Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Elite perform a seance to reach out to the ghost of Adam Cole (Cole was killed off years ago in the BTE Universe). Kenny Omega says they are tired of these WWE guys coming over to AEW. They run down their matches at All Out. Omega says the group needs help and they need to bring a friend back from the dead. The Young Bucks aren’t sure about this. Omega says Malakai Black says it will work. Gallows is doing an Undertaker impression throughout this segment. They begin. Omega says a bunch of gibberish and the group chants “Adam Cole, bay bay.” The candles around Cole’s photo flickers on and off. Anderson ends up going into Sour Boy mode. Nothing ends up happening and the guys leave. Omega cries and says he feels like it’s his fault. The camera zooms in on Cole’s photo and time passes along. The camera zooms out and Adam Cole is standing there. He yawns and wonders where he is. He calls out for Super Dragon and checks his phone, “Oh my God, it’s been four years? Why do I taste Monster in my mouth?…”

* The Young Bucks and Kenny go shopping.

* Backstage, Matt and Nick get ready to go out to the ring. We see someone that looks like Matt brushing his hair. We see it’s Karl Anderson in a wig. He goes to drink something and the guys try to get him not to do it. He drinks it anyways and is okay. Sour Boy ends up coming out and everyone says he’s the worst. He keeps going until the guys start laughing. Nick then realizes the bit start with him telling Matt their match was starting, but nobody is in their ring gear.

* Brandon Cutler camera viewpoint of The Elite at this past week’s Dynamite. We see the post-match attack as the cage is lowered around the ring to close out the show.

* Matt gives an update on his stolen Diors. He says Delta doesn’t want to help him at all, despite him flying over one million miles with them. Matt says the police has been nice and checking out for footage of them being taken. Matt doesn’t think he’s getting them back and already put in a bid for another pair.

* Peter Avalon bumps into Leva Bates, both are wearing shirts with pop stars on them. They have a conversation using only song titles from Britney Spears, NSYNC, and Justin Timberlake.

*  The Young Bucks working on their cardio.

* Ryan Nemeth (wearing a Ruby Riott shirt) heads to the theater to watch a movie. Nemeth gets into the theater with some snacks. Nemeth then ends up drinking a little bit of cream, calling it his medicine. The cameraman ends up losing him and finds Nemeth in a car garage. He’s in a grumpy mood and the cameraman tells him to give up the cream, Nemeth’s parents are worried about him. Nemeth walks off with a cart and says he’s a big boy!

* The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega hanging at a nice restaurant. Omega says he’ll pay for the meal and goes to see how much it is. A note is written on the bill: “Rick Flair Picked Up Tab.” They wonder if it’s Ric at the bar as the camera zooms over and it’s actually Flair (or someone who really looks like him). Omega wonders if Flair felt bad about punching him at AAA. Omega says it’s water under the bridge and the group does a few woo’s as Ric looks over.

* Clips of the AEW All Out Fan Fest.

* The Young Bucks do a photo shoot before All Out. Matt talks to Brandon about a little item he made (the thumbtack sneaker), just in case their finishing moves don’t work. Cutler says he’ll try his best to throw it into the cage. Clips shown from All Out entrance and from the match. We see Matt and Nick lose their titles. Backstage they are iced up and not looking too happy.

* Behind-the-scenes look at Adam Cole getting ready for his AEW debut. Bryan Danielson then makes his entrance to close out the PPV. After the segment, Adam Cole hugs his friends and girlfriend, Britt Baker. Matt says “We’re all back together.” Cole responds, “What a frickin’ — what a night.”

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