Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Clips are shown of Christopher Daniels getting destroyed by The Young Bucks in what was his last tag match with Frankie Kazarian. In the match, Daniels got a nasty cut and ended up getting a blood-filled eye injury from the match. Daniels says he had a plan, but it didn’t work out and he let his partner down. He gambled everything and lost it all. Cut to him in the gym, “Now, I’m all alone” Daniels says, now wearing a Fallen Angel shirt and black sports sunglasses. Daniels says he has no goal, no cause, other than the goal to keep fighting. “After 28 years, what I thought was the end, might truly be a new beginning.” We see him in something similar to his fallen angel ring gear.

* 2point0 show with the BTE Championship in front of them. Matt Lee says he’s been champion for a while, but he can’t get this blondie out of his mind and feels like she wants a taste of the title. They say if she (Renee Paquette) wants a shot? Get in line! The guys want to start a ranking system for the BTE Title.

* Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler go shopping in New York City. Cut to them going to Arthur Ashe Stadium where the brothers say they feel a buzz in the air. Lots of people saying hey to them on the streets. They joke about the younger wrestlers texting them and asking if they are nervous about the event. They reminded everyone they were in the Tokyo Dome seven years in a row, but it’s still fun where they are now. Matt says this is a “nice house show.” Clips are shown of them walking around the stadium. We see Bryan Danielson making his way up to the stage for his match against Omega. Then Omega doing the same. Clips shown of the two in the ring before the match gets going. We then see Omega come backstage after the match and he’s already saying “ain’t gonna be a rematch!”

* Creepy cream time with Ryan Nemeth. He then gives some random backstage gossip. He goes back to the cream. The cameraman, Nemeth’s buddy, says he was supposed to be in this segment. Nemeth gives him some random, dumb lines to say. He does a few, but says he’s not doing any more. Nemeth drinks some cream and cue creepy cream images.

* Backstage, The Young Bucks and Doc Gallows have to go out for their segment and Karl Anderson is locked in a room for some personal private time. Adam Cole comes up and says they gotta go, even with out Anderson. The group heads out, Matt does his stare into the camera bit while piano music plays. Clip shown of The Elite heading out to the ring. Cutler asks Matt how he’s doing, “I feel nothing!” Adam Cole then comes out and tells the guys he’s been waiting five years for this. We see more of Cole’s entrance and get to hear how loud the crowd’s “Adam Cole, bay bay!” was. Audio peaked it was so loud. Highlights from the match is shown. Cole and Young Bucks win against Christian and Jurassic Express.

* Alex Reynolds finds John Silver drinking some urine — despite being sober this time. Reynolds says they still need to find a new friend. The group sees Wardlow getting dressed. The guys compliment him. Wardlow asks them to keep some distance and they say they aren’t recruiting. They just are looking for friends. Wardlow says he heard them talking about drinking piss. Wardlow says he respects them, but he’s better off with no friends and tells Reynolds to help Silver out. The two cry a bit over not landing a new friend.