As noted, Big E has been appearing in various segments during tonight’s WWE RAW as he plans on cashing in his Money In the Bank briefcase during the main event, which will see WWE Champion Bobby Lashley defend his title against RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton.

Sports Illustrated spoke with Big E backstage at the TD Garden in Boston and asked him why he chose tonight’s show for the cash-in. He talked about his ties to the area.

“Why not tonight? Why not the hometown of one Kofi Kingston? My sister lives here, my mom went to BC [Boston College] and Tufts [University]. Boston is a beautiful area, a beautiful town. Why not here, why not now?,” Big E asked.

WWE also tweeted a pre-RAW video with Sarah Schreiber talking to Big E backstage, seen below. He says his Money In the Bank briefcase is a “passport” that lets him travel from brand to brand. He also says he might cash in on Orton if there’s a title change in the main event.

Tonight’s RAW opened with a segment that featured Big E, Lashley and MVP, Orton and Riddle. The segment ended with Big E taunting Lashley by putting the Money In the Bank briefcase in his face. Lashley slapped it away but chaos broke out and Orton dropped Lashley with the RKO for a huge pop. A focused Big E watched from the corner of the ring as MVP checked on Lashley, and Orton looked on from the ramp.

Big E also later appeared in a backstage segment with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston to reunite The New Day. They hyped Big E up for the cash-in, going on about how he has everything it takes to be WWE Champion and doesn’t need Kofi’s advice.

Lashley warned Big E not to cash in tonight. He re-tweeted a video from the opening segment and wrote, “If you know what’s good for you @WWEBigE, you won’t cash in tonight. #WWERaw”

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