AEW Rampage Results (9/10): PAC Vs. Andrade El Idolo

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Tonight's episode is the fallout from All Out. Full results from last Sunday's show are available here

Commentators Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, Taz and Mark Henry welcome fans to Rampage! We kick things off with a highly anticipated battle between "The Idol" and "The Bastard!"

PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo (w/Chavo Guerrero)

Both men come in hot with some vicious forearms. Andrade El Idolo goes straight for a side headlock. PAC breaks it up with a drop on the mat. Andrade hits him with a basement dropkick. Trapped in the corner, Andrade escapes with several heavy back elbows. Andrade eats a kick and misses a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt. PAC takes to the skies with a perfect corkscrew moonsault plancha.

On the outside now, both men toss each other into the barricades with hammer throws. Back in the ring, PAC looks for a pin. Andrade pops out right away at 1. PAC eats a huge pump kick, followed by a DDT on the apron. Andrade meets him out there with a well-executed springboard corkscrew plancha. Andrade hooks the leg of PAC after making their way back into the ring. PAC kicks out. Andrade climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. PAC meets him up there. PAC is at the mercy of Andrade as he puts him in the tree of woe position. Soaring off the top, Andrade hits a double stomp before the first commercial break!

Back from the break, Andrade positions PAC for an inverted facelock elbow drop and hits it. Andrade then comes off the top rope with a split-legged moonsault! The fans beg for these two to fight forever. PAC joins Andrade up in no man's land again. PAC sends Andrade for a ride with an avalanche hurricanrana! To quote Excalibur, "Unbelievable!!" PAC sunset flips to the outside and hits a perfect kick. Andrade hangs PAC up again in the tree of woe. But this time, he misses a second double stomp attempt. PAC follows it up with a top rope moonsault!

In the ring, PAC plants a beautiful 450 Splash and was seconds away from winning this, but Andrade gets his hand on the bottom rope to break the count! Andrade recovers and fights back with a handspring Pele kick, followed by a snap German Suplex. PAC returns the favor with a suplex of his own that sends Andrade crashing towards the turnbuckles. PAC rolls Andrade up in a crucifix. Andrade breaks it up. All of a sudden, Andrade's other assistant jumps up on the apron with a stun gun in hand and starts to fire it. The AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Bros, stop this guy from trying to cause any more chaos.

While the referee focuses their attention on the commotion between this assistant and The Lucha Bros, Chavo Guerrero runs in and attacks PAC, thus helping Andrade pick up his second win in AEW.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

Post-Match: Out of nowhere, Andrade El Idolo turns on Chavo Guerrero! Guerrero is thrown back into the ring, where he gets caught in PAC's Brutalizer. Several referees come out to stop the chaos, but The Lucha Bros push them out of the way.

Darby Allin and Sting Respond to Tully Blanchard:

Standing in the ring with Tony Schiavone, Darby Allin and Sting have a message for Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears. Allin tells Spears – if he's listening – that he wouldn't be anything if it weren't for Blanchard. Sting also talks about the many coattails Blanchard has ridden in his career. Blanchard comes out and stands at the top of the ramp. As he's calling out Allin and Sting, Spears sneaks into the ring and lays out an attack on Allin.

Exclusive Interviews with Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole:

Following their thrilling debuts at All Out, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole explain why they decided to join the AEW team. We first hear from Cole. Cole is here for The Elite and to take out men like Bryan Danielson. Cole warns Danielson and his pals that he isn't even in his prime yet.

On the other side of the coin, Danielson only has one target from The Elite in mind: the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Danielson would love to sink his teeth into having his first AEW match with Omega.

Adam Cole will make his AEW in-ring debut against "The Elite Hunter" Frankie Kazarian on Dynamite this Wednesday!

Up next, we have a six-woman tag team match!

Ruby Soho, Riho & Kris Statlander vs. AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter & Rebel

Dr. Britt Baker and Riho kick things off. Baker kicks things off with a snapmare, followed by a cover. Riho bridges out at the two count. Riho brings Kris Statlander in with a tag. Baker looks for an armbar. Statlander counters it with a powerslam for a near-fall. Statlander greets Rebel with a dropkick and assists Riho with a series of kicks on Rebel. Rebel makes a desperate tag to Jamie Hayter, and Riho is in, too. Hayter plants a textbook German Suplex. Hayter cuts the ring off from Riho just before we go to break.

Returning from the break, Hayter is still on Riho. Riho crawls over to her corner and makes a desperate tag to Ruby Soho. Soho lays in those heavy forearm strikes and sweeps in on Hayter for a two count. Soho makes a hot tag to Statlander. Statlander gets shoved towards the ropes before receiving a nasty backbreaker. Hayter looks for a cover. Statlander kicks out. Statlander surprises the masses with a double suplex on Hayter and Rebel! Rebel is now the legal lady. Statlander rolls Rebel up. Baker runs in and breaks it up.

Riho is up on Statlander's shoulders. She jumps off with a well-planted double stomp on Rebel, who comes in to save Baker from any more attacks. Riho takes her fight to the outside. Soho makes herself the legal woman and hits a wind-up overhead kick on Rebel. Soho stacks Rebel up for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Ruby Soho, Riho & Kris Statlander 

Up next, the main event! Cincinnati's other native son Brian Pillman Jr. is ready to go out to the ring and out wrestle the returning "Platnum" Max Caster.

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Max Caster (w/Anthony Bowens)

Brian Pillman Jr. wastes no time and takes the fight straight to Max Caster before the bell officially sounds. Pillman is running roughshod before Caster sneaks out of the ring. The Promised Prince doesn't care; he comes through the ropes with a nice dropkick. Caster makes his way back into the ring. As Pillman tries to jump up on the apron, Anthony Bowens takes it upon himself to drop Pillman face-first onto the apron.

Now with Pillman in the ring, Caster goes for the first pin in this match. Pillman kicks out. Pillman's family is cheering him on at ringside. Caster eats a big boot. Pillman knocks Bowens off the apron before he can try anything else. Pillman turns around and gets caught in a suplex. Caster remains in control with a back elbow and low dropkick for two back-to-back near falls.

Pillman gains some steam with a heavy knife edge chop. Caster eats a short-armed clothesline in the corner. Pillman climbs on top and hammers down a flurry of shots. Bowens tries to knock Pillman off the top turnbuckle, but Pillman casts him off. Pillman takes Bowens out of the match so he can focus on Caster. Caster tries to recapture his momentum from earlier, but Pillman stops him in his tracks with a special springboard clothesline in honor of his late, great father! Pillman hooks the leg. 1-2-3. The Promised Prince reigns victorious!

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.

Post-Match: The Acclaimed are still on Pillman following his triumphant win. Just as they're about to hit Pillman with their boombox, the other hometown hero, Jon Moxley, steps into the ring and sends The Acclaimed packing.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!