Backstage News On The WWE NXT Venue Name Changing, Concern At Tonight’s Taping

The Capitol Wrestling Center will reportedly be done away with as a part of the WWE NXT revamp that begins tonight.

Back in October 2020 WWE began naming the arena at the WWE Performance Center as the Capitol Wrestling Center, a reference to the Capitol Wrestling territory ran by Vince McMahon Sr. years ago.


In an update, PWInsider reports that the CWC name will not be used in reference to the WWE Performance Center on NXT programming moving forward with tonight's NXT 2.0 reset episode. The current plan is to refer to the venue as just the home of NXT.

The NXT venue at the WWE Performance Center is supposed to have a new look for the NXT 2.0 revamp.

Regarding tonight's NXT 2.0 taping, there is said to be a lot of trepidation among the wrestlers, according to PWInsider. There had already been a lot of stress & concern among the wrestlers after the last round of NXT releases due to the feeling that wrestlers who "did everything they were supposed to" and/or were "great talents" were released, leaving some of the remaining wrestlers feeling as if everyone was now on thin ice, and that even if they did the right thing, it didn't matter and that their runs could be over at any point, with no notice. While that has always been true, there was previously a feeling that talents were in somewhat of a "protective cocoon" thanks to Triple H, but that feeling is no more.


The call-time for tonight's NXT TV taping was moved up earlier than usual because it's the first live broadcast in several weeks, and with everything planned, including pre-tapes, they needed everyone there and ready to go. There's a concern among some talents over the fact that Triple H will likely not work the taping as he's recovering from his recent heart surgery. There was a feeling among some wrestlers that they didn't know what they're walking into today, and didn't know if it was going to be Triple H's regular crew running the show, or other higher-ups. There is a great sense of unease among the wrestlers as they wait, like everyone else, to find out exactly what the brand is supposed to be moving forward with this revamp. We noted before how officials were being very tight-lipped with wrestlers who had asked about what is planned.

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