Backstage News On Candice LeRae's WWE Contract And TV Status While Pregnant

Candice LeRae's WWE NXT contract reportedly expires some time in 2022.

It was reported on September 13 how Candice's husband, Johnny Gargano, will see his WWE contract expire on Friday, December 3. It was noted that as of September 13, Gargano and WWE had not entered into new contract negotiations, but WWE expected them to begin in the fall.


In an update, LeRae's contract does not match up with Gargano's deal as she still has time left on her contract after him, according to Fightful Select.

It was noted that LeRae's contract expires some time in 2022. The exact date was not confirmed, but that should be available soon.

LeRae announced back on August 12 that she and Gargano are expecting their first child together. She is due to give birth in February 2022. This new report says WWE is not "freezing" LeRae's contract during her pregnancy as she remains on on-screen character.

LeRae mentioned in her pregnancy announcement how she planned to stay on NXT TV for as long as she was allowed, even though she cannot get physical. This new report notes how NXT sources say LeRae insisted that she remain on-screen as long as she plausibly could, and that NXT officials have been happy with her performance both in and out of the ring.


LeRae started working with WWE in May 2017 and signed a contract in January 2018. Gargano started working with WWE in June 2015 and signed with the company in late March 2016. There's no word on what they have in mind for their pro wrestling futures, but they may decide to stay with WWE as they expand their family early next year.

Stay tuned for updates.