corner. Archer dropped with a suplex.

Suzuki with a sleeper and an assist to Archer for the Hellacoaster. Archer goes back to Mox as Suzuki brings out chairs. Archer sets up Eddie for the Blackout as Suzuki sets up chairs, but music starts playing. It's Homicide! He sneaks up from behind with a chair and rocks Archer with a chair shot. He then frees up Mox. Suzuki with a boot and sends Homicide outside.

Mox avoids the Gotch Piledriver and hits a DDT on a chair. Archer takes two back fists. Mox saves Eddie from a chokeslam and hits a Paradigm Shift. Homicide sends a trash can to Eddie and Eddie sets it up on Archer's head and uses a kendo stick to beat down Archer! Eddie pins Archer for the win.

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston via pinfall

Post-match: Mox and Suzuki still fighting, but Mox beats him down, and Mox and Homicide hug Eddie in the corner as that closes out a two-hour special Rampage: Grand Slam.